How Useful is Amazon Prime Membership? All Features discussed!!

Amazon prime membership – When it comes to discussing e-commerce stores, Amazon online store can be considered as an institution. After becoming successful at many parts of the world, this online store is now gaining quick popularity in India too. To lure the buyers with more facilities, Amazon India has introduced Amazon Prime membership. This is a special membership plan which includes various facilities for the members.

Here are some of the great features of Amazon Prime Membership-

The best ‘its free’-

The best thing is that the first month of membership is completely free, as it is offered as trial version for the users. After first month, users need to pay for the monthly membership plan, and the amount is nominal.

So, is it worth for your time and money to invest for Amazon India Prime Membership? What are the potential benefits of prime membership? What are the unique features or facilities offered to prime members? Answers to all these questions will be discussed in the following section of the article.


Quickest Delivery of Products Guaranteed

Amazon prime India offers 1 day delivery of the goods or products that have been purchased by the users. The one day delivery service is guaranteed by the company in exchange of the prime membership of the users.


Free Video Service

Prime members can access Amazon video library where plenty of movies can be found. Free video service is definitely one of the best benefits of the Prime Membership of Amazon.


Prime Membership Sharing Facility

Do you know that you can share your prime membership with four other people?Amazon India has come up with this unique facility for its prime members. If you have purchased prime membership, you can share the membership with your shopping lover friends and relatives. You do not need to give direct access to your account to them. You just need to share your Amazon Prime membership with them. This is surely a unique way of making someone happy. During various festive occasions, you can prime membership with others as a gesture of sharing happiness.


Ad-Free Music Streaming

Ad-free music streaming is another benefit that you can enjoy for becoming prime member of Amazon India. People love listening to music, when they are on a trip or they have some spare time. Advertisement between the music potentially can cause disruptions for many people. In order to keep your music mood highly satisfactory with Amazon music, go for the Prime Membership. This is an added benefit of prime Membership and it is appreciated by many users.Amazon Music library maintains collections over 1 million songs and albums. Prime users can access all these music files for free, and they would not be interrupted with ads in between the music.


Free Grocery Delivery

Amazon comes with a program which is known as Prime Pantry. It offers a box of grocery items just at a nominal charge. For delivering grocery items, it has some charges in offering. But, for the prime members those charges are not present. Prime members can enjoy grocery items delivery at the zero delivery cost. This is surely a great feature for those, who like to shopping monthly grocery items online. Amazon guarantees delivery of the grocery items to the p-rime members within 1-2 days. Delivery is smooth and satisfactory for most of the prime users. Prime members will also get some exclusive Amazon India Offers when compares with the normal users.


Free Kindle eBook Rentals

If you use Amazon Kindle eReader or you have Fire tablet or Fire Phone and at the same time you are Amazon Prime Member, certain benefits will be there for making your e-Reading habit worth enjoyable. Amazon Prime Members can rent eBooks for free. For normal users, there is restriction on borrowing books. You are allowed to have only one book per month. Prime members do not have such restrictions. You can have as many books as you want on monthly basis, when you are a prime member. You shall also find Kindle First program, which gives facility to Prime Members to download one ebook every month for free. Prime Members also get access to the new books which shall be released after exactly one month.


Free Months for Prime Users

For some users, Amazon has made things even simpler. If you are a part of Amazon Student Program, you can have prime Membership as long as for 6 months. After first free six months of Prime Membership, you need to purchase membership for the remaining six months of the year. For the next six months’ membership, you shall additionally get 50% discount on the total membership value.


Is It Worth to Invest Money for Amazon Prime?

So, at this point you must be thinking that is it worth at all to invest money in Amazon prime membership? The 1 day express delivery commitment from Amazon is definitely a great thing for the prime users. But, along with that, they get facilities with e-Reading, music library, video library, etc. Hence, judging all these aspects, it can be said that Amazon Prime membership is worthy. Customers have expressed their satisfaction too with Prime Membership policy of Amazon.