How to Treat Hormonal Acne – Main Causes and Treatments

How to treat hormonal acne – Hormonal Acne is also known as Acne Vulgaris. Its a disturbing skin problem which is caused by overproduction of Androgen or Testosterone hormones in the body. As we all know Testosterone is a male sexual hormone, but it is also present in females.

This hormone stimulate Sebaceous glands which as a result produces high amount of natural oil or sebum in the skin. Sebaceous gland is an exocrine gland in the skin which secretes waxy or oily matter known as Sebum, which helps lubricating the skin and hair. In human they occur greatest on the scalp and skin.

Now this Sebum accumulates in the skin pores and mixes with dead cells and bacteria, which as a result causes pimples and acne. Hormonal acne majorly occurs in teenagers or adolescents due to the hormonal changes. Women suffer more due to natural cycles like menstruation, menopause, pregnancy.

Whereas some people suffers from hormone acne due to hereditary factors. There are other factors too, which causes hormonal acne.

Here in this article we will discuss about some of these factors which causes hormonal acne!

“Treat hormonal acne” – Main causes and treatment

Excessive sugar and fatty foods intake-

Food with sugar and fat contains can cause hormonal acne. Human body skin stores more oils or fat blocking the skin pores, which may results in hormonal acne.

High sugar foods causes over production of insulin level, which causes inflammations on the skin.

The puberty stage-

During the puberty stage, human body undergoes many hormonal changes. Generally in males the production of excessive testosterone hormone causes pimples or acne.

Stress may be a reason too-

Excessive stress stimulates production of hormones from human adrenal glands, which imbalances the skin condition.

Vitamin and mineral deficiency-

As we all know that vitamins and minerals plays an important role in body functions. Lack of these nutrients may cause lower immunity which results in hormonal imbalance. The immunity shield in the body helps to fight body and skin infections.

Natural cycles in females-

During menstruation, pregnancy or menopause; a female body experiences sharp decrease in Estrogen hormone. This decline usually accompanied the rise of testosterone which triggers the acne formation.

Presence of bacteria in skin pores-

Uncleared skin has bacteria in the hair follicles and skin pores; which causes acne.

Uses of steroids in males-

Generally mens who uses steroids may face acne problems. Steroids boost the production of testosterone hormone in males which causes acne skin.

Babies and kids also get hormonal acne-

Babies get hormonal acne from the hormones which they get from their mother in the womb.

Hormonal Acne Pictures-

Here are some hormonal acne pictures to understand the various stage.

hormonal acne pictures

Hormonal Acne Pictures 2

What are the Hormonal acne symptoms?

You can locate it on your face specially in your chin and jawline area. In your lower face, you can notice some inflamed cysts.

They are generally sensitive to touch, deep and cystic. You can feel a slight pain in your face, even when you are not touching it.

You can check the above two pics!

How to treat hormonal acne?

If you go to a doctor, they he may prescribe a combination of Benzoyl perozide with antibiotics. Antibiotics are used to reduce inflammations caused by bacteria. If you go to a dermatologist, then he may give you medicines such as ‘accutane’.

Natural treatment of hormonal acne includes-

* Eating right diet

* Managing stress

* Leading a healthy lifestyle

* Mild exercises

There are still some other instant methods like-

* Oral supplements for controlling oil production

* Oil absorbing cleansers

* Astringents

* Toners

* Vitamin A and B5 supplements

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