Top Security Companies in India – Corporate, Residential, Office

Top Security Companies in India – Security companies provide security agents or guards for individual protection or protection in shopping malls, jewellery shops, banks, houses, restaurants, offices, etc. These guards or security agents are professionally trained and have the capacity to deal with every critical situation.

There are many security companies in India which provides professional security services. Here in this article we have listed Top Security Companies in India.

Top Security Companies in India

Fireball Securities

They are the top security guard services in Delhi. The company provides high level security guards and security services for 365 days (24×7). They also provide corporate intelligence services, individual security guards, background screening services, verification services, facility services, executive protection services, etc.

Till now they have provided services to corporates, MNC’s, banks, financial institutions, embassies, pharmaceutical companies, large scale industries and star properties. Popular brands which are clients of Fireball Securities Group are Vodafone, Honda, DLF India, JP Morgan, Samsung, ICICI Bank, Amway, Yes Bank, etc.

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NIS Security Services (Top security agencies in India)

NIS is a leading name in Security Companies which was founded in the year 1985. In the year 1986 NIS got the first Airport security contract in Bihar with 100 manpower strength. By the year 1996 the company got a strength of 500 personnel and today NIS has more than 10,000 personnel strength operating in more than 15 states. NIS is run by senior professionals headed by retired officers.

NIS provides services like security services, facility management, house keeping, electronic security, investigation services, events security services, etc. NIS registered office is located in Kolkata with branch offices in popular places like Bengaluru, Gurgaon, Guwahati, Noida, Patna, Bhubaneshwar, Gujarat, Mumbai, Ranchi, Siliguri, Delhi NCR, Raipur (Chhattisgarh), etc. NIS is in the list of Top 10 security companies in India.

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DSS Securities

DSS Securities is one of the leading certified security services company which provides premium services with high quality and absolute integrity. Their services includes guarding services, facility services, consulting services, CCTV camera services, biometric services, investigation services.

Their team comprises of ex-military, para military, elite corps, police officers and security professionals. Their special agents and bodyguards are highly trained and qualified. Some of their clients are Skoda, Levis, India Bulls, Vodafone, Hathaway, etc.

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G4S India (Top 10 Security Companies in India)

G4S is a leading global integrated security company which provides security services, facility management, event security, risk management, security consultancy, central monitoring services, aviation security, fire audit, security training, etc.

Some of their clients are Reliance, Tata, Infosys, Aviation, etc. They provide security services in different fields like BPO, retail, IT, banking, healthcare, infrastructure, embassies, residential, hospitality, telecom, etc.

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Proman Securitech

They are also a professional security agency which has wide range of security services like VIP personal security, event security services, bouncer services, facility management services, due diligence services, private detective services, background verification services, asset location search services, corporate investigation services, pre matrimonial investigation services, and others.

They are skilled in dealing fights, arguments, and handling aggressive behaviour. They are also skilled in corporate levels. They are efficient enough in preventing entry of weapons and dr*gs in any premises. They are also trained to deal with woman safety.

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Top Security Companies in India

SIS Securities

SIS Group is a private security services firm with its offices in New Zealand, Australia and India. Its headquarters is located in India and founded by Ravindra Kishore Sinha in the year 1985. They are leading security solutions provider in India which provides services in government organization, corporate offices and residential projects.

They have highly trained manpower with the most efficient security solutions. They also provide doorstep banking services and ATM cash processing services. They provide security services, facility management and cash logistics services. They are in the list of Top 10 Security Companies in India.

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G7 Securities

They are security specialist organization popular for domestic, corporate and property guard security. They provide services in different departments like bank, hospital, VIP, school, railways, aviation, shopping mall, hotels, shipping industry, housing society, highway, wedding, sports, etc. They have different security service options like manpower based security, armed services, security consulting, biometrics security services, software data security, etc.

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Globe Detective Agency (Top security agencies in India)

The Detective agency was founded by Prem Kumar in the year 1961. He was an engineering student in Chicago and later shifted his interest in Criminology. He had also assisted the Chicago Police in many criminal cases.

The Globe Detective agency provides many services like asset search verification, background screening, forensic investigation services, employment verification, executive protection, industrial security audit, CCTV system security, fire safety services, electronic technology security, etc. If you are looking for private investigation and private security services then you can prefer this security agency.

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Armour Securities

They are one of the premier security consultancy firms in India which provides broad range of security services like corporate security services, technical services, event management services, fire fighting services, supervision services, house keeping services, facility management, etc. The company provides comprehensive training to their security agents and guards.

They serve in many departments like steel plants, mining, glass industry, polymer plants, hotels, restaurants, education institutes, govt offices, corporate offices, etc. Their offices have latest audio visual machinery, latest computer systems and hi-tech communication devices.

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Walsons Securities

The Walsons Group provides domestic security services, corporate security services, facility services, background verification services, healthcare staffing, etc. Some of their clients are Spicejet, Micromax, Bata, Crowne plaza, ITC, Accenture, Honeywell, Samsung, Aakash Institute, ICICI Bank, Relaxo, Kalyan jewellers, etc.

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