Why do we need Cyber Security – Cyber Security Facts

Cyber Security Facts – Cyber ​​Security is a type of security in which the systems connected to the internet are kept secured and safe. Through cyber security, the data of hardware and software is made more secure so that the data is not stolen in any way and all documents and files remains safe.

Under Cyber ​​Security system, there is a large team of Ethical Hackers who protect your data from theft, data deletion and damage to any of your devices. The job of cyber security is also to provide security to the devices, software and data and networks connected to the Internet network.

Why do we need Cyber Security

Banking financial security – Cyber ​​security is very important to provide security to our banking and financial data because if our banking data is not secure then any hacker can withdraw money from our bank account.

Personal data security – Cyber ​​Security is necessary to keep our personal data safe such as Images, videos, voice records, PDF files, Text Documents or any other type of data which resides in our computer.

National security – Cyber ​​security is also important even for national security of a country. Nowadays there are cyber attacks in the defense system of a country, so through cyber security we can provide security to the defense system also.

Government security – There are also some data or information which are necessary and sensitive like in the government offices. Nowadays most of the work in government offices are done through online internet. If the data of any government office gets leaked, then it can cause a lot of damage. Therefore, to keep this type of data safe, Cyber ​​Security is also very important.

Interesting facts about Cyber Security

Let us discuss about some types of Cyber Security-

Network security – In this, the incoming and outgoing traffic (signals) of the network are controlled and managed. Attacks and Threats coming in any network are prevented by Cyber Security steps. You can also call this security as the first layer of the network.

Application security – It means testing, developing and adding security features within applications to prevent security vulnerabilities against threats. In Application Security, special care is taken in the security of the application during development and installation.

Information security – In this type of cyber security, the data and information of any system or application are protected from digital attacks. There may be some sensitive information in any system which needs to be secured from attackers like the details of customers in any bank organization network. For this purpose Information security is needed.

cyber security facts

Cyber Security facts – Why do we need Cyber Security

Let us discuss about some types of Cyber Attacks-

Malware attack – It is one of the most common type of cyber attacks. Malware are a type of malicious file, code or software which are delivered over a network to infect the target. These malware are created by hackers or cybercriminals. Spyware, Virus, Ransom ware, Worms are some other common types.

Cyber stalking – This Cyber ​​Crime is seen more in social media sites. In this type, stalkers harass a person by repeatedly sending dirty messages or emails to the target. After this, stalkers start blackmailing that person.

Phishing – It is a type of cyber attack in which the cyber criminal sends a fake link to the user through fake Email or fake SMS. When the target user click on such link then their personal data are stolen such as Login ID and Password, Credit Card / Debit Card details.

Man in the middle attack – This is a type of cyber attack in which cyber criminals tamper with the network between two people and take access to the communication (voice or video). Next the cyber criminal starts blackmailing them.

Spoofing – In this type of cyber attack, the hacker can attack the system of a big server or big company by using the identity of another person.

Denial of Services (DoS) – The main purpose of DoS attack is to reduce the traffic of a network or website. In this attack, hackers weaken the network system of the target by suddenly bringing a lot of traffic to a network or website.

Some of the biggest Cyber Attacks-

2017 WannaCry Ransomware attack – Around 2 lac computers were affected by the WannaCry Ransomware attack. This outbreak reached to more than 150 countries and also affected several industries.

2014 Cyber attack on Yahoo – Before google Yahoo was considered one of the leading search engine in the internet market. In the year 2014 Yahoo faced a massive cyber attack in which its more than 500 million users account details (basic information) were stolen. (source)

2011 Sony’s PlayStation attack – Same thing happened in the year 2011 when Sony’s PlayStation network suffered a cyber attack in which its more than 70 million users account details (basic information) were stolen.

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