Most Useful Android Apps in Daily Life – AppLock, EverNote, Forecast

Most Useful Android Apps in Daily Life – Welcome to! Android Apps have become an essential part of our daily life. There are many useful android Apps which are must & necessary in our daily life like ‘Evernote’ which helps to make daily to-do lists in our phone, ‘AppLock’ which provides extra security shield to our phone, ‘LastPass’ which manages all the phone passwords in one place, and many more such Apps.

These apps make our daily life productive and easy. In this article we are listing some of the Most useful Android apps in daily life you must have in your android phone. You can download them and make your daily life easy, well managed and productive.

Most Useful Android Apps in Daily Life

AppLock (Most useful android apps in daily life for Students, IT professionals, Office employees & Businessman)

The very first useful android app you must install in your phone is the AppLock which is a fingerprint and password gallery locker. This single app will provide a complete shield to your phone.

This app will provide you 2 types of major security-

* It will provide lock security to your social apps like instagram, facebook, whatsapp, and other social sites & personal messaging platforms
* It will also provide lock security to your phone gallery, contacts, sms, call lists, and other phone related privacy

This AppLock also provide lock feature to your phone home screen. You can choose your favourite lock style i.e. pattern lock, pin lock or fingerprint lock. Till now this app has been installed by 50 million users. This app is useful for those people who want a special protection privacy in their phones like students, office workers, IT professionals, etc.

EverNote – Daily planner & Note taking (Best android utility Apps)

Its a very popular android Note taking apps. Here you can make your daily to-do lists, insert photos and videos to your notes. You can create separate notepads in this app to maintain all your bills, memos, receipts, or invoices. You can also attach pdf files, articles and audio clips.

This note taking app is very helpful for school/college students, office workers, journalists, and for those persons who don’t carry pen or paper with them. This app has been installed 100 million times.

Windy (Most Useful Android Apps in Daily Life for Weather Forecast)

This useful android app provides global weather forecast visualization. It has 40+ weather maps which gives you forecast of every type of weather like rain, wind, pressure, temperature, humidity, snow, etc. It provides forecast in detailed meteogram and airgram graphs. There is also a feature to create email alerts for upcoming weather conditions, which will alert you in upcoming bad weather conditions.

This app will also tell you wind direction, wind speed, humidity, and temperature. This app is useful for paragliders, professional pilots, fishermen, boaters, kiters, skydivers, army staffs, rescue teams, storm chasers, weather geeks. Till now this app has been downloaded 10 million times.

Google Drive – Cloud storage (Most useful android apps in daily life in India)

Google drive is a cloud storage platform for all your phone files like photos, docs, sheets. You can store and access your files from anywhere in the world. It only requires a free gmail account to access. If you have a team or office employees, then you can connect all files in one platform, share them with all your members, edit the files from anywhere.

If you want to save all your phone files, photos and images in cloud storage then you can go with google drive. Apart from personal use, it also helps for office works too. Google drive supports more than 100 types of file types and formats. Till now this app has been installed 5 billion times.

Walli – HD 4K creative wallpapers (Most Useful Android Apps in Daily Life)

If you need some real and creative wallpapers by real artist, then you must install this amazing android app. Here you will find some of the beautiful and inspiring wallpapers which will make your mood happy when you look at your phone. Walli has its own community of real & top artists with their unique art and style who share their art here. The app has been installed 10 million times.

Nova Launcher (Useful android apps)

If you want to customize your Phone home screen with special icons and your favourite apps, then Nova launcher will enhance your phone home screen. Nova launcher has many customization options and icon packs which will give a new look to your phone home screen.

You can add folders, icons, badges in your home screen of your phone for easy navigation. You can also create custom tabs to arrange your files and apps through double tap or swipe. Nova launcher also comes with many scrolling effects. The app has been installed 50 million times.

LastPass – All passwords manager (Most Useful Android Apps in Daily Life)

Here you can save all your phone and account passwords in one vault with autofill login feature. Next time whenever you login to any of your personal account, the autofill login feature enables you to enter your account direct without entering your password.

The autofill login feature can remember all your account password like facebook, instagram, gmail, internet banking, office software, personal software, and other personal accounts. You don’t have to remember all those passwords!

If you have a company or office login software then you can share your password with your team colleague selectively. LastPass also has a built-in password generator which creates secure passwords for you in one click.

Zedge – Wallpapers, ringtones, Notification tones

This single app has huge collection of wallpapers, notification tones, ringtones, alarm tones. The wallpapers here are of HD and 4K quality. Here you will also find live animation wallpapers with special effects.

It also has some of the best sound quality notification tones, ringtones and alarm tones for your phone. You can add sticker or text to your wallpaper. You can create your own personal phone background. Till now the app has been installed 100 million times.

Send Anywhere File transfer (Best android utility apps)

Its an essential android app which transfer files from one mobile device to another without any touch. All you need is a 6 digit number key to transfer a file from one device to another. You can also share a file to multiple devices through a single link. The file can be a video, photo, music or any doc.