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GK Questions with Answers SET#6 – इतिहास और भूगोल के प्रश्नोत्तर

GK Questions with Answers – Hi students welcome to ! पिछले GK Set#5 में हमने आविष्कार और उनके आविष्कारक (inventions and inventors) के बारे में जानकारी प्राप्त की थी| आज Set#6 में हम कुछ इतिहास और भूगोल के gk questions with answers देखेंगे जो अक्सर सरकारी नौकरी परीक्षाओं में पूछे जाते है|

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SET#6 – GK questions with answers – इतिहास और भूगोल के प्रश्नोत्तर

Q. Who said Government India act 1935 as ‘Charter of Slavery’

a. Pandit Jawaharlal nehru

b. Subhash chandra bose

c. Mahatma gandhi

d. Sardar ballabh bhai patel

Ans. a

Q. Who was the viceroy of India when the quit India resolution was passed in the year 1942

a. lord mountbatten

b. lord willingdon

c. lord linlithgow

d. lord wavell

Ans. c

> During his office tenure (18 April 1936 – 1 October 1943) the resolution was passed

Q. At which session, The Indian national congress passed the Quit India Resolution

a. Bombay session 1934

b. Wardha session 1942

c. Ramgarh session 1940

d. Tripuri session 1939

Ans. b

> Launched by M.Gandhi

Q. In the year of 1943, Subhash chandra bose became the supreme commander of which army

a. Japan army

b. Indian national army

c. Indian national congress

d. Indian army

Ans. b

GK Questions with Answers

Q. Subhash chandra Bose renamed the Andaman Nicobar islands as

a. Samaj and swaraj island

b. Samaj and shaheed island

c. Shaheed and swaraj island

d. Swaraj and matribhoomi island

Ans. c

> After Japan handed over the islands to Subhash chandra bose, he renamed them as Shaheed and swaraj island respectively

Q. Hindu Dharma Sangrakshini sabha was established by

a. Damodar and balkrishana chapekar

b. Dyanand saraswati

c. Raja ram mohan roy

d. Bal gangadhar tilak

Ans. a

Q. Who from the following were associated with Indian League established in Calcutta in the year 1875

a. Arvindo ghosh and Kali mohan das

b. Arvindo ghosh and Sisir kumar ghosh

c. Kali mohan das and Sisir kumar ghosh

d. None of the above

Ans. c

Q. The other name of Subhash chandra bose is Desh Nayak. Who called him Desh nayak

a. Mahatma gandhi

b. Bal gangadhar tilak

c. Rabindra nath tagore

d. Lala lajpat rai

Ans. c

GK Questions with Answers (Important History gk questions)

Q. Haryanka Dynasty was founded by

a. Harshavardhan

b. Ghananand

c. Bimbisar

d. Ajatshatru

Ans. c

> He was anointed king by his father when he was 15 years old.

Q. Chandra shekhar azad, Ram prasad Bismill, Rajendra Lahiri, Roshan singh, Ashfaqullah Khan; all revolutionaries are related with which of the following event

a. Chauri chaura case

b. Jallianwala bagh

c. The Kakori conspiracy

d. 1857 Revolt

Ans. c

> Also known as Kakori case, Kakori train robbery.

> It was took place between Lucknow and Kakori.

> Date – 9 Aug 1925.

> Organized by HRA (Hindustan Republican Association).

Q. The Moplah Rebellion of 1921 was against

a. The non tribal outsiders

b. Muslim land holders

c. Hindu land holders

d. The british government authority

Ans. c

The rebellion was a Muslim peasants rebellion

GK Questions with Answers

Q. The Rowlatt Act was passed

a. 1919

b. 1905

c. 1925

d. 1919

Ans. a

> Also known as The Anarchical and Revolutionary Crimes Act or Black act

Q. The Kheda Satyagrah was launched by Mahatma Gandhi to support

a. Mill owners

b. Kol rebellion

c. The peasants

d. Landlords

Ans. c

> It was launched in the year 1918 in Kheda, Gujarat.

> It was a Satyagraha movement against British raj.

Q. East India Association was set up

a. 1885

b. 1857

c. 1866

d. 1836

Ans. c

> Founded by Dadabhai Naoroji.

It was raised in London

GK questions with answers (Important geography gk questions)

# Earth rotates on its axis from

a. east to west

b. west to east

c. north to south

d. south to north

Ans. b

# The largest animal in the world is

a. elephant

b. giraffe

c. orang utan

d. blue whale

Ans. d

# The colour in the centre of Rainbow is

a. yellow

b. red

c. violet

d. green

Ans. d

# Which of the following is the smallest state in India in terms of area

a. sikkim

b. goa

c. nagaland

d. tripura

Ans. b

# The canal which connects Mediterranean sea to red sea

a. indira gandhi canal

b. erie canal

c. panama canal

d. suez canal

Ans. d

# The Narmada river flows in

a. bay of bengal

b. red sea

c. arabian se

d. indian ocean

Ans. c

# Which planet is called evening star and morning star

a. jupiter

b. earth

c. venus

d. mars

Ans. c

Common GK questions with answers in hindi repeated in every competitive exams

# चन्द्रमा तक पहुंचने वाला प्रथम अंतरिक्ष यान का नाम – ल्यूनिक II

# चन्द्रमा पर सबसे पहले किस व्यक्ति ने कदम रखा – नील आर्मस्ट्रांग

# समुद्री दुरी मापने का मात्रक क्या है – नॉटिकल मील

# डॉ. सी. वी. रमन को नोबेल पुरस्कार से किस वर्ष सम्मानित किया गया था – 1930

# ह्यड्रोलिक ब्रेक किसके नियम पर आधारित होता है – पास्कल के नियम पर

# समुद्री जहाज की गति का मात्रक – नॉट

# इंडियन इंस्टिट्यूट ऑफ़ एस्ट्रोफिजिक्स कहाँ स्तिथ है – तमिलनाडु

# राष्ट्रीय विज्ञानं दिवस कब मनाया जाता है – 28 February

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