Top 10 Torrenting Sites – Download HD movies, Games, Music

Top 10 Torrenting Sites – Torrenting sites are a great way to download HD movies, songs, games, ebooks, software and other large files within few minutes. The best part of torrenting sites are you can download bulk files within few clicks and in fast speed and with less data consumption. Here in this post I have list out some of the Best Torrent Sites from where you can download movies, games, ebooks, songs, software and other files.

Top 10 Torrenting Sites

1. Torrent Funk (Best torrent sites for movies)

This torrent site has every type of Torrents that you want like movies, television, games, music, software, anime cartoons, ebooks, adu*t torrents, etc. This torrent site was started in the year 2011 and today has over 1 million monthly users. There is also a search bar given in the official website where you can search your favourite torrent file. Even you can create a free account and upload your torrent file.

2. Lime Torrents (Top torrenting sites)

This torrenting site was started in the year 2009 and today it has more than 15 million users every month. Here you can download many torrent files like TV shows, software, games, anime cartoons, music, etc. This torrenting site has some of the best games torrent files like racing, fighting, adventure, shooting, sports, playstation, xbox, ninetendo, etc.

3. Torlock (Best torrent search engines website)

Torlock is a popular name in the Torrent market. Here you will get all torrent files in proper categories like fresh torrents, movie torrents, TV torrents, music torrents, games torrents, adu*t, software torrents, ebooks torrents, etc. Here in this torrenting site you will find daily latest torrent files.

4. The Pirate Bay (Top 10 Torrenting Sites)

Pirate Bay is also a top torrenting sites for downloading music, movies, videos, games, TV shows, etc. This torrent site has a search bar where you can search your torrent. This torrenting site has a monthly users visit of 30 million.

5. RARBG Torrents

RARBG was launched in the year 2008 and now this torrenting site has more than 20 million monthly visitors. RARBG provides torrent files and magnet links for peer to peer file sharing through BitTorrent protocol. It has all types of torrent files like tv shows, movies, games, music, software, adu*lt shows, etc.

6. Magnet DL (Best torrent sites for movies)

This torrent website has all types of torrent files like games, movies, music, software, eBooks, TV shows, etc. Its very easy to download torrent files from this torrent website. The site has a monthly users visit of 6 million.

7. Extra Torrents

The torrent list in this site is updated in every 8 hours. It has all types of torrent files like games, music, movies, books, software, pictures, adu*t, etc. The torrent files are also easy to download. The site was started back in the year 2006.

8. Torrent Downloads (Top 10 torrenting sites)

This torrent website is popular for music torrent files. It has every type of music files like country music, asian music, classic, folk, indie, jazz, hard rock, hip-hop, etc. It also has other torrent categories like movies, TV shows, software, anime, books, etc. This site has a monthly visitors of 6 million.

Top 10 Torrenting Sites

9. IsoHunt (Top torrent sites)

This torrent website also has different torrent categories like anime cartoon, software, games, adu*t, movies, music, books, TV series and shows, etc. It also has good collection of hollywood music torrent files.

10. Zooqle (Best torrenting sites)

This torrent website has around 6 million monthly users. It has all types of torrents like tv shows, movies, ebooks, audiobooks, etc. This torrenting site is popular for TV shows on different categories like action, adventure, crime, drama, family, suspense, horror, mystery, thriller, romance, etc.

11. Many Books (Best torrent sites for ebooks) 

This torrent site has some famous collection of ebooks based to different categories like entertainment, business, novel, academic books, office, technology, magazine, horror, paranormal, non-fictional, historical fiction, romance, etc. So if you are looking for an ebook torrent site then you must go with this torrenting website. It has both free and paid versions. Its one of the cleanest torrent sites!

12. Your BitTorrent (Top 10 Torrenting Sites)

It also has some good collection of torrent files related to software, games, ebooks, anime, movie, ad*ult, music, photos, etc. You can browse the torrent files as per different categories given in their official website.

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