How to start mineral water business? Package drinking water business plan!

How to start mineral water business-

Your fascination to start a mineral water plant in India could prove to be a good idea, as most of the people nowadays prefer to drink mineral water. Purified mineral water is very good for health also. So opening a package drinking water business has a good business option in this health conscious world!

However, before you decide to start a mineral water Business in India you have to do a good market research, competitor analysis and see what are all the major things like laws, rules, Licenses, machinery, chemicals etc involved in such a business undertaking. The research that you will conduct will help in getting answers to queries like the type of packaged drinking water that is to be produced, the most appropriate location, and how much the product is to be priced in the market etc.

How to start package drinking water business
How to start package drinking water business

Some Points Regarding How to Start mineral Water Business In India are as follows:

Have A Well-Informed Mineral Water Plant Business Plan-

After doing a good market research, your next action is to prepare a business plan targeting your desired market. This business plan should contain details like sources of fund, marketing strategy, Targeted Customers, Financial projection, Staff requirement, Management team, Policies and procedures, objectives, mission and vision , a location of the Business and most importantly The Type Of Business Entity.

Get A Business Registered-

If you want to start a bottling business In India, then you must decide on the type of business entity for the Company Registration that you will choose as a Business model that can be Private Limited Company, LLP, OPC, Partnership and Sole Proprietorship etc. Then You must secure registration by making an application to Ministry Of Corporate Affairs In India. After that you can apply for the Trademark Registration in India. As In India After Business Registration you become eligible to get benefits of schemes introduced by the Government for the betterment of Businesses In The country.

Get The License and Business Permit-

You will have to follow Apply to get the license from Food Safety and Standards Authority of India(FSSAI) of the state in which Business is set up and  You will have to obtain the business permit from your state health department that comes under Ministry of Health and Family Welfare In India.

Get a Bottle Supplier-

To Supply Packaged water to the customers, You need water Bottles In which you will store the mineral water. You can get water bottles from the local supplier who manufactures water Bottles In your city. You can get the list of suppliers by phone directory or by searching on the net.

Select A Perfect Location For Your Plant-

You must search and find the locality that is not far from the market area, have sufficient power supply, has a good road accessibility and water should be in great amount. the Building that you choose or construct should have plenty of space to separately set up production and office area. The Production Facility should be in compliance with the standard provided by the government bodies.

Machinery And Other Accessories-

You need to have all the required machinery and accessories to run your water Packaging Plant. You can get the machine and accessories on a lease, rent and You can always buy them by making proper arrangement of Funds.  Few items that you are to be purchased for the Business are as Follows :

  1. Generator and inverter set
  2. Water Storage Tanks
  3. Water filling pipes and machines
  4. Water treatment machine or Ro water Purifying System.
  5. Conveyors, sealers and bottle loaders
  6. Water sterilizers and dispensers
  7. Trucks, Lorry or Van.

Hiring Employees-

The business of bottled water can be considerably complicated and cannot be done by a single person alone. So, you will have to recruit persons from your locality, by giving ads or by recruitment agencies and train them to generate high production and contribute to the success of your mineral water Business.


In the early Stage of this Business, you should consider selling Packaged water locally or in the selected areas of a city to get a good brand image and goodwill and then expand later. You can contact Hotels, restaurant, bakery, event companies and Business Organisation etc in your city and convince them to use your packaged drinking water. You should make an endeavor to provide the quality services that your competitor is unable to deliver to the local customers. Once you make a mark in the local market then slowly you can move to Bigger Market. Packaged Drinking water Idea is the most highest paying Business Idea, If you wish to become successful in this Industry then follow all the rules and always aim to step ahead of your competition and never lose hope.

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