How to Edit Online Videos with Flexclip Video Editor

How to Edit Online Videos with Flexclip :- For those of you who are looking for how to edit online videos as material for content on YouTube, you can read the reviews and tutorials that the team will present below.

Editing videos is a significant job, especially for YouTube players, because the content is presented virtually using video media. Suppose you have a high or at least capable laptop or PC specification.

In that case, you can use Premiere Pro or other video editing applications because you don’t experience any lag at all. Well, what if our laptop is used for applications (software) like that and is very slow? Even rendering takes a long time. Therefore, this online video editing method is an alternative for those of you who don’t have strong laptop or PC specifications to run offline software, and you can even use it on your cellphone.

How to Edit Online Videos Full Features Suitable for Beginner Youtubers

Actually, many types of websites provide online video editing services, but sometimes they have ordinary features even though they have paid a lot of money. Some time ago, the team found a site that provides online video editing services that have lots of features called FlexClip.

There are lots of features such as UI (display) that you can customize according to your editing habits, and some effects that are not cheesy but elegant to serve as your video transitions.

This site provides services that don’t play games, even though they are paid but are comparable to the features provided, curious? Check out our full review below.

Flexclip Video Editor

What is the Flexclip? (FlexClip review)

FlexClip, as we said earlier, is a completely free online video editor . You will be able to quickly and simply edit videos. Although a web editor is not the same as professional software, FlexClip offers a number of features that allow you to work and create high quality movies.

Plus, the simplicity of the templates lets you do a great job even if you don’t have any previous video editing experience. Video editing has never been easier. The first step is to log in, which you can do using your Facebook or Google account.

Once inside, just choose the template for your video, and you’re almost done. Simply upload a video in MOV, WEBM, M4V or MP4 format, or photos in BMP, GIF, ICO, PNG, WEBP, JPG or SVG format.

Also, you can get text boxes with their corresponding transitions; it’s worth noting that these are quite organic, as just altering the phrases creates an unenviable job for professionals.

The editing section is made up of clips that look like slides, where you can make transitions, edit text, and include text boxes. These films have a maximum length of two minutes, giving a total video length of five minutes; it’s not much, but you can do a lot in a short time.

How is it different? (Flexclip Video Editor)

The feature that distinguishes this online editor from others is its extremely basic interface, which is also very useful. You don’t need experience; all you need is the will to edit, and FlexClip will take care of the rest.

It offers templates for social media, business, weddings and education, as well as multimedia information about the coronavirus. Everything you need to do a decent job is almost complete; you just need to use your creativity and rearrange a few small elements.

FlexClip online video creation and editing tool (FlexClip features)

• Completely free – A huge selection of templates for videos, images, and music tracks.
• Support for all common video and audio formats including MOV, WEBM, M4V, MP4, AAC, FLAC, M4A and MP3.
• Add subtitles, logo, music, filter and transition effects, among others.
• Export in the most commonly used aspect ratios, such as 16:9, 9:16, and 1:1.
• Export videos in various resolutions including 480p, 720p, and 1080p.

FlexClip Features: Edit Videos Online

Why should you use FlexClip? Because by using FlexClip, you will get a lot of features in it, what are the features? Here are some of the features that you will get.

1. Slideshow Maker
The first feature is the slideshow maker, which with this feature you can create videos from a collection of images with animation features in it.

Of course, you can choose photos from your PC or cellphone to be included in this online video editing application so that the photos you want can also be edited in them.

There is also a lot of footage from all topics free of copyright in this video editing application, so you can use it as material for visualizing your videos.

2. Meme Generator
Meme Generator is a meme creation feature. Memes are known as a visual that leads to a play or joke so that they can be used as content to attract subscribers or followers.

With this unique feature, you no longer need to be confused about making memes because there are many meme templates that you can use right away and add text in them.

3. GIF Maker
As the name of the feature, namely GIF Maker, makes a video or image into a GIF, GIF itself can be used as a sticker on WhatsApp and also a sticker on Telegram.

You can make animated GIFs very easily with this online video editing application, because just inserting a video or a few photos can already be used as a GIF according to your wishes, and of course you can also use it as footage for your video editing material later.

4. Screen Recorder
It’s different from the others, and one of the advantages of this FlexClip is that it has a screen recorder feature that will make creating your content more accessible.

This screen recorder is able to record whatever you want to record on your PC or cellphone screen without having to install any applications, just use this feature.

5. Trim Videos
If you are a vlogger, of course, cutting a video clip is very necessary. With this unique video trim feature, you can easily cut the part of the video that you don’t want.

6. Merge Videos
After cutting the video clip, the next step is to combine several clips so that they can become one, here there is also a feature.

7. Compress Videos
By using this FlexClip, you can directly compress videos with this feature, so you just need to download it with the video that you edited earlier.

8. Convert Videos
In addition to editing and rendering videos, you can also convert videos, either from one format to another, you can also reduce the size of videos that you feel are too large.

9. Add Music to Video
A common feature is also not left behind, namely adding music in the video you edit. You will also get copyright-free audio samples in it, but you can also add audio from the YouTube library directly if you are in doubt.

10. Add Text to Video
The next general feature is adding text in the video, and this is very necessary as supporting material for a visualization uniquely. There are lots of transitions that will make your text come out and appear elegantly.

11. Add Watermark to Video
A feature that will make your video even more unique is the addition of a watermark or watermark that indicates that the video is yours.

12. Add Transitions to Video
This is a feature that we mentioned earlier. Namely, there are many transitions that you can use in real-time when editing photos without burdening your computer or cellphone.

How to Edit Online Videos with FlexClip (Flexclip Video Editor)

Editing videos can actually be said to be easy and user friendly, just like if you are editing videos on Premiere Pro and the like, here are some common ways to edit videos online in FlexClip:

1. Go to the official FlexClip page on FlexClip Video Maker ;
2. Then you can create an account first, you can use a Google Account and others;
3. After that, you can choose the template you want to use according to the topic you want to discuss;
4. You can also add your original video to it.
5. Edit videos with existing features;
6. Create according to your wishes;
7. Render the video when you’re done editing;
8. Wait for the rendering process and download the video;
9. Finished.

That way, you can edit online videos using FlexClip correctly and adequately. Now is the time for you to be even more active in creating video content on YouTube so that you can become a successful Youtuber.