Top Biscuit Companies in India – Parle, Britannia, Oreo

Top Biscuit Companies in India – Whether it be morning tea or evening snacks, school tiffin, or gossips with friends & office colleagues in a coffee cafe; biscuits are an essential part of every meal.

Biscuits are of many types like sweet, salty, crunchy, etc. In this article we are going to list Top Biscuit Companies in India. These biscuit brands are known for taste, quality and nutrition.

Top Biscuit Companies in India

1. Parle Biscuits

Parle is an Indian multinational food company founded in the year 1929 with its headquarters in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. Since 1929 the brand has grown to become India’s leading manufacturer of biscuits and snacks.

The brand is popularly known for its Parle-G biscuits. As per internet report the Parle-G is one of the best selling biscuit and has approx 65% share of the global biscuit market.

Parle is also popular for other food/snacks items like Monaco, KrackJack, Melody chocolate, Hide & Seek, Nutri Crunch, Kismi Toffee Bar, Mango Bite candy, etc.

Parle biscuits are very affordable for students who depend on pocket money. Parle ranks 5th in the list of Top 10 biscuit company in India. In terms of Top Biscuit Companies in India ratings, I would give 4 out of 5 to this brand.

Best Biscuits in India

2. Britannia Biscuits (Best Biscuits in India)

Britannia is also a popular Indian food company with its headquarters in Bengaluru. The company was founded in the year 1892. The brand is famous for many food items like biscuits, bread, rusk, cakes, dairy products like milk, yogurt, cheese, etc.

Its popular biscuits are Good day, Nutrichoice, Tiger, Milk bikis, Marie gold, Bourbon, Little hearts, Pure magic, Jim jam treat, etc. The biscuits and snacks are known for its tastes and flavours.

The company generates around 80% of its revenue from biscuit items. Britannia ranks 4th in the list of Top Biscuit Companies in India.

3. Cremica Biscuits

You might have heard about the Cremica Trufills choco biscuits and bars. Its one of the popular choco biscuit in the market. Not only choco but the brand also manufactures digestive biscuits, marie classic, oatmeal cookies, digestive corn flakes biscuits, and many other snacks.

The brand always believes in maintaining high level of standards in terms of quality and taste. If you are looking for best cream biscuits in India then you can go with this biscuit brand.

4. Oreo Biscuits (Best Chocolate Biscuits in India)

Oreo is a popular sweet choco cream filling biscuit which consists of two wafers. Oreo is also famous for cakes, truffles, milkshakes, cookies. Oreo cookies are of different flavours like Oreo gluten free, Oreo classic, Oreo thin, Oreo fudge covered, Oreo treats, Oreo cookies lemon, Oreo lunchbox cookies.

Oreo is one of the most loved biscuits in India by kids and teens. Oreo is considered as one of the best chocolate biscuits in India. Oreo ranks 7th in the list of Top biscuit brands in India.

Top Biscuit Companies in India

5. Anmol Biscuits

Anmol Industries is also a leading cakes, cookies, rusk and biscuits manufacturer in India. The brand is spread in 18 states of India with more than 4500 outlets.

Some of the popular Anmol biscuits in the market are Anmol butter twinz, Dream lite, Anmol 2 in 1, Top magic, Veg munch, Anmol jadoo, Anmol snack it, Anmol tip top, Coconut premium, Cashew cookies, Anmol jeera dhamaal, Milk made, Anmol coconutty, Anmol digestive, Marie plus, etc.

Anmol is also famous for its cream biscuit varieties like Anmol choco mazaa, Yummy chocolate, Yummy orange, Anmol yummy milk, Anmol yummy elaichi, Anmol lemon mazaa, Anmol fruit mazaa. Anmol Biscuits also comes in the list of Top Biscuit Companies in India.

6. Dukes Biscuits

Dukes is also a popular biscuits manufacturer in India. The brand also deals with the manufacture of wafers, chocolates, cookies, snacks, cakes, confectioneries. The company business is spread over more than 15 states in India.

Some of the popular Duke biscuit flavours are Dukes orange cream, Strawberry cream, Dukes pineapple cream, Chocolate cream, Dukes bourbon, Coco kukkies, Kaju kukkies, Dukes butter kukkies, Dukes Merry milk, Marie break, Dukes digestive, etc.

top 10 biscuit companies in india

7. Sunfeast Biscuits

Sunfeast is a part of ITC Ltd which is an Indian conglomerate company with its headquarters in Kolkata, India. ‘Sunfeast Bounce’ and ‘Dark Fantasy’ captured the Indian market very fast for their unique taste and fragrance.

Sunfeast also manufactures different snacks like cookies, digestive biscuits, oatmeal biscuits, etc. Sunfeast Dark Fantasy Yumfills cake also became popular for its smooth and rich chocolate layer. Sunfeast also comes in the list of top biscuit brands in India.

Some of the popular Sunfeast cookies and biscuits are Sunfeast bounce, Dream cream, Marie light, Sunfeast sweet’s salt, Farmlite veda digestive, Sunfeast farmlite nuts digestive, Sunfeast milk biscuits, Sunfeast mom’s magic, Dark fantasy chocolate vanilla, Sunfeast farmlite oats almonds, etc. If I talk about Top Biscuit Companies in India ratings, I would give 3.8 out of 5 to this brand.

8. Bourbon Biscuits

You can’t miss this biscuit from the list of top biscuit companies in India. Bourbon is a sandwich dark chocolate flavoured biscuit which is liked by most of the Indians in all age group. The biscuit originates from UK. As per report, the biscuit was the 5th most popular biscuit in UK.

9. Priya Gold Biscuits

Priyagold is not only famous in India but also in more than 20 countries. The brand journey is very interesting. In the year 1994 Priyagold incorporated under Surya Food & Agro Ltd company. Its first biscuit was Priyagold Butter Bite which became popular in the market.

In the year 1995 the brand launched Priyagold Sweet & Salty, Zig Zag snacks biscuit; which again became popular in the market. Later in the year 2006 the company entered into juice, fruit drinks, and other beverages business.

In the year 2016 Priyagold launched many varieties of biscuits like Priyagold butter lite jeera, Butter delite namkeen, Choco chekkers, Priyagold chips cookies, Mango flavored candy, Priyagold butter milk biscuits, etc.

Later the company also entered into cream world with Choco cream, Elaichi cream, Orange cream and Bourbon cream biscuits. In this way Priyagold became India’s top most selling biscuit brands.