Best Floor Cleaner Liquid in India – CIF, Dettol, Lizol, Domex

Best Floor Cleaner Liquid in India – We generally use bathroom cleaners, room cleaners, kitchen cleaners, appliance cleaners and other home cleaners to clean any surface or floor. The habit of cleaning surface and floor keeps our family healthy and safe from germs and unwanted diseases. Specially after the Covid it has become mandatory to clean each and every floor surface whether it be your bedroom floor, bathroom, kitchen floor, or office table.

There are many surface and floor cleaner liquids available in the market. The thing you have to keep in mind is that you always have to choose a good quality floor cleaner liquid for your home or office floor. In this article we have listed Best Floor Cleaner Liquid brands in India.

Best Floor Cleaner Liquid in India

CIF Surface Cream Cleaner

CIF is a Hindustan Unilever brand which is popular for surface and floor cleaning. This liquid cleaner can be used as a bathroom cleaner, kitchen floor cleaner, kitchen sink cleaner, office table cleaner, office glass cleaner, room floor cleaner and surface cleaner. It not only clean the floor but makes it look shiny.

There are different variety of CIF cleaner in the market like CIF multipurpose cream surface cleaner, CIF cream with micro crystals, CIF professional cream cleaner, CIF lemon cream surface cleaner, etc. CIF ranks 5th in the list of best floor cleaner liquid in India.

Lizol Floor & Surface Cleaner (Best Tile floor cleaner liquid)

Lizol is also a popular brand which is used as house floor cleaner, bathroom cleaner, kitchen cleaner, and office floor cleaner. Lizol Disinfectant Surface Cleaner keeps the floor surface 90% free and safe from bacteria and germs.

There are variety of Lizol floor cleaner liquid available in the market like Lizol power cleaner, Lizol cement surface cleaner, Lizol citrus disinfectant, Lizol floral disinfectant, etc. If you are looking for best tile floor cleaner liquid then you can go with Lizol.

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Domex Disinfectant Floor Cleaner

Domex is a product of Hindustan Unilever and used as a surface cleaner for your room floor, bathroom, toilet and kitchen. It kills more than 90% of bacteria, fungi and virus from any surface and floor.

For floor cleaner you can use Domex Disinfectant Surface Floor Cleaner and for cleaning toilet you can use Domex Disinfectant Expert Toilet Cleaner. Domex toilet cleaners are the best selling toilet cleaners in the market. So if you are looking for best bathroom floor cleaner liquid brand then you can go with Domex.

PaxClean Floor Cleaner

PaxClean is famous for its ‘ECO Multi Surface Disinfectant Floor Cleaner’ in the market. PaxClean ‘ECO Anti-Bacterial Multi Surface Disinfectant Floor Cleaner’ is also famous for cleaning floors of office, hospitals, hotels, saloons, restaurants, factories, schools and colleges. PaxClean floor cleaners are used for cleaning kitchen sink, kitchen floor, bathroom floor and room floor. If you are looking for any marble floor cleaner liquid brand then you can go with PaxClean.

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Dettol Floor Cleaner (Best floor cleaner liquid in India)

Dettol was introduced in the year 1932 and is famous for disinfectant and antiseptic products like liquid hand wash, bathing soap, antiseptic solution, body wash, antibacterial surface disinfectant, disinfectant spray and liquid, etc.

Dettol Liquid Disinfectant and Dettol Germs Free Liquid Floor Cleaner are popular in the market. The disinfectant are mainly used to clean office surface, home floor, and kitchen floor. Dettol floor cleaner kills more than 90% of germs and bacteria. Dettol floor cleaner are one of the Best floor cleaner liquid in the market.

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Bona Wood Floor Cleaner

As the name suggest ‘Bona Wood Floor Cleaner’ is used to clean wood surface and floors. In wood surface, Bona Cleaner is used to clean almirah, table, sofa, chair, wooden floors, etc. It is also used to clean tiles floor, stone surface, laminate floors, etc.

Bona wood cleaner is available in spray form which you have to spray on the surface and clean it with a cloth. It not only clean the surface but also make it looks shiny. So if you are looking for any best wooden floor cleaner liquid then you can go with this brand.

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Best Floor Cleaner Liquid in India

Nimyle Herbal Floor Cleaner (Best floor cleaner liquid)

Nimyle is a herbal anti bacterial floor cleaner liquid which keeps the surface fresh for long time. Nimyle contains neem extracts which makes this liquid cleaner natural and eco friendly. Nimyle floor cleaner contains natural ingredients and neem which gives more than 90% protection to germs. Nimyle is a product of ITC Ltd.

Some of its key features are-
* It gives anti-bacterial protection
* Helps to keep your family safe from germs
* The liquid cleaner is long lasting with fresh fragrance
* It make the floor or surface spotless and hygienically clean

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Colin Glass and Surface Cleaner

Its a all-round household cleaner which is used mainly for cleaning glass surfaces. It is also used to clean other surfaces too like tables, doors, TV screen, computer screen, floors, mirror, fridge, taps, bath tubs, showers, window grills, pipes, kitchen cabinets, ceramic floors, etc. Colin Cleaner contains shine boosters which gives shine to the surface.

DOT Floor Cleaner

DOT Floor Cleaner are mostly used in shops, offices, malls, restaurants, home kitchen, and other places. It is also used in home kitchen cleaning specially areas like kitchen sink, kitchen cabinets, etc. It kills more than 90% of germs and also it has a nice fragrance.

Harpic Cleaner Liquid (Best Bathroom Cleaner Liquid)

Harpic is a popular name for cleaning bathroom and toilet. Harpic Toilet and Bathroom Cleaners are the most famous in the market. The cleaner is available in different variety bottles like regular clean, tough clean, fresh clean and perfect clean. This brand ranks in top 5 in the list of best bathroom floor cleaner liquid brand.

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Presto Floor Cleaner

Presto is actually an Amazon brand which is used as both disinfectant and floor cleaner. It is used for different floor surfaces like normal surface, ceramic, marble, granite, mosaic, etc. Presto is also effective to remove kitchen stains in walls, basins, and cabinets. It is also used to clean tough marks of oil, mustard sauce, tea or coffee from kitchen surface.

MaxKleen Cleaner Liquid (Best floor cleaner liquid)

MaxKleen is actually a Wipro product. It is used as a surface sanitizer, surface cleaner and disinfectant. It can clean deep and tough marks in floors and walls. It is also available in different fragrance.

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