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Business tips in Hindi- Business meetings ko रोचक कैसे बनाएं?

business success story suchi

Business tips in hindi – Kisi bhi business me “Business meetings” ki bhoomika aham hoti hai. Business meetings ko agar simple tarike se kaha jaaye tou ye ek well organised business conversation hota hai jisme business-persons apne ideas share karte hai, proposal rakhte hai, business analysis karte hai, etc.

Ye meetings ek organization ke staffs ke beech bhi ho sakti hai ya phir ek organization ke sath dusre organization ke beech deal ki bhi ho sakti hai. Overall isme ideas share kiye jaate hai, proposal rakha jata hai, previous business report ko analyse kiya jata hai, business development ke liye strategies banayi jati hai, etc.

Business strategy in hindi- कैसे develop kare और क्यों develop kare?

best CRM software list
best CRM software

Aaj main aapko business strategy implementation par hindi me tips dene wala hu! Business strategy bahut jaruri ho jata hai jab aap kisi business ko seriously aage le jana chahte hai. Maine yaha seriously isliye kaha kyuki maine apne aakho se dekha hai kuch logo ko jo har 3 mahine baad baad apne business ideas change karte hai, jo ki ek tarah se galat approach hai.

Hindi Long Distance Relationship tips- Kya ye wakay kaam karta hai?

hindi long distance relationship tips

Jyadatar aapko ये सुनने को मिलेगा की ‘long distance relationship never going to work out’. Shayad aapke dost aapko advice denge ki inn sab feelings के लिए life में कोई जगह नहीं होनी चाहिए| Tu time waste kar raha hai! Ye possible nahi hai! Tera future nahi hai! Jo hua so hua, abhi bhool jaa!

Aur phir finally at the end of the day, aap maayus ho jaate ho. Sochne lagte ho! Aree bhai pyar soch ke thodi naa hota hai. Ab jab relationship status ‘single’ se ‘engaged’ ho gaya hai tou uuse bhool pana thoda mushkil hai, chahe short distance ka ho ya phir long distance ka!

Tou agar aap bhi kisi long distance relationship me ho, tou aaj ka mera ye relationship article aapko बहुत हद तक help करने वाला है| Main aapko yaha

Hindi Relationship Tips- Healthy Relationship के लिए 3 जरुरी बातें

healthy happy relationship tips

Hindi relationship tips – Healthy relationship ko पहचानना या महसूस करना आज कल काफी मुश्किल है, kyuki jo sach hai wo hum accept nahi karte aur jo myth hai uske piche hum bhagte hai. Ek healthy relationship ko start karne ke liye sabse pehle hume iski नींव ko पहचानना hoga jise ‘acceptance’ kaha jata hai. Matlab ek dusre ko accept karna ya phir kahiye understanding

Hindi Computer Tips- Computer Screen ko बड़ा/छोटा कैसे करे

hindi computer tricks

Hindi Computer tips: Aaj ke hindi computer tips me main aapko ek cre8ive technique batane wala hu. Iis computer trick ki madad se aap apne computer screen ko magnify/large and small kar paayenge.

Jyadatar ye dekha gaya hai ki hum jab computer ke kisi program par kaam karte hai tou kabhi kabhi humee screen/text chhote hone ke kaaran dekhne me problem face karna

Business tips in hindi – Marketing tips and Sales Techniques

business tips in hindi - marketing tips

Business tips in hindi – Waise tou marketing ke bahut se tarike hai, lekin kuch marketing techniques kaafi effective hote hai. Aaj ke business tips in hindi me main unhi effective marketing techniques par baat karne wala hu.

Agar aapka small business hai tou shayad aap jyada se jyada customer OR sales ke tarike dhundte honge. Shayad ab tak aapne bahut se methods ko apnaya bhi hoga aur apne product/brand marketing ke liye kafi investment bhi kiya hoga.

Small Business ideas for Females in hindi – Konsa business kare

Small Business ideas for Females
small business ideas for females - konsa business kare

Small business ideas for females in hindi –

वैसे तो internet में आपको अलग अलग किस्म के small business ideas मिलेंगे, जैसे की business ideas for kids, business ideas for teens, large business ideas, etc.

लेकिन आज का ये article सिर्फ और सिर्फ females के लिए है जिसमे मैं बताने वाला हूँ कुछ ऐसे बिज़नेस ideas जो females (महिलाओ) के लिए perfect है | वैसे अगर कहा जाए तो females दुनिया के किसी भी बिज़नेस को start करके उसे ऊचाई तक पंहुचा सकती है लेकिन आज के ये business ideas सबसे अलग और unique है |

Walking for Time or Distance : Which Is the Best Bet?

workout tips anicow

Walking is an excellent way of exercising, and it is easy to fit in with your schedule even if you are the busy type who cannot find time to work out. Walking does offer a plethora of benefits to your body. For example, it assists in losing and maintaining weight for the long term, improves metabolism and keeps your heart healthy and active.

Just as is the case with every other form of physical exercises, eating a well-balanced diet is vital. A healthy diet will help complement your exercise regimen by providing needed nutrients and vitamins. Performance enhancement drugs such as stanozolol improve your performance and help to achieve results faster. Before purchasing, you should learn more about the steroid seller.

However, there is one question that still lingers. Does time or distance matter more? There are a lot of different opinions across the board on which aspect really matters the most. If you are looking to get into walking as a way of keeping fit, this question may leave you feeling challenged on which approach is the right one.

Various research bodies have delved deeper to find out which take is best. In a recent study, health experts split a team of 15 overweight people into two teams. The first group was a time-based group, and their schedule involved walking and jogging while increasing the amount of time to at least 3 times a week. Their counterparts were a distance-based group and had to walk a few extra miles each week. The researchers tailored the regimen to ensure minimal differences in the number of calories burned by the two groups. Nonetheless, the distance-based team did lose an average of 8 pounds while the time-based members actually gained an extra 2 pounds by the end of the 10-week period.

The researchers zeroed in on perception as the root cause of disparities in the results from the two groups. They went further to state that the group that relied on time could have overestimated the amount of physical activity completed.

Leading fitness and health experts say that walking for distance is the best approach because it delivers a more accurate estimate of the number of calories burned. Case in point, you can expect to burn at least 100 calories for every mile you walk or jog regardless of your fitness level.

On the other hand, calculating the number of calories you have burned after a 30-minute walk can be challenging. Why is this the case? Because what matters most when carrying out any physical activity is intensity. If you walk with high energy or faster, you are prone to burn more calories both during the walking period and afterward. After exercising, your body will continue burning up calories to help speed up the recovery period.

In a nutshell, the best option is to walk for a given distance as opposed to a specified period of time. There are no set distances or duration that you should cover during your walk. Feel free to set your limits based on how you feel as long as it is beneficial to your overall health.

Hindi Business Success Story – ‘Suchi Mukherjee’ की Business Journey

business success story suchi

Aaj ke hindi business success story me main aapko jinse introduce karane jaa raha hu wo ek female entrepreneur hai jinka naam hai Suchi Mukherjee. Suchi ek leading e-commerce fashion marketplace ki founder hai jo internet par limeroad.com ke naam se register hai.

Aaj ke iis story ko maine e-magazine lifehack par padha thha, aur uuse yaha iis article ke jariye aapke saamne rakh raha

Hindi internet tricks – MP3 song se Ringtone kaise banaye

best business mobile apps
Best Business mobile apps

Aaj ke hindi internet tricks me main aapko batane jaa raha hu kaise aap apne favorite MP3 song se ringtone bana sakte hai wo bhi apne favorite lyric lines ke sath. Jyadatar ye dekhne ko milta hai ki hum koi bhi new released song sunte hai aur phir internet par uska ringtone search karne lag