Travel Pack List – Things to carry before you start Journey

Travel Pack List – Generally when we plan to travel anywhere we are all prepared with hotel booking, flight booking, cab booking, etc. But we are confused about the Travel pack list. Generally we get confused about the following things while packing-

* Which clothes to take
* Don’t know about the season there
* Should I take trousers, shorts, jackets or light clothes
* How should I carry all the documents and cash
* Should I take innerwear, loungewear
* Which skin lotion should I take
* Is there any require for sunscreen
* How many extra footwear should I take
* Should I take raincoat or umbrella

These are some basic questions where we get confused. So here in this article I am going to share with you a Travel packing checklist. This travel packing list is for both males and females. They can pack their travel luggage according to this list to have a tension free and comfortable tour.

Quick tips on travel packing list – The lighter your luggage is during the trip, the better will be your comfort during the trip. So pack jeans, t-shirts or skirts that can mix-match with each other. Also, keep those shoes which can fit/suits on almost every dress. Keep in mind, you may not get a chance to press the clothes during the trip, so pack clothes that dry easily and are wrinkle free.

Travel Checklist – For casual travel

1. Id card, bank ATM, driving license, credit/debit cards

2. Phone, charger, extra battery, electronic plug converter

3. IPod, mp3 player, headphones

4. Laptop, camera and their chargers

5. Small hand bag, artificial jewellery

6. Shoes, extra shocks, sleep wears, trousers, inners

7. Medications [headache, gastric, paracetamol, vomit, cold cough, previous prescription, first aid]

8. Facewash, tooth brush, sanitary towels, body lotion, hair grooming items

9. For honeymoon couples [personal items, outfit, perfume, camera, etc.]

Travel pack list – For city travels

1. Casual Dresses for day and night

2. Travel Cross bag

3. Long wear lipstick, sunglasses, multi-purpose shoes

4. City map, smartphone with GPS

5. Water bottle

6. Scarf to avoid city pollution

Travel Pack List

Travel packing list for vacation-

1. Id card, Bank ATM, Driving license, Credit/Debit cards

2. Phone charger, extra battery, electronic plug, Power bank

3. iPod, mp3 player, Headphones

4. Laptop, Camera, DSLR (with all chargers)

5. Small hand bag, Artificial Jewellery

6. Shoes, extra shocks, sleepwear, trousers, innerwear, nightwear, loungewear, comfort wear

7. Medicines [headache, gastric, paracetamol, vomit, cold cough, first Aid, mask]

8. Facewash, tooth brush, sanitary towels, body lotion, hair & body grooming items

9. For Honeymoon couples [personal items, precautions, outfit, perfume, camera, etc.]

Travel Pack List – Packing checklist for Beach area, Hill stations, Forest safari

1. Sunhat and Sunglass

2. Swim suit, swim costume, extra inners

3. SPF sun screen, Lip balm, Face wash

4. Water bottle, ORS, Glucose, medicines

5. Sandals, shoes, slippers

6. Extra towels, beach umbrella, hair dryer, hair clips

7. Beach bag, scarf, mask, casual Night dress

8. Muffler, gloves, windcheater, jackets, winter boots

Travel pack list for Foreign trip

If you are going on a foreign trip outside your own country, then save the scanned copy of passport, visa, ID card, etc. on your email ID. So by chance if you lose your purse or bag somewhere, then you will have a duplicate copy of them so that you can get the original document made later.

Whenever you go on a trip, make sure to have apps like offline Maps, offline GPS, Flight Tracker, Language Translator, Nearby restaurant Locator, Currency Converter, etc. Also do recharge your phone’s data pack balance accordingly to your trip. In addition to the phone/laptop charger, do not forget to take the power bank with you.

Travel pack list – Some important things

What about Cash – During travel no need to take cash. In place of cash you can prefer payment via digital accounts like google pay, paytm, or any other UPI method. Some also prefer to pay or receive payment through Paypal.

Slippers or Flip flops – Our next travel essential is Slippers or Flip Flops. Slippers are very important for your journey and it is also comfortable. You cannot stay wearing shoes in continuous travel.

So while making a list of your journey belongings, make sure that you carry a pair of slippers with you. If you are going on a trekking, you should also carry trekking shoes.

Documentation – Always keep your documents (ID card, passport, student ID, office ID, etc.) securely and safe. For this you can take a separate bag.

Medicine – The new visiting place may not suits you! So, always keep some basic medicines with you.

Powerbank, extra charger – Whether it be your laptop or mobile, always keep an extra charger with you.

Raincoat, umbrella – The travel place where you are planning to visit might has some different weather. So, do check the weather condition on google and keep an umbrella with you.

Map, GPS – Always keep a map and GPS with you while you are travelling. Now a days many online & offline mobile apps are available. Try to install an offline map, because the travel place might not have network connection.

Water, water everywhere and not a drop to drink – There may be no proper arrangement of water everywhere during your journey or at your destination place, and drinking water from any unknown sources can make you ill.

That’s why you should always have enough water with you. For this, if you have a water bottle, you can refill it anywhere. Try to keep an extra water bottle with you.

Snacks and Dry fruits – This item is also a must to pack in our travel pack list. During the journey, there may be many places where good food may not be available. So in such a situation, we must keep some healthy food items with us. You can keep healthy snacks like Cashew, Almond, Raisins, bakery biscuits, etc.