Group Discussion Tips > How to crack a Group Discussion

Group Discussion TIPS – A topic is given to a group of candidate and judges take notes of their knowledge, awareness, confidence, communication skills and team work.

Group Discussion is all about elimination, the weak get eliminated and a leader survive. You will have to face group discussions at almost every point of your adult life, from getting admission into accredited colleges to job application process. Even the management and corporate boards have panel discussions or group discussions.

No matter what field you are into the skill to ace group discussions will take you places. In this article, we present some tips and tricks to ramp up your group discussion for MBA and other competitive exams like IBPS banking, SBI banking, private banks, etc.

Group discussion tips

Dress Confident

On the day of Group discussion, you should dress in a way that confidence radiates from your appearance. It should not be overdone, but one shouldn’t be afraid of going in bold. Try to keep a minimal but appealing attire.

Posture play a key role in determination confidence and discipline. Always maintain a good posture while you sit, it should appear that you are attentive and active. A lazy posture would create an image of low confident and that you are easy to dominate.

Initiate the discussion

It is highly appreciated when one takes an initiative; this depicts the bold and leadership quality and grabs the attention of the observer. When you start you get the initial time to keep your point while others are still pondering on to frame their thoughts together. It is advised that you sound neutral in the beginning, just lay the path for others to follow. Initiating requires a proper knowledge and understanding of the subject, so if you don’t really have a proper or factual knowledge, it is advised that you shouldn’t mention any facts.

Be clear on your points

One should be clear with what one wants to convey. It isn’t about for how long you speak but about how much clearly you can deliver what you have in your mind. If you can present an idea concisely and clearly to a team, that is what evaluators are looking for. In today’s corporate world, effective communication is the recipe for a successful team.

Think, note, listen, speak repeat

It is important to think before you speak. Don’t spend too much time on it, just spend enough to frame your sentences and present. It is important to take notes. Take notes of the points you think or take notes of what others say and then process them. When you are not speaking, taking notes will help you remember your points. Repeat the process throughout the discussion process.

Don’t turn it into an argument

Always remember that you are having a discussion and not an argument. When you have a point to make, wait for the other person to finish and then keep your point. Sometimes, the other person might make a really good point, so it is important to appreciate. This shows your effective communication and teamwork.

Use quotes and facts

Using correct facts is an effective way to impress you GD evaluator. Also, try to blend in some quotes by successful personalities, quotes that are impactful and self-explanatory and relevant to your topic. This also shows that you have researched beforehand and possess a substantial amount of information.

Learn to conclude

Even if you have lost the chance to impress the evaluator, you can still earn some extra points by concluding it. Remember that it is not an open-ended debate which would go for hours and hours without any solid conclusion. The aim is to reach a common destination. Conclusion should always be balanced.