Best Screen Sharing Software – AnyDesk, TeamViewer, LogMeIn

Best Screen Sharing Software – Welcome to! With the help of screen sharing software you can easily meet remotely with your office colleagues, clients, family friends, or college friends from your computer/mobile. You can share your screen with them, take part in online meeting, discuss your office meeting, show presentation to them and perform other tasks remotely.

There are many screen sharing software and apps available in the market, some are free and some are paid. Here in this post we are going to list out some of the popular and best screen sharing software which will help you to connect with your friends and colleagues remotely.

Best Screen Sharing Software

AnyDesk (Free screen sharing software)

Its the best and convenient screen sharing software available online for computers and mobiles. It is developed by AnyDesk Software GmbH, Germany. AnyDesk supports operating system like macOS, Linux, Windows, Android, iOS, Raspberry Pi, FreeBSD. The software uses military-grade TLS technology which ensures your device is protected from unauthorized access. It is also available for android, iOS, and macOS device.

You can connect remotely with any computer/mobile in 4 easy steps-

1. Install the AnyDesk software/application in both sides (you and your friend/colleague)
2. Enter your friend’s AnyDesk ID in your system and send request
3. Let confirm and accept the request from your friend’s side
4. Done…! You both are connected remotely.

Team Viewer (Best screen sharing app)

Its also a popular remote access and screen sharing software developed by TeamViewer AG. It was first launched in the year 2005 and later updated step by step with many features. It supports many operating system like Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS/iPadOS, Raspberry Pi.

It connects many devices like smartphones, computers, IoT device, Servers with fast and high performance. It also has other products too like TeamViewer IoT, TeamViewer assist AR, TeamViewer frontline, TeamViewer meeting, TeamViewer service camp, etc. It is also available for android and iPhone users.

best screen sharing software

Zoom (Best screen sharing software)

Its not only a screen sharing software but also a worldwide popular teleconferencing software program. This software is best for users like office team and college/school project team, who wants to connect all together to discuss their project work, meeting and plan. With the free plan Zoom allows 100 concurrent participants.

This software program is developed by Zoom Video Communications. Zoom was initially released in the year 2012. It supports operating systems like Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS, Chrome OS. It is also available in devices like android, iOS.

Join Me (Best screen sharing app)

Its a web based collaboration software application. It allows you to share your screen, join online meetings and team collaboration. Here you can also host a meeting with your team and share your screen presentation with them. You can also take part in an online meeting with others. Android and iPhone users can also use them in their smartphones.

Jio Meet (Best screen sharing app for android and iPhone)

Its a free screen sharing, team collaboration and video calling app specially designed for Jio users. This provides high quality (video/audio) and secure video meetings for everyone and from anywhere. You can instantly create meeting and start inviting your friends or office colleagues.

You can schedule a meeting in advance and share the meeting details/link with your friends. You can share your screen and start collaborating. It can be used in android, iPhone, Mac, iOS devices.


Its a VoIP based video conferencing, video telephony, voice calling and screen sharing application. Here you can organize a video conferencing meeting with your family, friends and office colleagues. Share screen with them and collaborate with them. During a call you can share presentations and photos. You can experience HD video experience with 100 peoples at once. You can also record your office video meeting. It is available for devices like android, windows, iOS, Linux.

Go to Meeting

As the name suggest its an online meeting, video conferencing and screen sharing software which is developed by LogMeIn (cloud based remote access software). It was initially released in the year 2004. With this software you can record a meeting in real time, you can take notes and mark special action items. It provides HD quality video conferencing. You can share your laptop, smartphone and tablet screen with anyone.


Mikogo is a free screen sharing and online meeting software which is developed by BeamYourScreen GmbH with its headquarter in Mannheim, Germany. You can have your own free account for personal and business use. If you are planning to arrange a meeting then you can schedule a meeting with the ‘Session Scheduler’ feature. It is also available for android and iOS users.

Splashtop (Best screen sharing software brands)

Its a remote access software company which supports remote access for devices like desktop, laptop, tablets, smartphones. It was initially released in the year 2010. It is developed by Splashtop Inc. It supports operating systems like Windows, macOS, Chrome OS, Android, iOS, Linux.

Till now this software has been trusted by 30+ million customers worldwide. To provide secure services Splashtop has its own security infrastructure with leading cyber security experts. Splashtop is preferred by individuals, teams, IT professionals, and large companies.

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