Best Cycle Brands in India – Hero, Avon, Hercules, Atlas, BSA

Best Cycle Brands in India – Welcome to! Riding a bicycle not only looks cool, but also it makes our body fit & fine. There are many stylish and high speed motorbikes available in the market but still some group of youngsters prefer cycling to travel. Not only youngsters but also the middle age group peoples also prefers cycle in their daily life to avoid the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

As per many health reports, cycling itself is consider as a regular morning exercise which not only decreases the chance of cardiovascular diseases but also make our whole body fit. Here in this article we are listing some of the Best Cycle Brands in India.

Best Cycle Brands in India

Hero Cycles (Best cycle company in India)

As we all know that Hero is a popular automotive brand which is a multinational motorcycle and scooter manufacturing company. The Hero Cycles Ltd. is a Ludhiana, Punjab, India based company which manufactures bicycles and related products. The company was founded in the year 1956 with its headquarter in Ludhiana, Punjab, India. It is consider as the top 10 cycle brands in India.

Hero Cycles has variants of cycle models like ATB cycles, MTC (mountain) cycles, city cycles, kids cycles, mens cycle, womens cycle and e-Cycles. The Hero Electro e-Cycles are the new trend in the market which runs on battery and motor. The cycles have sensor, controller and display for advanced riding.

Alchemy Bikes

Its a popular international brand from Denver, CO, USA. The cycle brand is an award winning brand which has high performing cycles and e-Bikes. ‘Alchemy Bikes’ manufactures carbon and titanium cycles. The brand also manufactures mountain cycles which are tough and strong. Some of the popular cycle models of this brand are Arktos charcoal, Atlas carbon, Eronin, Ronin titanium, Arktos mullet, etc. They also manufactures cycle gears and parts.

Best Cycle Brands in India

Avon Cycles (Top cycle brands in India)

Its one of the popular and best bicycle manufacturers company in India with its main office in Ludhiana, Punjab, India. ‘Avon Cycles’ has many variety of models like sports cycle, kids cycle, hybrid cycles, gear cycles, ladies cycles, MTB cycles, gents cycles, roadsters cycles, e-bikes, etc.

Some of the popular cycle model names of Avon (for gents, ladies and kids) are Silk dew lady 24T, Kiwi IBC 12T, Pilot deluxe 26T, Kian, Orkid, Balveer 28T, Himalaya montage 26T, Glory IBC 24T, Pilot 26T, Zinnia 26T, Kia 26T, Novio 16T, Belle 26T, etc.

Mach City Cycles (Best cycle brands in India)

The brand manufactures stylish cycles specially for city ride and city tour. If you want to turn your daily cycle riding into fun and fitness then you can get these stylish bicycles. You can choose cycles as per your personality and choice. They have cycles in many designs and colours. The tyres are durable and made up of nylon. The cycles have light weight steel frame and are strong. They also have gear cycles like the popular iBike single speed, iBike 7 speed, iBike W7 speed and Munich 21 speed.

Hercules Cycles

The cycle brand was very much popular among teenage boys, college boys and mens. The company was started in the year 1949. The company manufactures various models like MTB mountain cycles, geared cycles, kids cycles, girls cycles, carbon frame cycles, boys cycles, etc.

Some of the popular models of Hercules cycles are Trailfire HT, Deadpool 29, Streetcat Pro, Kombat ZX, Flarecity, Top gear blackhunter, TZ gear model, Jr Indra for ladies, Captian virat, Rhino, Popular DTS for ladies, etc.

Ancheer Cycles

If you are looking for affordable electric bikes and cycles then you can go with this brand. The company was founded in the year 2008 with its warehouse located in Los Angeles, USA. The company has many cycle variants like city cycles, mountain bikes, fat tire mountain cycles, folding electric cycles, e-bikes, etc. The cycles have light weight aluminium frames and Shimano components.

Some of the popular cycle models of this brand are Electric Mountain Bike 250W, 500W Fat Tire Electric Mountain Bike, Folding Electric Bike 500W, 350W Electric City Bike, Folding City Commuter Electric Bike, etc.

Atlas Cycles (Best Cycle Brands in India)

Atlas is a popular cycle manufacturing brand located in Sonepat, Haryana, India. The brand introduced the first racing cycle in India. Atlas is the 2nd largest cycle manufacturing company in India. The company started its journey in the year 1950 from Sonipat. Later in the year 1965 the company emerged as India’s largest cycle manufacturer brand.

Some of the popular models of this brand are Atlas goldline super mens, Atlas unisex steel ultimate city, Atlas UK15 cycle for kids, Atlas UK25 cycle for teenagers, Atlas unisex firebird, Atlas motion adults mountain cycle, Atlas amaze 26T mens cycle, Atlas beauty 26T for ladies/girls, etc.

BSA Cycles (Best cycle company in India)

The BSA is also known for its flagship cycle brand Hercules. The BSA model was emerged specially for girls with the popular model name BSA LadyBird. Later the BSA brand became popular with the kids cycle models like Speedex, Cybot MS, Motorace, Dotty, Dynox, Trin trin, BSA cindrella, Orbit, Cybot, Mowgli, Doodle, Circus, BSA flora, Toonz, etc.

The the BSA roadsters came into the market for gents and ladies with the popular models like Deluxe, Super deluxe, Supreme for gents and Supreme model for ladies.