Best Backup App for Android – GCloud, Super backup, iDrive

Best Backup App for Android – Are you looking for best backup app for android? If yes, then here in this post you will get the list of best free backup app for android! On the internet you will find many backup apps for your android device, but here in this post we have collected the best one!

These apps will also help you to backup and restore your android phone, if you are planning to reset your smartphone. Overall these android backup apps will help you to keep all your android files and data safe and secure.

Best Backup App for Android

1. G Cloud Backup

Its a free android backup app which is simple and safe to backup your android files like messages, contacts, videos, photos, music and other documents. This app will store your files in the cloud server.

It creates automatic backup of all your files and documents. After backup you can access all your files from their cloud server ( anytime anywhere. The app also provides a personal passcode system by which you can protect your data.

With a single click you can sign up from your social accounts like google, facebook. You can also take backup of your phone SD card. By using this android backup app you can also migrate your files from a new android phone.

2. Super Backup & Restore

Its the fastest data backup and restore app for android. You can take backup of all your sms, call logs, web bookmarks, voice call recordings, contacts, SD card files. You can also schedule your automatic backups. Till now this app has been installed by 10 million users.

3. Easy Backup (Best free Backup App for Android)

Its the best app to backup, restore and transfer contacts between two mobiles. With a single tap, you can take backup of your phone contact list. You can export your file to gmail, google drive, whatsapp, sms, telegram, skype, and other platforms. If incase you loose your contacts then you can recover them easily.

4. iDrive Online Backup (Best android backup Apps)

With this android backup app you can backup and restore your phone photos, contacts, calendars, documents, texts. By linking your device with a single app you can access all your data from anywhere. You will also get a secure link to share files and folders. You can selectively take the backup of all your important files.

5. Contact Backup Android App (Best Backup App for Android)

This app is specially for your phone contact backup. Without internet, you can backup your contacts, transfer them to other device. You can store your contact in your sd card, gmail or dropbox.

Key features-
* Backup and restore device contacts with images as well
* User friendly interface
* You can email or sms your contacts
* Transfer contact from one phone to other, one sim to other, through bluetooth, through google a/c

Best Backup App for Android

6. 100 GB cloud backup from DEGOO

Its an amazing backup app for android providing 100 GB storage space for your backup files and document on cloud server. You can backup all your device files direct to DEGOO’s cloud drive; whether it be photos, documents, music, videos.

The 100 GB space is absolutely free of cost (2 WEEKS). If you need more space for your backup files, then you can go for the premium plan of $9.99 per month which provides 2 TB [2000 GB] of cloud space. If you are a business person, then this would be a great choice at only $9.99 / month with 2000 GB of storage.

7. Resilio Sync

By using this app you can transfer your files directly from device to device. Whether you have any large size image file or video or any docs, you can easily transfer your file. There is no storage limits and you can transfer any size file.

8. pCloud (Best Backup App for Android)

With a 10 GB free storage you can take backup of all your android files. You can take backup of your photos, docs, videos and bring all your files together. There is also a premium plan by which you can increase the capacity upto 2 TB. You can also access your files in offline mode. Till now this app has been installed by 1 million users.

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