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Interesting facts in Hindi – दुनिया की कुछ Unknown मेहंगी Companies

Interesting facts in hindi – Dosto aaj main aapko kuch interesting facts in hindi dene wala hu jisme main aapko batane wala hu duniya ki kuch mehngi मेहंगी companies. Ab tak aap shayad Microsoft, Apple, Oracle, Google, jaise companies ke baare me jaante honge jo sabse badi hai. India me bhi aapne kuch aise hii companies ke baare me suna hoga like Accenture, Wipro, Tata consultancy, Capgemini, etc. Waise inme se kaafi विदेशी companies है जो India me operate hoti hai.

Aaj main jo list aapko dene jaa raha hu ye bhi kaafi मेहंगी Companies ke list me shaamil hai. Ye companies jyadatar Artificial Intelligence, Cloud computing, Big Data Center, jaise companies hai; jo purii tarah se IT sectors par based hai. Tou chaliye suru karte hai aaj ka article ‘interesting facts in hindi‘.

Interesting facts in Hindi – World’s unknown expensive companies list – मेहंगी Companies


Heroku – Click here

Ye ek cloud based application system hai jo mobile application computing karti hai. Ye company alag alag programming languages par kaam karti hai like Ruby, Java, Node.js, Python, PHP, Clojure, Scala.


Jab Heroku new market me launch hui thhi tou ye sirf RUBY programming language par kaam karti thhi. Phi Salesforce.com naam ki company ne Heroku ko acquire kar liye aur uske baad Heroku multi dimensional platforms par kaam karne lagi.

Company worth for Ruby application program – $212 million cash

Open shift – Click here

It is a computer software from Red Hat for deployment and management. Ye company bahut se programming languages par kaam karti hai like Ruby, Python, PHP, Node.js, Java.

Iss company ka worth bhi lagbhag $200 million ke aas paas hai.


Cloud66 – Click here

Cloud66 basically application banati hai aur unhe servers par deploy karti hai. Ye puri tarah se cloud platform par based hai.

Worth – $ 150 million approx


Fortrabbit – Click here

PHP programming language ke baare me tou aapne suna hii hoga! Ye company PHP cloud hosting aur computing par kaam karti hai.

Company worth – $80 million


Digital ocean – Click here

Digital ocean ab India me bhi kaafi popular ho chuki hai. Ye ek cloud hosting aur computing platform hai.

Iska headquarter New york, USA me located hai.

India me ye web-designers aur developers ke beech kaafi popular hai. Recent kuch saalo se bloggers bhi iss platform ko kaafi use kar rahe hai.

Iss company me 2 kaafi khaas baat hai jis wajah se ye India me kaafi popular hai-

  • SSD cloud based servers
  • Fast and secure servers

Company worth – $175 million


Kubernetes – Click here

It is an open source platform for scaling, management and automating deployment of containerized applications. It was originally designed by google and then donated to Cloud native computing foundation. It was initially released on 7th June, 2014.

Company worth – $ 95 million


Python anywhere – Click here

Python programming language ke baare me shayad aapne suna ho! Ye ek high-level programming language hai!

Python anywhere is a Python programming language based integrated development environment (IDE). It runs on cloud servers.

After writing the application you don’t need to maintain or configure a server, everything is set up here. You can develop your application anywhere anytime, as everything is going to be on internet.

Company worth – $110 million


Microsoft Azure – Click here

Waise tou aapko pata hii hoga ki microsoft ek computer software company hai. Microsoft azure ek application computing platform hai.

This cloud computing service is created by Microsoft for deploying, testing, managing and building applications and other services globally.

Company worth – $800 million a quarter

Amazon web services – Click here

It is a subsidiary of Amazon Inc. which provides cloud computing services to individuals and companies.

Company worth – $160 billion

Scalingo – Click here

Its a very fast cloud computing technology. With the help of Scalingo you can deploy your app within 2 minutes.

Scalingo supports technologies like Scala, Java, Clojure, Python, Meteor JS, PHP, Ruby, NodeJS.

Company worth – $120 million


Cloud foundry – Click here

It is governed by Cloud foundry foundation. It is a multi cloud application platform.

Worth – $130 million

Gplugin – Click here

Gplugin provides you to setup free private cloud network and other IT services. There are some advanced features too within low cost. Gplugin is a Dubai based company.

Worth – $100 million

Hope aapko aaj ke interesting facts in hindi pasand aaye honge. Aise aur bhi unknown aur interesting companies ke list main aapke liye laate rahunga. Keep visiting www.anicow.com !


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