11 Best Green Tea Brands in India

Best Green Tea Brands in India – One cup of Green Tea can refresh your mind anytime and anywhere. Green tea is popularly known for its weight loss benefits, but it also has other benefits too like it boost body metabolism, improves body immunity, reduces stress level, refreshes our mood, etc.

Reports also suggest that Green tea is full of antioxidant properties which protects human body from diseases like cancer in the long run. It also helps to reduce the risk of neuro diseases like Parkinson, Alzheimer, etc. Green tea is also helpful in managing type 2 diabetes. It improves insulin sensitivity and reduce the blood sugar levels.

There are variety of Green Tea available in the market with different taste and flavours. Here in this post we have listed some of the Best Green Tea Brands in India.

Best Green Tea Brands in India

Lipton Green Tea

Lipton is basically a British tea brand founded by Thomas Lipton. Lipton also had a supermarket chain in UK and later moved to the tea monopoly market. In India, Lipton is also a popular name with varieties of tea types like ice tea, masala tea, herbal tea, fruit tea, matcha tea, black tea, etc.

Lipton is also available in different flavours like tulsi, ashwagandha, lemon ginger, jasmine, etc. It improves the immunity and metabolism system in our body. You can take Lipton green tea at breakfast or as an evening tea.

Tetley Green Tea

Tetley brand was founded in the year 1837 in England with its headquarters in London. Tetley is not only famous in India, but also in Canada, US and UK. You can detox your body with the rejuvenating taste of Tetley green tea. Tetley is available in different flavours like ginger, mint & lemon, aloe vera, natural green tea, lemon & honey, etc.

Tetley tea has added vitamin C and antioxidants which cleanse the body and support the body’s immune system. Tetley also comes in the list of Top 10 Green Tea in India.

best green tea brands in india

Himalaya Green Tea

Himalaya green tea is known for its ayurvedic and herbal properties. Himalaya Green Tea has extracts of Camellia Sinensis which is a tea plant. This tea plant has radical scavenging properties which is considered as an antioxidant.

This tea helps in lowering down body blood pressure and reduces weight. It will also help you to overcome tiredness and mental fatigue. The active components in the tea help reduce stress, fatigue, helps in maintaining a healthy metabolism and support healthy aging.

Girnar Green Tea

Girnar Tea, also known as ‘Desi Kahwa’ has some great health benefits like it helps to get rid of seasonal cough and cold, it gives relief in bloated stomach, etc. Girnar Tea could be a perfect detox drink for you with full of nutritional value of many earthy ingredients like clove, black pepper, tulsi, and cardamom.

The tea is collected from tea gardens in Nilgiri, Darjeeling and Assam. Before final packaging the tea has to go through quality processing. Girnar Tea is available in variety of flavours like tulsi, ginger, lemon honey, etc.

Society Green Tea

Society Tea is also a popular brand name in the tea market with its head office in Mumbai, India. The Society tea is known for various products like masala tea, adrak-elaichi tea, premium green tea, society premium leaf tea, society coffee, etc.

You can try a 250 gm Society premium green tea Jar either from any retailer or from online. The brand also produces pickles, dairy products, chutney, shakes, food powder, etc. Society Tea also comes in the list of Best Green Tea in India.

Typhoo Green Tea

Typhoo pure natural green tea contains antioxidants which relaxes our mind and helps in daily freshness. The brand has more than 100 years of experience in the tea business.

The tea has variety of flavours like classic Assam tea, black tea, adrak chai, green tea naturals, mint green tea, etc. Typhoo green tea has no added preservatives and is pure natural. You can take Typhoo green tea in morning or in evening with lemon.

Eco Valley Green Tea

As the name suggests ‘Eco’, this tea is fully organic and free from artificial flavours and preservatives. The tea is available in different tastes like mint, lemon, natural green tea, etc.

The tea helps in improving the metabolism and immunity power of our body. It also helps in the weight loss process. The tea is available in different taste types like natural green tea, dandelion and mint, sunny lemon, etc.

Twinings Green Tea

This brand belongs to United Kingdom which deals with tea, coffee, chocolates, malt drinks, and other beverages. The brand was founded by Thomas Twining in the year 1706 in London, UK. Most of the tea of Twinings are fruit flavoured which give delicious taste.

This brand is also famous in India which offers a vibrant and aromatic range of premium tea blends. It has various flavours of green tea like pure green tea, lemon green tea, jasmine green tea, apple green tea, cranberry green tea, lemon honey green tea, etc.

Newby Green Tea

This tea brand was founded in London and is one of the world’s most awarded luxury tea brand. This tea brand offers variety of tea flavours like black tea, green tea, flavoured black tea, oolong tea, organic tea, fruit & herbal tisane, flowering teas, etc.

Newby also has won many awards like the Global Tea championship Award, Pentawards, and DBA Awards. The brand also offers luxury tea gift packages.

top 10 green tea brands in india

Yogi Green Tea

The tea brand is known for its variety of tea flavours with over 140 exotic spices blended for delicious taste and healthful benefits. In terms of Top Green Tea Brands in India ratings, I would like to give 3.9 out of 5 to this brand.

Some of its popular tea flavours are berry detox tea, blackberry apple digestive tea, bedtime tea, breathe deep tea, calming tea, cinnamon horchata tea, echinacea immune support tea, ginger tea, blueberry slim life tea, super antioxidant tea, honey lavender stress relief tea, and many others.

Matcha Green Tea

Matcha basically originated from Japan and is known for green colour and unique taste. Matcha is generally used in traditional Japanese tea ceremonies and has gained popularity worldwide for its health benefits.

Matcha has high antioxidants including catechins which help prevent cell damage and lower the risk of certain diseases. Reports also suggest that this also help in weight loss and management. So if you are looking for best green tea for weight loss in India, then you can go with Matcha tea.

Basilur Green Tea

If you want to try green tea with simple water then you can prefer Basilur Green Tea. The tea has traditional premium quality aroma and unique rich tangy taste. The brand was founded by Dr. Gamini Abeywickrama, an experienced person in finest quality tea production.

They have a well equipped and quality oriented manufacturing plant in Kelaniya, Sri Lanka. Their plant produces wide variety of tea which they export to countries all over the world. They produces varieties of tea collections like cold brew, summer collection, bouquet collection, black essence, vintage blossoms, seasonal collection, earl grey, magic fruits, specialty classic, etc.

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