Best Laptop Brands in India – Dell, Lenovo, Apple, Acer

Best Laptop Brands in India – As we have experienced work from home type of activity for covid19, with this we have realized how important a laptop can be. In this new era we know how important the internet is, from tuition to business everything is happening online, here we all need a good laptop. Doesn’t matter if you are a student or an artist. But there have a lot of laptops out there.

Finding a good one that will be fit your specific need can be a little tricky. But no need to worry about it we have taken the best laptop brands for you. These brands have built reputations over the years and they are trustworthy.

Best Laptop Brands in India

1. Dell

For being the best brand dell has met certain specific needs of consumers. One of the specific features is that it provides high-quality security. It has also taken care of gaming users. Nowadays everyone needs a laptop and they are buying but as everyone is not from tech background so they need help with a tiny problem. Here dell has done a good job, dell provides 24×7 hours customers service. Dell offers a variety of laptops. Some of that are-

Inspiron:- Inspiron comes with up to 4k(3840×2169) resolution and up to 24GB, DDR4 RAM, and 2TB SSD storage. This model is widely accepted for its friendly budget.

G-series:- This model is developed for gamers. It comes with up to 32 GB, DDR4,3200MHz, RAM and 1TBB SSD storage.

Vostro-: It is a perfect fit for business purpose buyers. It provides immense security that gives protection to your data and this laptop also helps to be productive.

2. Lenovo

This brand is highly popular because of its variety of laptops. This brand makes products from normal use to commercial use laptop. Another thing that has helped it to become popular is, it comes at a very lower price compared to other brands. Generally, Lenovo offers various types of laptops with different features. Some of them are-

Think pad:- In think pad Lenovo gives more importance to security, durability, battery life compared to looks. You can say it is uniquely built for commercial users. One eye-catching thing is, in the think pad, you will get a spill-proof keyboard that allows you to be a little careless with your laptop.

Ideapad:- This is a good-looking laptop for normal users. In Ideapad, laptop companies have focused on the look than security, durability, battery. Differently, you will impress by its look, not by performance.

Yoga:- It is a two in one laptop that means you can use it as a table also. Along with it, you will get touch screen benefits. This laptop helps people to take their creativity to the next level. This is specifically has builds to fulfill creative users’ needs, not for gaming users.

Legion:- This is a gaming laptop. This is not for content creators. It has fast charging quality, you can get 50% charge in just 30 minutes. It’s a little heavy.

3. Apple (Top Laptop Brands in India)

When we are talking about the best laptop brands it is not possible, that we will not take the name of Apple. Reasons for coming under the best brands name is, its amazing looks with outstanding performance. For knowing how good its performance can be, let’s look at its features:

Internal storage:- Apple laptop comes with SSD storage. SSD means ‘solid-state drive’. SSD type storage is better than HHD. SSD increases your work performance.

Processor:- In recent years, Apple has shifted its Intel processor to MI. MI pro and MI max chip are designed by Apple itself. It will increase your CPU performance up to 3.5x faster, GPU performance up to 6x faster, and machine learning up to 13x faster compared to Intel. Which will skyrocket your productivity.

Battery life:- It provides good battery life. For Macbook Pro 14inch MI pro 14:08hourse. For Macbook Pro 16inch MI max-15:31hourse. 14-15hourse battery life comes under good battery life.

Display:– Its display will take your heart from you. In apple products you can enjoy a retina display. According to Google, an average person’s screen time is 4 to 5 hours, as we are spending this much time in from of the screen so it is very important to protect our eyes from the blue light. Apple Macbook Air offers 2560×1600 resolution and MacBook pro offers 3072×1920 resolution display. Apple mainly offers two types of laptops – Macbook Air and Macbook Pro.

4. HP (Hewlett Packard)

HP has a wide market because it gives premium features at a lower price. HP laptops are very well designed that create a first impression among the buyers. HP products are very lightweight so you can carry them anywhere that will increase your productivity alongside helping you to keep entertained. Unlike Dell, it also makes a variety of laptops for users. Some of them are-

Pavilion:- HP Pavilion is widely accepted by buyers because one buyer can use it for multipurpose. For example, you can do gaming, editing, office works on this one laptop. It’s pretty good for multitasking. It has a touch screen also. This device will give a new taste of speed.

HP Chromebook:- This laptop is fit for schoolwork, it is unable to do heavy work. It provides an amazing 12-16hourse battery life. It also has fast charging quality. On this laptop, you will get a new level of the browsing experience.

Envy:- It has good security features like fingerprint, face recognition, etc. it comes with a great design and full HD display. With envy, you can enjoy up to 20 hours of battery life.

Spectral:- One can do editing, browsing, and office work on this laptop. It comes in a variety of colors like rose gold, black, white, etc. it also has good battery life.

Best Laptop Brands in India

5. Acer (Best Laptop Brands in India)

This has been becoming popular over time because its products sharply meet buyer needs. Their product comes with good battery life, multitasking quality, comfortable keyword, etc. its price is also reasonable. Acer offers so many models. Some of them are:-

Swift:- In Swift, customers get a wide, borderless display that gives them more joy at the time of watching movies. it can also help to be a productive person. Anyone can use it for content creation and also for gaming. Its battery life is approximately 17 hours.

Spin:- It is a two in one laptop. It provides antimicrobial solution. This laptop helps to express creative thought. It has a touchscreen. It comes with a keywords backlight.

Aspire:- It can use for office work, not for gaming. It offers various colors and backlight keywords with speed quality.

Nitro:- It has perfectly built for heavy work. it is an amazing laptop for coding purposes. You can do 4K editing, streaming, even you can use it for gaming.

6. Asus (Best Laptop Brands in India)

Asus has gained customers’ trust because it provides multitasking laptops at lower prices. In Asus products, you will get good battery life, great design, good speed, even a touch screen with good performance quality. Getting a laptop with all these benefits at a lower price is hard.

Asus laptops have a height quality screen that is most important, whether you are a business user or a gaming user, that does not matter, display is important for every user. It also provides a 2 years warranty so if you face any product defect you can easily replace it.

A multitasking laptop with a touch screen, battery life, a good display is sounded impossible but Asus has taken care of customers’ needs. Along with many advantages, it has some disadvantages, although it provides multitasking quality it’s really heavy. So you can face the problem to carry it everywhere. And last disadvantage is it does not have enough service centers. Asus offer so many models some of them are-

Zen book:- This laptop does well with business and creative work. It has good battery life and good speed. It comes at an affordable price, and it is lightweight.

Vivo book:- It comes with an immense display with up to 8GB RAM. It does not fit to do programming. If you are on a tight budget you can do little compromise with quality and can buy it.

Rog zephyrus:- It is good to use for gaming. It has good speed and HD display but the disadvantage is it is too heavy.

7. MSI (Gaming Laptops)

Although, this brand is known as a gaming computer but it also works well as a business laptop even for content creation too. It has reliable battery life. But it is too expensive but it is quite reasonable. This brand offers so many models in different domains. But this brand does not provides good customer service.