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Best Science Websites – Welcome to! Today Science is very important for the society to improve living standards and satisfy human needs. Science not only improve human living in health field but also it gives new inventions and discoveries to the society. There are many websites/blogs on the internet which deals with Science but they can’t explain the real principles of Science. Today in this post we are listing some of the best Science websites which every science enthusiasts must follow to explore latest scientific knowledge.

Best Science Websites


Its a different kind of science magazine which deals with topics like microbiology, environment, climate, animals, astronomy, artificial intelligence, cognitive science, earth science, evolution, genetics, neuroscience, etc. The articles here are well researched.

# Nautilus official website

Science Alert (Best science News websites)

Science Alert is an independently run online news magazine which deals with amazing science news, space, health, nature, environment, tech, physics, etc. Its a Canberra (Australia) based science magazine. Here you can also read articles related to discoveries, scientific research and outcomes.

# Science Alert official website

Science Mag (Best science blogs)

Its world’s leading journal of scientific research and global science news. Here you can read breaking news related to topics like medicine, genetics, evolution, animals, biology, climate change, physics, astronomy, etc. The first article was published here in the year 1880 and today its one of the world’s leading academic journals. This science magazine belongs to Washington, United States.

Best Science Websites

Scientific American (Best science websites for students)

Scientific American is a famous American science magazine whose first publication was published on 1845. Here you can read all the latest inventions and discoveries related to evolution, space, neurological health, neuroscience, biotech, health, aerospace, tech, etc.

# Scientific American official website

Quanta Magazine (Best science blogs)

Its an editorial independent online magazine of the Simons Foundation which covers topics related to biology, physics, mathematics, computer science and science tech. Its first issue was published in the year 2012. Here you can read logical and in-depth articles related to science.

# Quanta Magazine official website

Bright Side (Popular science Youtube channels)

Its a popular Science youtube channel with 41 million subscribers till now! Here you can watch videos related to amazing science facts, space exploration, recent discoveries, psychology, day-to-day science, etc.

For example check this video fact on ‘Why there is no bridge over Amazon river’-

Discover Magazine (Best science brands)

If you are curious about science then you should follow this science magazine. Discover Magazine is a general science magazine which was launched in 1980. Later this magazine was owned by Kalmbach Media house. Here you can read articles related to science, mind, health, technology, environment, planet earth, etc.

# Discover Magazine official website

Free Documentary (Science youtube channels on Documentary)

Its a science documentary youtube channel where you can watch full documentary on different life and science topics like most dangerous roads, most expensive plane ticket, deadliest forests, space weather, world’s fastest train, world’s most dangerous MMA fighter, world’s scariest hotel, most unique gardens, etc. Till now this youtube channel has 2.65 million subscribers.

For example check this video on ‘World’s most expensive plane ticket’-

Wired Science (Best science websites)

Here you can learn in-depth coverage related to science topics like robotics, health, climate change, latest research, discoveries, world science, etc. Its a part of the popular ‘Wired American magazine’, whose headquarter is located in California, U.S. Its first issue was published in the year 1993.

# Wired Science official website

Creative Science Youtube channel (Best science websites for students)

Its a popular science youtube channel where you can learn to create new things like electric motor bikes, electric cycles, electric car, smart robots, and other mechanical things. Till now this channel has 1.18 million subscribers. This science channel is best for students who want to create creative projects for their school or college.

For example check this video on ‘How to make a Solar car DIY’-

Science Museum Blog (Best science blogs)

Its a popular science blog where you can read historical and amazing science facts. Here you can read articles on different categories like astronomy, exhibitions, cosmonauts, computing, robotics, research, etc. You can learn a lot of creative things from this science blog.

Science Museum blog official website

Oxford Science Blog

Here you can get latest science news and inventions directly from University of Oxford Science official blog. Here you can learn about earth science, medical science, science projects, etc. College students who wants to be updated on latest science topics can follow this blog.

Free Documentary Nature (Science youtube channels)

Its a popular science youtube channel where you can watch documentary videos on nature, animals and forest life. If you are a nature lover and want to explore more about animals and their life, then you must follow this youtube channel.

For example check this documentary on Sea Eagle-

Smithsonian Mag (Best science websites)

Here you can learn about unknown science facts related to human behaviour, mind body, planet, space, wild life, art culture, etc. For example read this article on 146,000 year old Dragon Man – read here.

ESA Rocket Science Blog

If you are a space lover and want to read science journals on space related topics, then you must follow this science blog. Actually this blog belongs to The European Space Agency (ESA). Here you can read articles on topics like asteroids, earth observation, aerobraking, cluster, planck, science & data, moons & planets, solar orbiter, etc.