One liner GK Questions Answers

One liner GK Questions Answers SET#7 – GK questions repeated in every Sarkari exam

One liner GK Questions Answers – Hi students, welcome to | पिछले GK questions answers Set#6 में हमने कुछ इतिहास और भूगोल के प्रश्नोत्तर देखा था| आज इस GK questions answers Set#7 में हम कुछ One liner gk questions answers पढ़ेंगे जो सरकारी नौकरी में पूछे जाते है|

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Set#7 – One liner gk questions answers

Where is the headquarters of ISRO (Indian Space Research Organization) – Bengaluru

What is the validity time of a bank cheque – 3 months

Where was the first Olympic games – Athens, Greece

When did the Shimla agreement took place – 1972

Jhelum is a triburary of which river – Indus

The human organ which removes nitrogenous compounds from the blood is – Kidney

Where is the rocket launch pad in India located – Satish dhawan space centre, Sriharikota

The study of soil is called – Pedology

The only Indian governor general – Rajagopalachari

The popular newspaper Kesari was founded by – Lokmanya bal gangadhar tilak

The first sermon of gautam buddha – Sarnath

Who is the founder of Goonj (a famous NGO) – Anshu gupta

To which sports is the Thomas cup related – Badminton

The study of liver is called – Hepatology

Saraswati samman is given in the field of – Prose or poetry literary works

One liner gk questions with answers

The official language of Goa – Konkani

ICC old name – Imperial cricket conference

Where is the salar jung museum located – Hyderabad

The most intelligent mammal on earth – Dolphins

The normal temperature of human body in F – 98.6 degree F

The digestive acid found in human body – HCL

Who is also known as Flying sikh – Milkha singh

What is the old name of Allahabad – Prayag

Santosh trophy is related to which sports – Football

Pashupatinath temple is located in – Nepal

Where is Bhimbetka rock shelters – Madhya pradesh

Metal used for galvanising of iron – Zinc

Who is the first Indian women (boxer) who won gold in Asian games – Mary kom

Which organization organises the Cricket world cup – ICC (International cricket council)

The International renewable energy agency is situated – Abu dhabi

One liner gk questions answers for competitive exams

Arjuna awards is given in which field – Sports

What is the full form of CT in CT Scan – Computed Tomography

What is the full form of MRI – Magnetic Resource Imaging

Who is the 1st women cosmonaut in the world – Valentina Tereshkova

Abhinav bindra is related to which sports – Shooting

Scientist who got Nobel prize for work on Malaria – Ronald Ross

The filament in bulb is made up of – Tungsten

The chemical formula of common salt – NaCl

Where is the Satish dhawan space center – Andhra pradesh

Jamini roy related to – Painting

The concept of Sampoorna kranti was given by – Jay prakash narayan

On which year the constitution of India was adopted by the constituent assembly – 26 Nov 1949

The founder of the book ‘A passage to India’ – E.M. Forster

Which is the first animal domesticated by the Neolithic people – Dog

One liner gk questions and answers for sarkari naukri

The full form of NSA – National Security Agency

The gas filled in balloons – Helium

During emergency, the constitution amendment which was enacted by Indira gandhi – 42nd amendment

The jeevan raksha padak is presented by – Govt of India

When did the Poona pact was signed – 1932

SEBI (Securities & Exchange Board of India) was established in the year of – 1988

The age of universe is – 13.8 billion years

1st female muslim Prime minister in the world – Benazir bhutto

The gyanpith award is related to – Indian literature

Instrument used to measure current in a circuit – Ammeter

Largest moon of Pluto – Charon

Largest moon in solar system – Ganymede

Boxer Mary kom is from which state – Manipur

Indira point is located at – Andaman

One liner general knowledge

The party founded by Subhash chandra bose – All India forward bloc

Which gas is found in Saturn planet – Helium, Hydrogen

When did the National science day is observed – 28 Feb

Name the first bank in India – Bank of Hindustan

The 2nd round table conference was held in the year – 1931

Full form of UNFCCC – United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change

Who is the father of All india services – Sardar Vallabh bhai patel

What is the name of the operation to catch/kill Osama bin Laden – Operation Neptune spear

The home rule movement in India was started by – Annie besant

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