Top Affiliate Marketers with their Six figure income

Top Affiliate Marketers – In this article we have listed some of the Top Affiliate Marketers with their blog income reports. If you are planning or interested in affiliate marketing then these blogs can motivate you. Just go through the blogs one by one and try to follow their affiliate business plan, idea and strategy.

These affiliate blogs are on different niche like travel, business, internet marketing, lifestyle, and others. They generally use different types of monetization platforms for their blogs and earn millions of affiliate commission through their affiliate blogs!

You might have heard about some of the world wide top affiliate marketers like Neil Patel, Harsh Agarwal, Darren Rowse, John Chow, Pat Flynn, and others. But todays list has some different collections and names.

Top Affiliate Marketers

1. Matthew Woodward

Can you believe a 7 figure income through blogging and affiliate marketing? Matthew Woodward is a popular blogger who writes on internet marketing, SEO and blogging tools. His major income comes from affiliate marketing. You can check his monthly income report – check here.

For blog promotion, Matthew mostly prefers email marketing. Matthew belongs to Manchester, UK. His blog is in the list of ‘award winning internet marketing blogs’. His blog is also featured in popular internet magazines like Yahoo finance, Entrepreneur, Tnw, Moz, Inc., Ahrefs.

Apart from affiliate marketing he also provides Blogging courses. Matthew himself is also a SEO consultant and provides SEO services too. His affiliate income also comes from promoting various blogging tools like wordpress themes, Keyword research tools, Kinsta, wordpress hosting, Semrush, Ahrefs, and other popular brands. Matthew ranks 15th in the list of Top affiliate marketers in the world in digital marketing field.

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2. Adam Enfroy

Adam is also in the list of top affiliate marketers. Adam’s blog also earns a 6 figure earning from blogging and affiliate marketing. Adam writes about software reviews, make money online, marketing guides, professional development, and business tips.

In affiliate marketing he promotes various SEO tools, email marketing tools, CRM software, hosting space, video editing tools, online webinar software and other products. You can check his income report – check here.

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3. Making Sense of Cents

The founder of this blog is Michelle who is a lifestyle blogger. The blog is about how to save money, travel guide, how to pay off debt, self improvement guide, product reviews, career advice.

Michelle also earns a decent 7 figure income through this blog. Michelle has also prepared a full one year income report of $1,536,732 and the list of affiliate products he promoted. You can also read the report – check here.

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4. Pinch of Yum

This is basically a food & recipe blog whose founder is Lindsay. Lindsay is a recipe maker and writes various recipes here. Apart from food and recipe Lindsay also writes about other lifestyle topics like travel, motherhood, home stuffs.

‘Pinch of yum’ also earns a decent 6 figure affiliate income from different products like food photography workshops, wordpress products, amazon associates, sponsored content, food recipe courses, wordpress themes, wordpress plugins. You can also check the earning report – check here. ‘Pinch of Yum’ is in the list of Top 20 best affiliate marketing blog.

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Just a Girl and her Blog affiliate marketing blog
Abby Lawson

5. Just a Girl and her Blog

The founder of this blog is Abby Lawson who writes about lifestyle tips, home decor, DIY guide, crafts, productivity, organization, decoration, happy thoughts.

She also shares her blog traffic and income report from different affiliate sources like website hosting, craft designs, Instapage, sponsored posts, product reviews and other blogging tools. You can also check her monthly income report – check here.

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6. Believe in a Budget

The blog is founded by Kristin who writes on different lifestyle topics. She is also earning a 6 figure income from her blog ‘Believe in a budget’. Her monetization ways are freelancing, sponsorships, ad revenue, affiliate marketing. You can check her monthly income reports – check here. Kristin also comes in the list of top affiliate marketers.

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7. Busy Budgeter

The founder of this blog is Rosemarie who writes on make money, easy budget tips and financial tips. Rosemarie’s blog was also featured on popular internet magazine like Forbes, Entrepreneur, Rockstar finance, Living well, Fox business, Country living.

She also earns a decent 6 figure income from different sources like sponsored posts, ad networks, affiliate marketing, coaching. You can check her income report – check here.

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Sarah Titus best affiliate marketing blog
Sarah Titus

8. Sarah Titus

This blog belongs to Sarah who writes on lifestyle, home family, recipes, shopping, product reviews. In one of her article she had shared her $23000 monthly affiliate income from her blog SaraTitus.

Her income sources are from ad networks and affiliate networks like google adsense, medianet, amazon, share a sale, ePantry, offer juice. You can read the article where she discussed everything – check here. Sarah ranks 20th in the list of Top affiliate marketers in the world in digital marketing field.

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