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SSC CGL Mock Test SET 1 – Maths Tricks, GK Questions

SSC CGL Mock Test – Welcome to Anicow.com > One stop destination for govt jobs competitive exam online coaching and preparation. Previously we have discussed many SSC CGL previous year questions answers.

SSC CGL previous year question paper – read here

Here in this SSC CGL Mock test series, we are going to discuss some Maths and Gk questions based on SSC CGL pattern.

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General Awareness section [GK Questions answers]

1. Who invented Radioactivity

Ans. Henri Becquerel

Special notes-

> The SI unit of radioactivity is Becquerel [Bq], and that was named after him

2. Which state has the largest forest area

a. Madhya pradesh

b. West bengal

c. Andhra pradesh

Ans. a

Special notes-

> More than 30% area is covered by forest

> Very important question

3. Gun was invented by

Ans. Richard gatling

4. First electric light invented by

Ans. Humphry davy

5. 23rd governor of RBI is

a. Raghuram rajan

b. Urijit patel

Ans. b

6. Who is also known as frontier gandhi

a. Abdul gaffar khan

b. Lala lajpat rai

c. Dada bhai naoroji

Ans. a

> Very important question

7. Parliament of Japan is known as

a. Diet

b. Federal assembly

c. Democratic

Ans. a

> Very important

8. Name the bacteria which converts milk into curd

Ans. Lacto bacillus

9. Saina nehwal related to which sports

a. Badminton

b. Lawn tennis

c. Table tennis

Ans. a

10. Computer mouse invented by

a. Douglas engelbart

b. Charles babbage

Ans. a

11. Highest civilian award in India

a. Bharat ratna

b. Padma vibhushan

c. Padma bhushan

Ans. a

Special notes-

> Rank wise civilian awards in India [asked in all major competitive exams]

1st – Bharat ratna

2nd – Padma vibhushan

3rd – Padma bhushan

4th – Padma shri

12. Who is the Supreme commander of all 3 defense services in India [Indian Navy, Army, Airforce]

a. Prime minister

b. General

c. Colonnel

d. President

Ans. d

13. Who invented fountain pen

Ans. Petrache poenaru

14. Unit of Force

a. Decibel

b. Newton

c. m/s

Ans. b

15. Unit of Stress

a. Pascal

b. Candela

c. Kelvin

Ans. a

Quick Math trick  [Time and distance]

Walking at 2/4 th of his usual speed, a man reaches his office 30 minutes late. What is the time taken by him to reach the office at his usual speed?

a. 80 min

b. 70 min

c. 60 min

Ans. c

> Math trick for this type of question 

3 x 20 = 60 min

> Similar question on this pattern

Q. Walking at 4/8 of its usual speed, a train in 10 minutes tool late. Find its usual time to cover the journey?

Ans. Trick > 4 x 10 = 40 min

Math shortcut trick [profit and loss] for SSC CGL –

Q. A man sold two horses for Rs.28560 each. On one he gains 15% and on the other he loses 15%, Find his gain or loss percent in the whole transaction.

Ans. At first you have to look if the profit and loss figure is same or not

Here we can easily see that the profit is 15% and the loss is also 15%

Then the trick which works on these type of question is-

There will be always a loss on this type of question

15 x 15 / 100 = 225/100 = 2.25% [loss]

Let’s go for a similar question-

Q. A girl sold two pens for Rs.500 each. On one he gains 20% and on the other he losses 20%, Find her gain or loss percent in the whole transaction

Ans. We can clearly see that the profit and loss figure is the same i.e. 20%


20 x 20 / 100 = 400/100 = 4% [loss]

SSC CGL Mock Test – Maths

1. A and B together can do a work in 12 days. A works it alone for 4 days and then B finishes the remaining work alone in 18 days. In how many days B alone can do the whole work.

a. 21 days

b. 24 days

c. 27 days

d. 28 days

Ans. a

2. A man purchases two watches for Rs.4032. He sold the first watch as a loss of 20% and the other at a gain of 44% and found that both were sold at the same price. Find the cost price of the watch that was sold at profit

a. Rs.2592

b. Rs.1440

c. Rs.1920

d. Rs.1800

Ans. b

3. A started a business investing Rs.75000 and B joins him after few months with Rs.45000. If the ration of their shares of profit at the end of the year is 2:1, find after how many months did B join the business. [this type is asked in major exams]

a. 8 months

b. 2 months

c. 10 months

d. 4 months

Ans. b

4. Four years ago, the ratio of the ages of father and son was 3:1, and 2 years since the ratio of their ages will be 5:2, Find present age of father [this type is asked in major exams]

a. 58 yrs

b. 56 yrs

c. 62 yrs

Ans. a

5. Find the single discount which is equivalent to two successive discounts of 30% and 25%

a. 55%

b. 48.5%

c. 47.5%

d. 49.5%

Ans. C

6. The difference between 97% of a number and 61% of the same number is 540. Find 5/6th of the number

a. 1000

b. 1200

c. 1250

d. 1350

Ans. c

7. In how many time will Rs.5120 produce Rs.1440 as simple interest at 6.25% per annum

a. 9 yrs

b. 4 and half years

c. 6 yrs

Ans. b

8. A can do a piece of work in 15 days. If B is 50% as efficient than A, then find in how many days they can B do the same piece of work [Very important type question, asked in major exams]

a. 10 days

b. 1/10 days

c. 9 and 1/2 days

d. 11 days

Ans. a

SSC CGL Mock test (Mixed GK) –

1. Which of the following river flows from Tibet

a. Sutlej

b. Brahmaputra

c. Krishna

Ans. a

2. Who transferred his capital from Delhi to Daulatabad

a. Md Bin Tughlaq

b. Mir kasim

c. Alexandar

Ans. a

> Very important question

3. Name the Chinese pilgrim who visited India during the Gupta period

Ans. Fa Hien

> Very important question

4. Largest moon in the solar system

Ans. Ganymede

5. Which of the following is known as brain of computer

a. CPU processor

b. ALU [arithmetic logic unit]

c. Motherboard

d. RAM

Ans. a

6. Protection of life and personal liberty is mentioned in which Article of our constitution

a. Article 21

b. Article 15

c. Article 7

Ans. a

7. Where is Bharatpur national park

a. MP

b. Rajasthan

c. UP

Ans. b

Special notes-

> Its new name is Keoladeo national park

8. Where is Indian institute of science located

a. Bangalore

b. Uttranchal

c. Kharagpur

d. Ratlam

Ans. a

9. Who is Father of Rabindra nath tagore

Ans. Debendra nath tagore

10. Energy of sun is by which process

a. Nuclear fusion

b. Nuclear fission

Ans. a

> Very important question

11. River which originates from western ghat

a. Krishna

b. Kaveri

c. Bharamaputra

Ans. b

12. Saudi arabia currency

a. Pound

b. Rial

c. Taka

d. Yen

Ans. b

13. Brahma samaj invented by

a. Raja ram mohan roy

b. Swami dayananda

c. Debendra nath tagore

Ans. a

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