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SSC CPO Previous Year Paper – SET 1 (GK questions answers)

SSC CPO Previous Year Paper – Welcome to Anicow.com > One stop destination for govt jobs, competitive exam online preparation portal. SSC CPO also known as Central Police Organisation is a major exam conducted by the central Staff selection commission for the recruitment of posts/departments like –

  • SI, ASI in Delhi police
  • SI, ASI in CISF
  • SI, ASI in CAPF (Central Armed Police Forces)

Here we have provided some SSC CPO previous year questions answers which will help you to crack the SSC CPO exam.

SSC CPO Previous Year Paper

SSC CPO – GK Questions answers (Previously Asked)

1. To which sports Kamlesh mehta is associated with

a. Chess

b. Hockey

c. Boxing

d. Table tennis

Ans. d

> He is an retired Indian table tennis player

2. When did Delhi become the capital of India

a. 1911 AD

b. 1910 AD

c. 1923 AD

Ans. a

3. From where Homeopathy originate

a. Germany

b. India

c. Great britian

Ans. a

> Samuel Hahnemann is the father of Homeopathy

4. In moon how many days make a month

a. 14 days of earth

b. 28 days of earth

c. 365 days

Ans. b

5. Earth rotates in its axis from

a. East to west

b. West to east

c. North to south

Ans. b

6. Operation Rhino conducted by

a. US Army

b. Russian army

c. Indian army

Ans. a

7. Currency of Bangladesh

a. Yen

b. Rupia

c. Taka

Ans. c

8. The 49th Parallel is a border line between

a. North korea and south korea

b. USA and canada

c. North vietnam and south vietnam

Ans. b

9. The greatest statue in the world

a. Motherland, Volgagrad

b. Statue of liberty, New york

c. Statue to Bahubali, Gomteshwar

Ans. a

10. Sun’s outer temperature

a. 5000 degree C

b. 6000 degree C

c. 3000 degree C

Ans. b

11. Iqta system was popular during whose time

a. Mughals

b. Delhi sultanate

c. Chalukyas

d. Vijayanagar

Ans. b

12. Panama canal connects

a. Arctic and atlantic

b. Indian ocean and arctic

c. Atlantic and pacific

Ans. c

13. Who is the creator of James Bond

a. Mario puzo

b. Ian flemming

c. Stanley gardner

Ans. b

> Very important question asked in major exams

14. Ranthambore Tiger reserve

a. Assam

b. Madhya pradesh

c. Rajasthan

Ans. c

15. First lady chief minister in India

a. Vijayalakshmi pandit

b. Sucheta kriplani

c. Amrita kaur

Ans. b

16. By whom boundary between India and Pakistan determined

a. Duglas holmes

b. Sir Radcliffe

c. Major rogers

Ans. b

> Boundary line between India and Pakistan is called Radcliffe line

> Very important question asked in major exams

Related questions-

# Boundary line between India and China – Macmohan line

# Boundary line between Pakistan and Afghanistan – Durand line

17. Which of the following is a land locked country

a. Brazil

b. Egypt

c. Afghanistan

Ans. c

18. Which of the following is also known as ‘water glass’

a. Sodium carbonate

b. Sodium silicate

c. Lysol

Ans. b

19. In which state Dogri language is spoken

a. Odisha

b. Assam

c. Jammu and kashmir

Ans. c

20. Good friday is on the memory of which event

a. Crucifixion of Jesus

b. Birth of Jesus

c. Rebirth of Jesus

Ans. a

> Crucifixion = ancient form of killing, execution of a person

21. Currency of Sweden

a. Dollar

b. Swiss pound

c. Kroner

d. Frank

Ans. c

22. ‘Elysee palace’ is for

a. Theater in France

b. President residence in France

c. Tourist destination in France

Ans. b

23. Indian state having pin code starting with the digit 4

a. Uttar pradesh

b. Maharashtra

c. Gujarat

Ans. b

24. Field Marshall is the highest rank of

a. Army

b. Navy

c. Airforce

d. NSG

e. Territorial army

Ans. a

25. Thakkar commission was constituted for inquiry of

a. Centre state relations

b. Operation blue star

c. Assassination of Indira gandhi

Ans. c

26. Statue of liberty is in which city

a. New York

b. Rome

c. England

d. Spain

Ans. a

27. ‘Midnight’s children’ book by = Salman Rushdie

SSC CPO Previous GK Questions and answers (Very important GK collections)

1. Beach sands of Kerala are rich in

a. Calcium

b. Radium

c. Thorium

d. Manganese

Ans. c

Thorium is also known as ‘strategic nuclear fuel of India’

2. India’s 1st Railway university will be in

a. Bengaluru

b. Hyderabad

c. Vadodra

d. Lucknow

Ans. c

3. The 3 basic components of an atom are

a. Protons, neutrons and electrons

b. Protons, neutrinos and ions

c. Protons, neutrons and ions

Ans. a

Protons=positively charged

Electrons=negatively charged

Neutrons=neutral charge

4. Chlorofluro carbons are used in

a. Washing machines

b. Solar heaters

c. Refrigerators

Ans. c

5. After executing a program in computer the program helds in

a. CPU

b. RAM

c. ROM

d. Hard disk

Ans. b

6. Battle of Plassey fought between

Ans. British east India company [Robert clive] vs. Last nawab of Bengal [Nawab sirajudulla] in the year 1757 [Victory of British east India company]

7. Generally the strength of the upper house of the assembly should be

a. One fourth of the strength of lower house

b. One third of the strength of the lower house

c. One half of the strength of the lower house

Ans. b

8. Blood cancer is commonly known as

a. Anaemia

b. Leukaemia

c. Leucoderma

Ans. b

9. The Himalayas are examples of

a. Block mountains

b. Residual mountains

c. Fold mountains

d. Ancient mountains

Ans. c

10. Largest irrigation canal in India

a. Indira gandhi canal

b. Yamuna canal

c. Sirhand canel

Ans. a

It runs through 3 states Punjab, Haryana and Rajasthan

11. After the sunset, the air in the Earth’s surface receive heat due to

a. Conduction

b. Convection

c. Terrestrial radiation

d. Insolation

Ans. c

12. Largest artery in human body is

a. Capillary

b. Aorta

c. Vena cava

d. Pulmonary vein

Ans. b

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