6 Essential Features to Look for in CCTV Security Camera Systems

CCTV cameras are an important element these days for security in different households and offices. People are much more concerned than before regarding their security, and that is why they tend to install these cameras on their premises. These cameras can prevent unwanted entries and incidents by informing the authority immediately by the live streaming facility. But there are different types of cameras in the market, and it is tough to get the best one for your purpose. A wide range of varieties are available in this category, and their costs are also different than each other.

6 Factors To Check Before Buying CCTV Security Camera Systems

A huge market is available for CCTV cameras, and that is why you have to be very careful while purchasing a CCTV Camera in UAE for yourself. You need to check a lot of details and specifications of the device before finalizing one. Here, we have given six factors which you have to look for while purchasing a CCTV camera system for your security.

  1. High Definition Video

Whenever you buy a CCTV camera, you should make sure that you can get a high definition device for your convenience. Because in the cheap devices, it is not always possible to interpret the images or videos correctly. You must ensure that your device can capture high definition images and videos so that you can see clearly who the intruders on your premises are by just looking at those images. Moreover, you should also opt for wide-angle video technology so that you can get a broader view of the area where you will install your CCTV camera. It will give you a greater perspective of the security system of your area.

  1. Wireless Technology

There are some CCTV cameras in the market which are wired in nature. These cameras are easy to manipulate because the intruders can switch them off just by cutting the wire. In that case, you need to make sure that you go for the wireless technology in your CCTV camera so that no one can cut the wire and switch it off easily. The wireless technology is much more advanced and works smoothly than any other devices available in the market.

  1. Night Vision

When you are installing your CCTV camera to prevent theft or any kind of mishap, then you must check whether it has a night vision camera or not. If the CCTV camera has a night vision or low light camera, then it will help to capture the incidents happening in low light or at night. It is important because a crime is more likely to happen at night as theft, and that is why you should be ready to prevent this type of incident by installing these cameras. Night vision cameras always help to capture a clear picture, even in a dark area.

  1. Cloud Backup

If an intruder is coming to your space, then that person will surely try to delete all the data from the CCTV camera to save themselves. But if you choose the camera with cloud backup, then you can prevent this from happening with yourself. These cameras can store the captured images and videos in the cloud storage so that you can get remote access to them even when all the data is deleted. Generally, normal cloud drives are used to keep the backup by these cameras, and it will help you a lot.

  1. Speakers

Speakers are not always required at every space wherever you will install your CCTV camera. But it is always better to choose the best one for your service. If you have speakers in your CCTV camera, then you can communicate with the visitor directly without using an extra intercom system. It will help you to understand who is there to meet you just outside your door. Currently, so many CCTV cameras are available in the market with high-quality speakers, and if you want to make good use of them, then you must consider these products for sure.

  1. Automation

Automation is everywhere right now, and that is why it is a good idea to opt for the automatic system in your CCTV camera. Currently, the CCTV cameras available in the market have motion sensors in them that can detect any type of incident happening in the nearby area. The cameras send a signal to the authority immediately whenever something suspicious is happening. Most people prefer this type of camera, which can be connected with the mobile devices directly so that you can keep an eye on your office or household even when you are outside.


These were some important factors which you should pay attention to if you want a good quality CCTV camera for your household or office. Technology has become advanced these days, and that is why it is always important to upgrade yourself according to that.

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