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RRB NTPC Complete guide

Hi students, here in this article you will get all the important topics which you can read to score more marks in RRB NTPC exam. We will be discussing all the important topics ‘subject wise’ i.e. Maths, General intelligence/Reasoning, General knowledge/General awareness.

Basic layout (Subject distribution)-

You have to keep in mind that the complete RRB Railway NTPC exam is divided into 2 stages of CBT (computer based test).

Both the stage have common subjects i.e.

  • Maths
  • General intelligence or Reasoning
  • GK or general awareness (History, geography, Constitution/Indian polity, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Current affairs, Static GK)

From the above list we can notice that the last GK/General awareness part is little bit hard/complex as it covers major subjects.

So, let’s start from the GK section! We are discussing all the important topics (subject wise) you have to cover, so that you can secure more marks in RRB NTPC (CBT1 and CBT2).

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General knowledge/General awareness

Current affairs-

In the current affairs section you have to read previous 1 year current affairs related to-

  • International and national current affairs
  • Awards, winners (noble prize, sports awards, cricket match, Olympics, world cup, etc.)
  • Scientific discoveries
  • Appointments and resignation (new chairman, new CM, new governor, new PM, new chief justice, new high court judge, new MD/CEO, new railway manager/DRM)
  • Bollywood, film fare awards
  • Sports winners (davis cup, Australian open, F1 race, arjuna awards, dronacharya awards)
  • Statistics (literacy rates, sex ratios, corruption index, population index, cleanest city)
  • New sarkari yojana (state level, central level)
  • Basic banking current affairs (RBI rates, repo, reverse repo, bank rate)


Let’s have a look on some of the important history topics-

  • Harappa/mohanjodaro/indus civilisation
  • Mauya, gupta period
  • North India Rajput period, South India Cholas period
  • Delhi sultanate, Vijaynagar kingdom
  • Bhakti movement, Sufi movement
  • Mughal period, Maratha period
  • British power and british rule
  • Freedom struggle, 1857 revolt
  • Ghandhian era, Indian national movement


Important topics in geography-

  • Layers of atmosphere
  • Lattitudes, longitudes, zones of earth
  • Weather, climate change
  • Rocks, volcanoes, mountains, plateau
  • Agriculture, soil, water resources
  • Rivers, multi-purpose dams, irrigation projects
  • Wild life sanctuaries, national parks
  • Industries, minerals
  • State and country boundary lines

Indian polity, constitution-

  • Evolution of constitution, constituent assembly
  • Articles, amendments
  • Preamble, citizenship, fundamental rights, duties
  • Union, parliament
  • Panchayats, municipalities
  • Supreme court, high court
  • Finance commission, planning commissions
  • President, PM, Governor, CM, Cabinet ministers


  • Scientific & measurement units, work, heat, surface tension, light, electricity
  • Scientific instruments, inventions
  • Mirror, lens, concave, convex
  • Day to day physics questions


  • Atomic number, mass number
  • Periodic table
  • Elements, metals, ores, non metals
  • Oxidation, reduction
  • Acids, bases, pH, gases


  • Plant kingdom, animal kingdom
  • Diseases, symptoms, vitamins
  • Human body, different organs with functions
  • Nutrients and their sources from different food, fruits

Static GK, Traditional GK-

The traditional GK or static GK covers major part like-

  • First in India
  • National emblems
  • National animals, flowers, fruits
  • Books with their authors
  • World heritage sites
  • Gallantry awards, games sports names

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General intelligence/Reasoning section-

This is also an important part of every Railway exam specially the RRB NTPC ! The topics which are important in this section are-

  • Coding decoding
  • Direction test
  • Blood relation
  • Ranking test
  • Seat arrangement
  • Date, clock, calendar
  • Dice
  • Matrix
  • Venn diagram
  • Syllogism
  • Statement conclusion
  • Mirror image

Maths section-

Now finally comes the Maths section. The topics which you must look at are-

  • Number system
  • LCM, HCF
  • Simplification
  • Square root, cube root
  • Average
  • Problems on ages
  • Percentage
  • Profit, loss
  • Ratio
  • Time work, time distance, train time
  • Partnership
  • Pipe, cistern
  • Boats, streams
  • Simple interest, compound interest
  • Area, volume

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