UP Police – Jail Warder, Fireman – GK Questions, Previous Papers

By | February 20, 2019

UP Police has recently declared its recruitment process for the post of Jail Warder, Fireman. UP Police Jail warder, Fireman application process is going on.

You can check it in their official website – http://uppbpb.gov.in/

Many applicants have already started to fill up the application for the Uttar pradesh police Jail warder, Fireman post. Some have already completed the application process and started preparing for the UP police exam.

To help the candidates to prepare for this exam, we have prepared this article where we have discussed GK questions and UP Police Jail Warder, Fireman previous year question papers download links.

Hope this article will help those applicants to prepare for the UP police recruitment exam for the post of Fireman, Jail warder.

You can note down the GK questions and answers discussed below or you can bookmark our website AniCow.com for future preparation. We have also provided the download links for Utar Pradesh Police previous year question papers.

UP Police – GK Questions and answers

Q. The great musician ‘Tansen’ was in whose court

a. rana kumbha
b. akbar
c. bahadur shah
d. alauddin khalji

Ans. b

Q. Which fuel is used in Nuclear reactor

a. Diesel
b. Radium
c. Uranium
d. Silver
e. Coal

Ans. c

Q. The Indian constitution was adopted in the year

a. 1948
b. 1950
c. 1949
d. 1952

Ans. c

# Adopted – 26 November 1949
# Officially started – 26 January 1950

Q. Which of the following Muslim ruler at first introduced the Price control system

a. balban
b. alauddin khalji
c. muhammad bin tughlaq
d. jalaluddin khalji

Ans. b

Q. There are how many Schedules in the Indian constitution

a. 12
b. 10
c. 11
d. 9

Ans. a

Q. Who is the author of ‘My country my life’

a. jaswant singh
b. lal krishna advani
c. dilip kumar
d. sunil gavaskar

Ans. b

Q. The british government revoked the partition of Bengal in the year

a. 1917
b. 1907
c. 1911
d. 1921

Ans. c

Q. Which of the following is the first talkie film

a. jansi ki rani
b. alam ara
c. chandi das
d. raja harish chandra

Ans. b

Q. The Blue revolution relates to

a. irrigation
b. space research
c. fisheries
d. drinking water

Ans. c

Q. Bauxite is the ore of

a. steel
b. tin
c. aluminium
d. silver

Ans. c

Q. The 4th Buddhist council was organised by

a. kanishka
b. harsha
c. ashoka
d. bindusara

Ans. a

Q. The last ruler of Lodhi dynasty

a. ibrahim lodhi
b. daulat khan lodhi
c. sikandar lodhi
d. bahlol lodhi

Ans. a

Q. Who has attended all the 3 Round table conferences

a. Dr. rajendra prasad
b. Dr. B.R. ambedkar
c. Vallabh bhai patel
d. Jawaharlal nehru

Ans. b

Q. The Part IV of the Indian constitution contains

a. citizenship
b. fundamental rights
c. directive pirnciples of the state policy
d. union executive

Ans. c

Q. Where is the ‘National sugar institute’ located

a. gajrola
b. new delhi
c. kanpur
d. lucknow

Ans. c

Q. Who is also known as Vikramaditya

a. kumaragupta
b. samudragupta
c. skandagupta
d. Chandragupta II

Ans. d

Q. The Nagarjuna sagar project is located at the river

a. krishna
b. indus
c. godavari
d. kaveri

Ans. a

Q. From the following, where is the Bermuada triangle

a. eastern south atlantic ocean
b. south Indian ocean
c. north pacific ocean
d. western north atlantic ocean

Ans. d

Q. The speed of light is minimum in

a. vacuum
b. glass
c. water
d. air

Ans. b

Q. The coating on Galvanished iron sheet is

a. lead
b. tin
c. zinc
d. chromium

Ans. c

Q. National Education Day (11th November) is observed as the birthday of

a. rajiv gandhi
b. maulana abul kalam azad
c. sarojini naidu
d. JB kriplani

Ans. b

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