Dating tips : Pros and Cons of Dating Someone Who Goes to Church

Dating tips : Love knows no religion. It may turn out that the object of your love professes a different religion or is a pure agnostic. But different religious views are no longer an issue in our contemporary world where diversity and tolerance are defined as the main values. Religion is something very personal, and it can’t be judged. Of course, there are overly religious people and they are quite difficult to deal with as they often touch upon the subject of God and faith and even try to impose their views. Those people should be avoided.

If a person sticks to the rules dictated by their religion, it’s generally a positive thing. To know which faith your date professes is important since this gives you the idea of what values this person has. No wonder, religion is one of the search criteria on dating websites and apps. People want to be compatible on different levels. However, to ascribe oneself to some religion is one thing but to follow its rules, like going to church, is another. So, if you met a guy and you know he takes his religion seriously, probably you want to know what to expect from a relationship with him. Here are some insights from

Pros of dating a religious man

He is a good guy. Bad guys usually lack spirituality, so if your boyfriend is religious, then he is a good guy by nature. He doesn’t use bad language. Women appreciate the cleanliness of speech, it’s a fact. Also, he doesn’t have problems with alcohol. He can have a glass of wine or smoke a quality cigar at a rare occasion. Of course, there are no drugs in his life.

He is disciplined. If he goes to church more often than on Christmas and Easter, then there is some consistency in his life. Attending service at least every Sunday and on big religious holidays requires dedication and discipline. Also, not every man is able to focus on someone preaching for hours. It’s a big advantage.

He has a romantic nature. Developed spirituality means that he is a romantic at heart. Most probably he believes in fate, and that every person will eventually find their soul mate. He is also more open in expressing his feelings. The fact that he believes in God means that he believes in love, for God is Love.

He opts for a classic outfit. He won’t wear T-shirts with stupid prints. He’s quite moderate in choosing his clothes, so expect him to dress classy. Your parents will like his style. He’s also neat, so you won’t feel embarrassed for his dirty shoes or stained shirt.

He wants something other than a fling. He’ll become your friend first. The spiritual connection is primary for him. If you’re tired of guys who think only about sex, here is your gift from above. You can be confident in him, knowing that he hasn’t had dozens of girlfriends.

He has good communication skills. Those people who attend a church are open and quite close-knit. Many of them are good friends, as they attend Sunday services regularly and for many years. You can even set your friend up on a date with his best friend.

Cons of dating a religious man

He may want you to attend a church with him. Of course, he won’t insist, but would like you to go to a church on Sunday with him. If you’re not a religious person, it can be quite weird for you. But anyway, it will do your no harm. You’ll only experience an important part of his life.

He is not very persistent. You may expect him to take your relationship to a more serious level, but he will never rush things. This is because he respects you very much. What you can do is to initiate a talk about it.

He prioritizes others before himself. It can be quite irritating that he is ready to stretch a helping hand to anyone and neglect his own interests. But you love him for this kindness, don’t you?

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