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Preksha Mehta Biography – Welcome to ! Today we are going to reveal the biography of Preksha Mehta. She was born on 5th July 1994 at Indore, Madhya Pradesh, India. On 25th May 2020 she committed suicide. She was popularly known for her role in TV shows like Meri durga, Laal ishq and Crime petrol. She has also worked in the ‘Padman’ movie (released 2018) starred with Akshay Kumar. Let’s read her biography and some unknown facts.

Preksha Mehta wiki bio

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Preksha Mehta biography – Personal details, Schooling, college, family

She was 5’5″ tall. Her zodiac sign was Cancer. By nationality she was an Indian. Preksha completed her schooling from Mount carmel school and Christian Eminent higher secondary school, Indore, MP. By education she was a Bachelor holder in Commerce stream. She completed her college from Acropolis institute of Management studies, Indore.

Preksha father’s name is Ravindra mehta and her mother’s name is Manju mehta. Her brother name is Sourabh Mehta. She has three sisters Shivani, Surbhi and Ishika mehta.

Preksha Mehta biography – Career, tv shows, Life achievements, unknown facts

# In the year 2016, she joined ‘Akhyana Nat Shala’ theatre group in Indore, as a theatre artist.

# She was a fitness enthusiast.

# She had a black belt in Taekwondo. She was a trained martial artist.

# Her instagram post related to Amrita Pritam’s poem also shows her love to hindi poetry and literature. Check out her post-


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#amritapritam #happybirthday #100years ❤️ मैं तुझे फिर मिलूँगी कहाँ कैसे पता नहीं शायद तेरे कल्पनाओं की प्रेरणा बन तेरे केनवास पर उतरुँगी या तेरे केनवास पर एक रहस्यमयी लकीर बन ख़ामोश तुझे देखती रहूँगी मैं तुझे फिर मिलूँगी कहाँ कैसे पता नहीं या सूरज की लौ बन कर तेरे रंगो में घुलती रहूँगी या रंगो की बाँहों में बैठ कर तेरे केनवास पर बिछ जाऊँगी पता नहीं कहाँ किस तरह पर तुझे ज़रुर मिलूँगी या फिर एक चश्मा बनी जैसे झरने से पानी उड़ता है मैं पानी की बूंदें तेरे बदन पर मलूँगी और एक शीतल अहसास बन कर तेरे सीने से लगूँगी मैं और तो कुछ नहीं जानती पर इतना जानती हूँ कि वक्त जो भी करेगा यह जनम मेरे साथ चलेगा यह जिस्म ख़त्म होता है तो सब कुछ ख़त्म हो जाता है पर यादों के धागे कायनात के लम्हें की तरह होते हैं मैं उन लम्हों को चुनूँगी उन धागों को समेट लूंगी मैं तुझे फिर मिलूँगी कहाँ कैसे पता नहीं मैं तुझे फिर मिलूँगी!! ❤️

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# She had also did a course from MP School of Drama, Bhopal.

# She had also did a role in movie ‘Sakha’ which was released on 2018. Check out the trailer-


# She had also worked as a choreographer and dancer in ‘The Nerd dance institute and event company’ Indore.

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