9 Top SEO Blogs and Sites – Link building, On-page SEO, Site audit, Traffic

Top SEO Blogs – Here in this post we are listing some of the Top SEO Blogs and Sites. You may have heard the myth that ‘SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is not everyone’s cup of tea’; but after going through the websites listed here you will get full confidence about SEO. The SEO blogs listed here will help you to learn SEO from the beginner level to advanced level. Here you can learn all SEO related topics like on-page SEO, off-page SEO, social media marketing, link building, guest blogging, Silo SEO structure, PBN, SEO site audit, etc.

Top SEO Blogs and Websites

Backlinko (Top SEO blogs)

The founder of this SEO blog is Brian Dean who writes about link building strategies and SEO guide. This blog is maintained by Brian himself. This blog will help you to learn about off-page SEO and link building strategies from the scratch level.

Ahrefs (Top SEO websites)

Its a world wide popular SEO tool to grow your search traffic of your blog/website. Some of its popular tools are site audit, site explorer, keywords explorer, competitor analysis, rank tracker, content explorer, keywords difficulty checker, etc. The founder of this website is Dmitry Gerasimenko and its headquarter is located in Canada. Ahrefs also has an official blog section where you can learn a lot of things about SEO, digital marketing and internet marketing like keyword research, long tail keyword guide, how to drive traffic to blog/ website, off page SEO guide, link building strategies, SEO audit process, etc.

Search Engine Roundtable (Best SEO blogs)

Its a popular SEO magazine where you can learn about Search engine marketing. The magazine was founded in the year 1994. This magazine has won many SEO awards like-
1. Best search marketing/contextual blog of 2006
2. Best search conference coverage award
3. Best SEO blog of 2007
4. Reader’s choice best blog award 2006
5. Best search engine community blog 2005

Some of the popular SEO categories you can read in this blog are link building, keyword research, SEO interviews, SEM companies news, affiliate marketing, PPC engines, web directories, SEO conferences news, etc.

Top SEO Blogs and Sites

Moz blog (Best SEO websites)

Its a popular SEO tool and software used by professional webmasters. The site was founded in the year 2004 by Rand Fishkin and Gillian Muessig with its headquarter in Washington, U.S. Moz is world wide popular for its SEO tools like SEO audit, keyword research tool, backlink research, rank tracking, SEO toolbar, domain analysis and spam checker. Moz also has an official blog section where you can learn about inbound marketing, SEO tricks, brand marketing, spam score, site audit, backlink tracker, moz score, domain authority, page rank, etc.

Search Engine Journal (Top SEO blogs)

Its a SEO news blog cum journal where you can read articles related to SEO guide, digital marketing, social media marketing, content marketing and SEO latest news updates. This site has a social media news category where you can read latest social media news related to facebook, instagram, linkedin, pinterest, reddit, snapchat, twitter, youtube and other social sites.

Yoast blog

If you are in the SEO industry then you must be aware of this wordpress software. Its a SEO plugin for wordpress which is used by beginner level to professional level webmasters. This SEO plugin has been downloaded more that 300 million times. The plugin was founded in the year 2010 by Joost de Valk.

The official site of Yoast has a blog section where you can read SEO related posts like SEO basics, SEO guides, wordpress, keyword research, site structure, keyword density, SEO tutorials, etc. You can also take free and premium SEO course from the Yoast academy.

Diggity marketing (Best SEO websites)

The founder of this SEO blog is Matt Diggity who writes about result based SEO guide, in-depth articles and SEO case studies. He writes about some of the popular SEO categories like link building strategies, Site design and architecture, technical SEO, client SEO, onsite SEO, keyword strategies, website traffic, etc.

Search engine Watch (Best SEO websites)

Its a SEO news website which provides SEO news and guide on various SEO fields like PPC, analytics, social media, local SEO, mobile SEO, video SEO, content marketing, google ranking factors, google adwords, paid search marketing, display advertising, etc.

SEMrush blog

Its a popular online visibility management and marketing platform which was founded in the year 2008. This internet software company has its headquarter located in Massachusetts, U.S. This website has a SEO blog section where you can read SEO articles related to content marketing, brand management, display advertising, PPC, link building, technical SEO, local SEO, advanced SEO, etc.

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