How to Make Money Online in India – Practical ways

How to Make Money Online in India – With constant inflation if everything and increasing competition in every sector everyone is looking towards ways to make money online and support their needs.

It’s about time you learn that the internet is not just a source of news and entertainment. Internet is much more than that, it is also a place which can make you fortunes but also something which can make you hit rock bottom.

But, if used wisely the internet can help you earn without the need of sacrificing any of your considerable family time and also without the need of you draining your energy. Yes, it can make money online!

There are many you earn money by working from their home on the internet. Some of the most effective ways for this include blog writing, e-commerce websites, trading, freelancing, affiliate marketing, online surveys and many others.

Here are the Ways to Make money online in India

As there are numerous online methods using which anyone be it a housewife, a working individual or a student can some extra money to meet their needs it becomes confusing and tough to select the right ones. Here we have listed 5 easy and the most trusted ways-

1. Blog or E-commerce website (How to Make Money Online in India for students)

This is unarguably the most used and convenient way to make money online. You just have to make a blog website of your own and share your hobbies, interests, passion, places you visit and anything you like through your writings.

On the other hand, on through an e-commerce website, you can sell your own/third-party products. To make it successful, you should promote products via online coupon aggregating websites or on blogs related to your product.

  • You can club your website with AdSense and other ad companies and use your website to advertise and consequently earn a handsome income. The method is easy and convenient and the best thing about this is that anyone who has a decent internet connection, creative skill can start earning through this.
  • Also, since it will be completely yours there is no minimum qualification required for you to get into this. Just open your electronic devices and start pouring out your creative ideas and showcase your talent to the outer world.
  • The benefits of this methods are that you are your own master here, if your website becomes successful you can easily transform it into a full-fledged business of yours.

How to Make Money Online in India

2. Affiliate Marketing

Next up on our list is Affiliate Marketing. Those who are unaware of the term for them here is a short description of it. Affiliate marketing is a process in which you promote some products which are not your own online through your website or videos or other sources and when other buy those products through your links you earn awesome commissions.

Affiliate marketing is of the fastest and easiest way to make money online and does not require you to have any minimum qualification at all. You just need to

  • Join an affiliate program offered by already established e-commerce websites.
  • Then look for products you think many will buy.
  • The websites will provide you with links, photos and banners of those products.
  • Use these to promote the product through social media, messages, your own website.
  • Next when others buy any of those products through your links you get paid with commissions.

This is one of the best way as you don’t need to have you own products or provide a type of customer support. Just promote and earn is the key to success. If done correctly and successfully one can easily make more than Rs.20k every month. The upper limit is not capped.

Top Affiliate Marketing bloggers with their Earning Reports

3. Google Adsense (How to make money online in India for Students)

This, my friends, is yet another fabulous way to earn some extra bucks in your free time. Google AdSense gives you the license to advertise on your online platform through RSS feeds and when other click on those you make profit. What you need to do is

  • Create a blog or website of your own.
  • Join the Google AdSense program.
  • Use AdSense program to advertise on your website.
  • People click on those ads and you get paid.

Again, this way too doesn’t need you to have any minimum qualification. Just get an internet connection, make a website, join google AdSense and start earning money.

4. Take online Surveys (Make money online in India)

Any brand desperately seeks user opinions about their products and services to develop and make themselves better. Anyone who takes these surveys gets paid with a good remuneration.

The pay varies from survey to survey avoiding to their complexity. Interested ones can join any of the numerous surveying companies present on the web. But it is suggested that in the beginning one must limit to only 3 to 5 companies.

Also, since there are many illegitimate companies so one must be careful and try to avoid falling into their traps. This certainly may not excite some of you but is also one of the option to make some extra money online.

One needs just basic qualifications to join any of these companies and start earning. Best online survey sites to make money online – click here.

5. Equity Trading

Last on our list of ways to earn money online is equity trading. With the increase of mobile applications and internet connectivity this also is a really nice option. What one needs to do is

  • Open a Demat or trading account with any one of the reputed brokerage firm.
  • Think carefully and decide if you want to be in it for a long or short duration.
  • In the beginning select plans where you need to pay the least commission.
  • Go through different orders, securities and learn what you need to do to execute them.
  • After learning the basics, transfer some money from your bank account into your trading account.
  • Then just start investing or buying shares of companies that you know.
  • Track the fluctuations in share price and buy a stock at less price and then sell those at a price higher than that to earn profit.

To be successful concentrate generally on only 4-5 stocks in the beginning once you gain confidence and hold on trading start increasing if you need to. Also, be sharp and aware by learning carefully about the company stats, go through company balance sheet and also business models before investing in any stock.

With rapid digitization and continuous evolution of internet, opportunities to earn online are constantly growing. Be it for some extra income or full-time income, internet is a place you can use for both. With serious competition in the outside world there is absolutely no harm in giving this option a try and make the full use of it to earn money online.

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