GK Questions – National park, Bird sanctuary, Biosphere reserve

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GK questions – National park, sanctuary, biosphere reserve (Part 1)

1. Where is Kaziranga national park

a. UP

b. Assam

c. Goa

Ans. b

2. Jaldapara national park situated in

a. WB

b. Assam

c. Gujarat

Ans. a

> It is situated in Alipurduar district of West bengal

3. Where is Dudhwa national park situated at

a. WB

b. Haryana

c. Uttar pradesh

Ans. c

> It’s a part of Dudhwa tiger reserve

4. First national park in India

a. Jaldapara national park

b. Jim Corbett national park

c. Ghana park

Ans. b

> At first it was named as Hailey national park established in 1936

> Important question

> Jim corbett national park is in Uttarakhand

5. First bird sanctuary of India

a. Salim ali bird sanctuary

b. Keoladeo Ghana bird sanctuary

c. Ranthambore

Ans. b

> Formerly it was known as Bharatpur bird sanctuary

6. Keoladeo national park is situated in

a. Goa

b. Rajasthan

c. Karnataka

Ans. b

> It is situated in Bharatpur, Rajasthan

7. Where is Nagarhole national park

a. Uttarakhand

b. J&K

c. Karnataka

Ans. c

> Also known as Rajiv gandhi national park

> It is a wild life reserve

> Its a part of Nilgiri biosphere reserve

8. Nandadevi national park is situated in

a. Uttarakhand

b. UP

c. Bihar

Ans. a

> In the year 1988 it was inscribed as world heritage site by UNESCO

9. Where is Nilgiri Biosphere reserve is situated in

a. North India

b. Eastern part

c. South India

d. North-east India

Ans. Western ghats and Nilgiri hills ranges, South India

> Its an international biosphere reserve

Previously asked GK questions –

10. First biosphere reserve in India

a. Sunderban biosphere reserve

b. Nilgiri biosphere reserve

c. Ghana sanctuary

Ans. b

11. Gulf of mannar biosphere reserve is in

a. Gujarat

b. WB

c. Tamil Nadu

Ans. c

12. Where is Hemis National park

a. Uttarakhand

b. UP

c. Laddakh

d. Sikkim

Ans. c

> Important question

13. Where is Periyar wild life sanctuary

a. Maharastra

b. UP

c. WB

d. Kerala

Ans. d

> This wild life sanctuary is famous for Elephants

14. Where is Idukki wild life sanctuary

a. Kerala

b. Uttarakhand

c. Hydrabad

d. Chennai

Ans. a

> This sanctuary is famous for Elephants

15. Gir wild life sanctuary is famous for

a. Royal bengal tigers

b. Lions

c. Elephants

Ans. b

> Gir wild life sanctuary is in Gujarat

16. Previous name of Indira gandhi National park which is in Tamil nadu was

a. Keoladeo national park

b. Bharatpur national park

c. Annamalai national park

Ans. c

> Very important question

17. Where is Sanjay gandhi national park

a. Mumbai

b. UP

c. Delhi

Ans. a

> Formerly known as Borivali national park

> Famous for lions, tiger safari, ancient kanheri caves

Important points you should keep in mind related to National parks and Wild life sanctuaries (previously asked GK questions in govt jobs competitive exams) –

1. Area wise largest National park in India – Hemis national park (Leh laddakh, J&K)

> Established in the year – 1981

> Area – 4400 sq. km approx

> This park in famous for Snow Leopards

2. Largest number of forests are found in which Indian state

Ans. Madhya pradesh

3. The oldest national park – Jim corbett national park (Uttarakhand)

> Area – 4400 sq. km approx

> Established in the year 1936

> Famous for golden jackal, bengal tiger

4. Kaziranga national park is in Assam

> Famous for one horn rhino, golden langur

> Established in the year 1908

> Area – 430 sq. km

5. Gir national park is in Gujarat

Area – 1412 sq. km approx

Established – 1965

Famous for Asiatic lion

6. Kanha national park is in Madhya pradesh

Area – 940 sq. km

Established in the year 1933

Famous for Indian leopards, bengal tigers, Indian wild dogs, sloth bear, barah-singha

7. Dudhwa national park is situated in Uttar pradesh

> It is situated near UP(India) and Nepal border

> Area – 490 sq. km approx

> Established in the year of 1977

> Famous for Deer

8. Ranthambore national park is situated in Rajasthan

> Area – 282 sq. km

> Established in the year of 1980

> Famous for bengal tigers

9. Dachigam national park is situated in Jammu and Kashmir

> Established in the year – 1981

> Area – 141 sq. km

> Famous for Kashmir stag (Kashmiri barah-singha)

Important GK questions answers –

10. Keibul Lamjao national park is situated in Manipur

> Very important question

> It is a floating national park in Loktak Lake (world’s only floating national park)

> Area – 40 sq km

> Established in the year – 1977

11. Rajaji national park is located in Uttarakhand

> The name has been given on C. Rajagopalachari who was the last governor general of India when India became republic in 1950

> Area – 820 sq km

> Established in the year of 1983

> Famous for elephants, leopards, tigers

12. Bandipur national park is located in Karnataka

13. Black buck national park > Gujarat

14. Periyar national park is situated in Kerala

> Famous for elephants, tigers

15. Indira gandhi national park (Annamalai national park) – Tamil nadu

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GK Questions answers

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