Ayodhya Ram Mandir 2024 GK Questions Answers

Ayodhya Ram Mandir 2024 – In this class we have discussed about some important current affairs related to Ayodhya Ram Mandir 2024. Here we have covered topics like the pran pratistha inauguration of the temple, bhoomi pujan, architect name, temple trustee name, construction company name, height of the temple, height of Ramlala idol statue, and many more.

Ayodhya Ram Mandir 2024 GK Quiz

# Recently the inauguration (Pran Pratishtha) of Ayodhya Ram Mandir was done on?
a. 21 January 2023
b. 22 January 2023
c. 23 January 2023
d. 24 January 2023

# Ayodhya is situated in which state?
a. Jharkhand
b. Bihar
c. Uttar Pradesh
d. Delhi
Ans. c

# The Ayodhya Ram Mandir is dedicated to which deity?
a. Lord Vishnu
b. Lord Ram
c. Lord Shiva
d. Lord Durga
Ans. b

# The temple is being built under the supervision of which trust?
Ans. Shri Ram Janmabhoomi Teerth Kshetra Trust

Ayodhya Ram Mandir 2024 current affairs

Ayodhya Ram Mandir 2024

# Ayodhya Ram Mandir is being constructed by which company?
a. Adani Group
b. Reliance
c. Larsen & Toubro (L&T)
d. Bajaj
Ans. c

# The temple is situated on the banks of which river?
a. Yamuna
b. Kaveri
c. Brahmaputra
d. Sarayu
Ans. d

# The construction of the temple started in?
a. 2018
b. 2019
c. 2020
d. 2021
Ans. 2019

# The Bhoomi Pujan ceremony of the temple was done on?
a. 4 August 2020
b. 5 August 2020
c. 6 August 2021
d. 7 August 2021
Ans. b

# How many Mandap (pavilion) will be there in the temple?
Ans. 5 (Kudu, Rang, Dance, Prayer and Kirtan)

# What is the height of the temple?
a. 159 feet
b. 161 feet
c. 169 feet
d. 171 feet
Ans. b

# What is the height of the idol statue of Ramlala?
a. 41 inches
b. 51 inches
c. 71 inches
d. 91 inches
Ans. b

Ayodhya Ram Mandir 2024 General Knowledge

# Who is the chief architect of the Ayodhya Ram Mandir?
a. Ram Sompura
b. Chandra Kant Sompura
c. Ram V Sutar
d. Narendra Joshi
Ans. b

# Who has made the idol of Ramlala for Ayodhya Ram Mandir?
a. Vimal Patel
b. Chandra Kant Sompura
c. Champat Ray
d. Arun Yogiraj
Ans. d

# Recently which renovated railway station was inaugurated in Ayodhya?
Ans. Ayodhya Dham Junction (previous name Ayodhya Junction)

# What is the new name of Ayodhya Airport in Uttar Pradesh?
a. Ayodhya Dham Airport
b. Ayodhya Dham Flying Station
c. Maharishi Valmiki International Airport
d. Ramlala Airport
Ans. c

# What is the new name of Faizabad Junction station in Uttar Pradesh?
Ans. Ayodhya Cantt

# Which scheme has been launched in Ayodhya for the tourists coming in Ayodhya?
Ans. Paying Guest Scheme

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