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Here we have collected all the important GK questions answers related to Sports which were previously asked in competitive exams.

Sports general knowledge questions answers (Sports GK)

Q. The national game of China

a. baseball

b. cricket

c. F1 racing

d. table tennis

Ans. d

Q. ‘Goal’ is the autobiography of

a. maradona

b. christiano ronaldo

c. major dhayan chand

d. yuvaraj singh

Q. Which of the following is called ‘Bible of Cricket’

a. cricinfo magazine

b. wisden

c. all out cricket

d. batting pitch

Ans. b

> Its a cricket book published annually in UK

Q. Jules Rimet trophy is associated with which sports

a. cricket

b. volleyball

c. hockey

d. football

Ans. d

Q. World’s highest hockey ground ‘Shilaroo hockey stadium’ is located in

a. Delhi, India

b. Manchester, England

c. Himachal pradesh, India

d. Bariloche, Argentina

Ans. c

> This stadium is situated 2500 m above sea level and is world’s highest attitude hockey stadium

Q. India played 1st ODI with which country ?

a. australia

b. england

c. new zealand

d. pakistan

Ans. b

> In the year 1975

Sports GK questions answers

Sports GK questions answers for exam –

Q. 1st Indian cricketer who took 500 wickets in Test matches ?

a. srinath

b. kapil dev

c. anil kumble

d. harbhajan singh

Ans. c

Q. 1st Indian cricketer to score a triple century

a. saurav ganguly

b. virat kohli

c. shikhar dhawan

d. virendra sehwag

Ans. d

Q. Who is the 1st bowler in India to get a hat-trick in test cricket?

a. anil kumble

b. harbhajan singh

c. ashwin

d. zaher khan

Ans. b

Q. India played its first test cricket match with which country ?

a. pakistan

b. england

c. sri lanka

d. south africa

Ans. b

> At lords stadium in 1932

Q. M Vijayakrishna memorial cup is associated with which sports?

a. polo

b. table tannis

c. horse racing

d. badminton

Ans. c

Q. In which sports, there is largest number of team players ?

a. baseball

b. soccer

c. rugby

d. water polo

Ans. c

> 15 players in one side (Total 15+15 in both teams)

Q. Aga khan trophy is related to which sports ?

a. hockey

b. show jumping

c. ice hockey

d. squash

Ans. b

Q. Aga khan gold cup is associated with which sports ?

a. volleyball

b. football

c. cricket

d. kabaddi

Ans. b

Sports GK questions and answers previously asked in exams –

Q. Davis cup is associated with which sports ?

a. football

b. table tennis

c. tennis

d. hockey

Ans. c

Q. The sports ‘Singapore open’ is associated with –

a. table tennis

b. badminton

c. squash

d. moton racing

Ans. b

Q. The national sports day in India is celebrated on ?

a. 29 august

b. 29 july

c. 16 august

d. 16 march

Ans. a

Q. The Vijay Hazare trophy is associated with which sports ?

a. hockey

b. cricket

c. wrestling

d. badminton

Ans. b

Q. To which sports the Ryder cup is related to ?

a. badminton

b. polo

c. golf

d. tennis

Ans. c

Q. Thomas cup belongs to which sports ?

a. lawn tennis

b. badminton

c. table tennis

d. golf

Ans. b

Q. Famous footballer Maradona belongs to which country ?

a. italy

b. argentina

c. brazil

d. chile

Ans. b

Q. Subbaraman vijayalakshmi is related to which sports?

a. badminton

b. Chess

c. cricket

d. racing

Ans. b

> 1st woman chess grandmaster

Sports GK questions answers – GK for competitive exams

Q. Electra gold cup is related to?

a. table tennis

b. badminton

c. lawn tennis

d. F1 racing

Ans. a

Q. Durand cup is related to which sports?

a. football

b. swimming

c. hockey

d. table tennis

Ans. a

Q. Grand slam is related to which sports?

a. badminton

b. lawn tennis

c. cricket

d. chess

Ans. b

Q. Commonwealth games at first started from which country?

a. India

b. canada

c. england

d. australia

Ans. b

Q. On 29th August the National sports day is celebrated in India in the memory of whose birthday ?

a. maradona

b. major dhyanchand

c. kapil dev

d. sachin tendulka

e. sunil gavaskar

Ans. b

Q. Euro cup is associated with which sports?

a. volleyball

b. football

c. hockey

d. badminton

Ans. b

Q. From the following who is the 1st Indian women who get an Olympic medal

a. PT Usha

b. anju bobby george

c. karnam malleshwari

d. PV Sindhu

Ans. c

Q. National sports of USA ?

a. rugby

b. baseball

c. soccer

d. table tennis

Ans. b

Q. Which cricketer has written the book “Cricket my style”

a. navjot singh sidhu

b. sunil gavaskar

c. kapil dev

d. anil kumble

Ans. c

Sports GK Questions answers –

Sports Terms associated with different types of sports –

Each sports whether it be cricket, football, volley ball, polo, horse racing OR golf; a special term is associated with every sports. For example –

* Cover-drive is associated with Cricket 

* Corner kick is associated with Football

Checkmate is associated with Chess

Here are some sports terminology associated with different types of sports-

Athletics sports – marathon, middle-distance, shot put, sprint, baton, bell lap, heptathlon, high jump, decathlon, discus, false start, field, foul, hammer, hurdles, javelin, lane, lap, long jump, starting blocks, steeplechase, track, triple jump, Cross Country

Badminton – Shuttlecock, Smash, Wood Shot, Long Service Line, Match, Midcourt, Serve, Service Court, Net Shot, Push Shot, Racquet, Balk, Center Line, Clear, Court, Drive, Drop, Fault, Feint, Flick, Forecourt, Baseline, Carry, Center or Base Position, Hairpin Net Shot, Halfcourt Shot, Kill, Let,  Short Service Line

Basket ball – Three in the Key, Travel, Turnover, Zone Defense, Airball, Alley-Oop, And One, Backboard, Backdoor, Elbow, Fast Break, Flop, One and One, Outlet, Paint, Post Up, Rebound, Screen, Carry, Charge, Double Dribble, Free Throw, Lay-Up, Man-toMan, Bank Shot, Box Out

Boxing – Upper-cut, Kidney punch, Knock out, Punch, Timing, Foot work, Round, Ring Stoppage

Cricket – full toss, drive, cut, Hat-trick, maiden, stumped, striker, bowled, caught, slips, gully, short leg, silly, mid-on, point, cover, beamer, googly, follow-on, declare, run-out, leg before wicket(LBW),  mid-off, bouncer

Archery – arrow box, cross bow shooting, inlocate, recurve, bulls eye, flight, target

Billiards and snooker – short rest, long rest, Pull, Cue, Hit, Object ball, Cushion billiards, frame, cannon, Break shot, Scoring

Tennis – top-spin,serve, drop shot, smash, cross-court, passing shot, game, grand slam, ace, volley, backhand, forehand, slice, deuce, tie-breaker, set, etc.

GOLF – blind shot, bogey, condor, off the deck, bunker, caddy, chip, Claw grip, ace, albatross, double eagle, all square, approach putt, apron, ball mark, ballooning, beach, birdie, peg, sand trap, tee shot, dogleg, dub, flag, Four-Ball, Mulligan, etc.

Hockey – penalty-stroke, penalty corner, push-in, Centre, defender, goal keeper, off-side, foul, stick, carry, dribble, tiebreaker, trapping, freehit, striking circle goal, forward, half,  goal-line, touch-line, etc.

Swimming – Car pool, Cards, Check-In, Check-Out, Course, Bulletin, Cap, False Start, Freestyle, Gun Lap, Heats, Jump, Lane Lines, Paddle, Add Up, Anchor, Approved Meet, Backstroke, Banner, Beep, Parka, Pool, Pull Buoy, Relays, Split, Stroke, Yardage,  Dryland, Bonus Heat, Bottom, Breaststroke, Bull Pen, etc.

Weight lifting – Feeling the Burn, Power Rack, Smith Machine, Muscle Memory, Bulking, bitch tits, shredded, Six pack, Supersets, Drop Sets/Strip Sets, Periodization, Pyramiding, Standard Plates and Bars, Pump and Toners, Cardio Bunny, Plateau, Vascularity, etc.

The most important Sports terminology GK questions which generally comes in Exams (remember them thoroughly) –

Golf – tee, put, caddie, bunker

Chess – stalemate, grand master, pawn, knight, bishop

Horse racing – punter

Archery – arrow box

Basketball – pivot

Volley ball – doubling, smash

Gymnastics – trampoline

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