SSC CGL Previous year Question Paper – SET 1

SSC CGL Previous year Question Paper – Welcome to > one stop destination for govt jobs and competitive exam online preparation and online coaching. Here in today’s class we have discussed a SSC CGL previous year question paper with answers.

Here we have discussed topics like GI Reasoning and GK. In GK we have discussed previously asked questions from Geography, Chemistry, Economics, History, Physics, Indian Polity, Computer.

SSC CGL Previous year Question Paper

Q. The rate at which RBI borrows money from other banks

a. repo rate

b. reverse repo rate

c. statutory liquidity rate

d. bank rate

Ans. b

Q. The son of Chandragupta Maurya

a. ashoka

b. bindusara

c. chandragupta II

d. binbsara

Ans. b

Q. After the Tughlaq dynasty, which dynasty came to power

a. the mughals

b. the guptas

c. the khiljis

d. the sayyids

Ans. d

Q. Which planet is called Dwarf planet

a. jupiter

b. earth

c. pluto

d. saturn

Ans. c

Q. Sandstone is generally which type of rock

a. metamorphic rock

b. sedimentary rock

c. calcareous rock

d. igneous rock

Ans. b

Q. Turtle, snakes, crocodiles, lizards falls under which animals category

a. reptilian

b. aves

c. pisces

d. amphibian

Ans. a

Q. The instrument which is used to measure ‘Soil water tension’

a. pyrometer

b. photometer

c. tensiometer

d. psychrometer

Ans. c

Q. The SI unit of Force is

a. dyne

b. newton

c. pascal

d. watt

Ans. b

Q. Which is a bad Thermal conductor

a. glass

b. silver

c. aluminium

d. copper

Ans. a

Q. Which stores data in a computer permanently

a. RAM

b. ROM

c. ALU

d. CPU

Ans. b

Q. Rusting is which type of reaction

a. electrolysis

b. oxidation

c. reduction

d. all the above

Ans. b

Q. Which of the following is not a Cation

a. Copper ion

b. Sulphate ion

c. Zinc ion

d. Aluminium ion

Ans. b

Q. NITI Ayog was formed to replace which of the following institution



c. Planning commission

d. Department of Telecommunications

Ans. c

Q. Who is the author of the book ‘The Sellout’

a. howard jacobson

b. arvind adiga

c. paul beatty

d. howard jacobson

Ans. c

Q. The minimum age required to be a vice-president of India

a. 35

b. 30

c. 25

d. 40

Ans. a

Q. Which of the following WRIT is issued by Supreme court or high court to restrain a person from holding public office from which he is not entitled

a. prohibition

b. centiorari

c. quo warranto

d. mandamus

Ans. c

Q. From the following, select the related word-pair for

Power:Watt :: ? : ?

a. pressure : newton

b. resistance : Mho

c. force : pascal

d. work : joule

Ans. d

Q. From the following, select the related letters-pair






Ans. b

Q. From the following, select the related number-pair

101:10201 :: 107:?

a. 10749

b. 10707

c. 11407

d. 11449

Ans. d

Q. From the following options, select the odd option

a. leopard

b. lion

c. tiger

d. snake

Ans. d

Q. Arrange the following options in sequence as they appear in a dictionary, and choose the correct option

1. ropped

2. roster

3. roasted

4. road

5. roller

a. 35412

b. 45312

c. 34512

d. 43512

Ans. d

Q. Select the correct option and fill the question mark as per the sequence of the letters


a. EFG

b. EFI

c. EGI

d. DFI

Ans. b

Q. If “P 3 Q” means “P is daughter of Q”, “P 5 Q” means “P is father of Q”, “P 7 Q” means “P is mother of Q” and “P 9 Q” means “P is sister of Q”, then how is J related to K in J 3 L 9 N 3 O 5 K

a. wife

b. mother

c. daughter

d. niece

Ans. d

Q. From the following select the word which cannot be formed by using the letters – SUSPENSEFULNESS

a. sense

b. fuels

c. fullness

d. useful

Ans. c

Q. In a certain code language, ‘BAD’ is written as ‘7’ and ‘SAP’ is written as ‘9’. Then how is ‘BAN’ written in that same code language

a. 8

b. 4

c. 3

d. 6

Ans. a

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