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8 Best Anime Websites – Online Anime Cartoon for Indians

Best Anime Websites : दोस्तों आज कल anime सिर्फ बच्चो तक ही सिमित नहीं रहा , बल्कि इसके fans अब youngsters भी होने लगे है | शायद आप भी है anime के fan ! अगर आप भी anime के फैन है तो इस आर्टिकल में मैं आपको बताने वाला हु सबसे popular 8 best anime websites !

चलिए सबसे पहले anime cartoon के बारे में कुछ interesting facts जान लेते है –

दोस्तों anime मतलब animation cartoon जो जापान से उभर के आयी है | इंडिया में जैसे cartoon series होते है like chota bheem, motu patlu, इत्यादि ; ठीक उसी तरह anime भी एक story telling cartoon है जो जापान में बहुत famous है | इसके daily episodes भी होते है और series, movies भी होते है |

Anime में जो सबसे ख़ास है वो है इसका animation graphics, colourful themes जो आजकल India में काफी पसंद किये जा रहे है | चलिए अब देख लेते है सबसे best anime websites |


Best Anime Websites Online

Kiss Anime – Visit here

ये इंटरनेट पर एक काफी popular anime website है जहा आपको लगभग सारे पुराने से लेकर नए anime cartoon देखने को मिलेंगे |

  • यहाँ आपको A to Z सारे Anime कार्टून के लिस्ट मिलेंगे – Click here

इस Anime website का अपना एक forum भी है जहा आप दुनिया भर से anime fans और lovers के साथ interact हो पाएंगे | आप आपस में questions पूछ पाएंगे , उत्तर भी दे पाएंगे , नए anime series की जानकारी भी ले पाएंगे |

  • इनके online forum में जाने के लिए – Click here


Anime Heaven – Visit here

इस anime website की ख़ास बात है इसका design, responsive look और colour theme जो काफी attractive है | इस website का navigation भी काफी अच्छा है मतलब आप एक पेज से दूसरे पेज में आसानी से जा पाएंगे , अपने favorite anime को देख पाएंगे |

यहाँ homepage पर आपको latest/trending anime cartoons मिलेंगे जो हर आधे घंटे में update होते है | Right sidebar में आपको popular section मिलेगा जहा से आप सबसे popular anime देख पाएंगे |

  • Alphabetically A to Z anime movie देखने के लिए – Click here


9Anime – Visit here

अगर आप HD anime cartoons के दीवाने है तो ये वेबसाइट आपके लिए best है | 9anime एक ऐसी anime website है जहा आपको हर एक category की anime मिलेगी | Sidebar में आप popularity के हिसाब से भी अलग अलग anime cartoons देख पाएंगे |

  • Latest नए anime देखने के लिए – Click here


Master Anime – Visit here

The best thing which I found in this Anime website is it has a featuring gallery of Anime series which is updated every hour. The website design is also nice with responsiveness. But one thing which I disliked here is ‘lack of proper navigation’.

In the homepage there is no enough navigation options to browse more categories. Rather, there is a comment section in the footer area where you can share comments. You can join the discussion and suggest your words.

  • If you want to browse the complete Anime archive here then – Click here 

In this archive area you can browse your Anime randomly and as per genre, score, type and status.


AniChart – Visit here

If you are looking for seasonal Anime series then this Anime website will be a great place. In the header section there are tabs from where you can browse Anime as per year, season, status, type and popularity.

One thing which I liked here is the Anime description. In the homepage there are different Anime displayed with short story description. The user can read the description and prefer the best out of them.


Anime Stream – Visit here

If you are looking for Anime streaming website, then this Anime site will be a great choice. Here, I liked the English dub section, where you will get dub Anime series.

The A to Z tab section is also amazing where you can browse all the Anime series alphabetically.

The website layout is very simple, neat and clean. There is a  request section from where you can request them your Anime.

It has also a Anime movie archive and latest ongoing movie sections from where you can browse different Anime movies.


Anime freak – Visit here

Its a very popular Anime entertainment website. The site has a eye catching design with lots of categories and sections in the homepage.

The best thing I like here is the daily updated Anime list.  You can also browse different Anime from the header section according to genre, latest episodes, popular anime. This site also has a A to Z browse section where you can browse Anime episodes alphabetically.

  • You can browse the glossary section [alphabetically] here – Click here
  • You can also browse the complete Anime list here – Click here


Neoneko – Visit here

This Anime site also has a great interface and responsive design. You can browse Anime alphabetically from the header section.

One thing I must say is the Language section where you can get different Dub language Anime like –

  • English
  • German
  • French
  • Italian
  • Spanish
  • Portuguese

The header section also has 3 different categories including Anime movies, Anime TV and the Genre Tab. This Anime website also has a user Rating section where you can Rate different Anime episodes

In the main homepage you can browse New Anime TV Shows, New Anime movies, Latest Anime episodes, top episodes, tv shows and Anime news.


Hope this list will help you to watch best Anime series online!

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