Best Bathing Soap in India – Vivel, Pears, Lifebuoy, Lux

Best Bathing Soap in India – In India most of the family prefer different type of soaps for their daily use like for face wash, hand wash, personal hygiene, skin care, hair wash, kitchenware wash, etc. Soap has also become a type of daily life gadget which most of the people carry with them. But do you know which soap brands are mostly used in India? Today in this article we will be talking about Best Bathing Soap in India.

Best Bathing Soap in India

Lifebuoy Soap

This soap brand was launched by ‘Lever Brothers’ in the year 1895. ‘Lever Brothers’ was a British manufacturing company. Later the company merged with ‘Dutch Margarine Unie’ and formed ‘Unilever’. Now this soap brand is under the Unilever and considered as one of the popular hygiene soap brand.

At the beginning the soap used to be in red colour bar and now it is available in many variants like lemon fresh, lifebuoy nature, moisture plus, vita protect, care plus. The price of this soap is in budget for every pocket, that’s why used by a majority of families in India.

Vivel Soap (Best bath soap for daily use)

This brand has a wide range of skin nourishing products like bathing soaps, face wash, body wash, etc. This brand is maintained by ITC Ltd. which is an Indian conglomerate company with its headquarter in Kolkata, India. Vivel face wash and bath soap are mostly used by women.

One of its famous product is the “Vivel Aloe Vera Soap” which is enriched with Aloe Vera, milk cream, Vitamin E and Glycerin. Its soap are also available in different variants like vivel glycerin, neem oil, deo spirit, lotus oil, cool mint, mixed fruit cream, green tea with vitamin E.

Pears Soap (Best bathing soap in India)

Pears was a British brand soap and now produced by Hindustan Unilever. This translucent soap has glycerin and natural oils which makes it pure and gentle. This helps the skin to moisturize and feel young. The fragrance of this soap is also good. This soap is great for keeping your skin looking beautiful and fresh all the time.

Pears two varieties are very much popular, one is Pears Germshield and another one is Pears Oil Clear. Pears Germshield is available with mint extract which shield you and your family from germs. Pears Oil Clear removes excess oil from your face and make it fresh and beautiful.

Himalaya Soap (Best bathing soap brands)

This soap brand is manufactured and marketed by ‘Himalaya Drug Company’ which is an Indian multinational pharmaceutical company with its headquarter in Bengaluru. Apart from soap, Himalaya also has other products like himalaya nutrition, personal care, child care products, consumer goods, medicine, herbal products.

In India some of the popular Himalaya soaps are himalaya herbal soap, skin care, Himalaya face wash, baby care, and Himalaya hair care. Himalaya soap comes in many variants like himalaya neem turmeric, herbal cucumber, cream honey soap, moisturizing almond, baby soap.

Mysore Sandal Soap

This soap is prepared from vegetable oils which contains natural Mysore sandalwood oil. This soap keeps your skin glowing and provides a soft fragrance. As per the ancient Ayurvedic text, Sandalwood Oil has excellent antiseptic properties, so this soap will also act as an antiseptic and decrease the chance of any skin ailment. This soap is suitable for all types of skin. It smells great and has excellent skin moisturizing ability.

Best Bathing Soap Brands

Lux Soap (Best Bathing Soap in India)

Lux is also a popular soap brand which is known worldwide. The soap is also prepared by Hindustan Unilever. Its two varieties are very much popular – Lux Soft Touch and Lux Velvet Touch. With Lux Soft Touch you can enjoy softer skin and get the scent of delicate French roses. Lux Velvet Touch comes with the fragrance of fresh blooming jasmines. The fragrance in Lux soap are composed by the world’s best perfume experts.

Liril Soap (Best Bathing Soap Brands)

Liril is a popular soap brand in India, Europe and Asia. It is manufactured by Hindustan Unilever. Liril’s new soap comes with active ingredients like lemon extract and tea tree oil which gives a last longer freshness. This soap maintains oil balance and is suitable for all skin types. The blast of lemon freshness in Liril will rejuvenate you after every shower.

Key features of Liril Soap-
1. Great for most skin types
2. Maintains oil balance
3. Moisturizes skin
4. Removes germs effectively
5. Smells great

Margo Soap

Margo soap has neem as its main ingredient. Margo soap is manufactured by Calcutta Chemical Company. The soap is made from organically grown neem leaves and infused with 100% neem oil plus vitamin E. Margo soaps are suitable for sensitive skin and has antiseptic and antibacterial properties.

Key features of Margo soap-
1. Neem oil extracts
2. Good for sensitive skin
3. Antiseptic properties
4. Heals skin
5. Prevents acne

Other popular Bathing Soap Brands famous in India are-

* Santoor
* Godrej No.1
* Fiama Di Wills
* Medimix
* Cinthol
* Dove
* Dettol
* Hamam