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IndiaBix – Hope you all know about this amazing site i.e. India Bix ! Today here I am going to share my success journey with this amazing Indiabix website. I will also share some of the common gk questions which I got common in major competitive exams and sarkari naukri. I have personally prepared those gk notes from IndiaBix, during my competitive exam preparation.

So, at first let me explain you why I liked IndiaBix during my competitive exam preparation?

User interface

The best part in IndiaBix is their clear and light colour interface or you can say background. During my preparation I used to study at night. IndiaBix has a very light background which never gives strain in eyes.

I used to prepare from my android phone.

Questions answers pattern and design

In IndiaBix, you will get questions answers in the same pattern as you get in competitive exams, i.e. every single question has 4 options. You read the question, think about it and then view the answer.

My favorite section was the GK category in India bix

India bix has many sections like Indiabix aptitute, current affairs, general knowledge, etc. I always prefer the GK section as I was preparing for competitive exams like Staff selection commission, UPSC, PSC, Railways, Banking.

The gk section in IndiaBix helped me a lot as it covers all the general knowledge part like static gk, history, geography, general science, polity, environment, India gk, world gk, computer gk, and so on.

I would personally recommend you to read each and every part of Indiabix, if you want to secure high marks in competitive exam.

So, now let me give you the IndiaBix gk questions answers list which I got common in major competitive exams I appeared like SSC, UPSC, State PSC, Police SI, etc. I have also given here some sample and model questions which will help you to secure more marks in competitive exams!

I have prepared this gk questions list by myself, during my preparation journey. In fact, I have made a special separate noteBook for IndiaBix gk preparation.

As per my opinion, Indiabix helped me a lot in my competitive exam preparation!

Source – IndiaBix

IndiaBix common gk questions which were repeated in every competitive exams – SET 1

1. Who invented Radioactivity

Ans. Henri Becquerel

Special notes-

> The SI unit of radioactivity is Becquerel [Bq], and that was named after him

2. Which state has the largest forest area

a. Madhya pradesh

b. West bengal

c. Andhra pradesh

Ans. a

Special notes-

> More than 30% area is covered by forest

> Very important question

3. Gun was invented by

Ans. Richard gatling

4. First electric light invented by

Ans. Humphry davy

5. 23rd governor of RBI is

a. Raghuram rajan

b. Urijit patel

Ans. b

6. Who is also known as frontier gandhi

a. Abdul gaffar khan

b. Lala lajpat rai

c. Dada bhai naoroji

Ans. a

Very important question

gk in hindi

7. Parliament of Japan is known as

a. Diet

b. Federal assembly

c. Democratic

Ans. a

> Very important

8. Name the bacteria which converts milk into curd

Ans. Lacto bacillus

9. Saina nehwal related to which sports

a. Badminton

b. Lawn tennis

c. Table tennis

Ans. a

10. Computer mouse invented by

a. Douglas engelbart

b. Charles babbage

Ans. a

11. Highest civilian award in India

a. Bharat ratna

b. Padma vibhushan

c. Padma bhushan

Ans. a

Special notes-

> Rank wise civilian awards in India [asked in all major competitive exams]

1st – Bharat ratna

2nd – Padma vibhushan

3rd – Padma bhushan

4th – Padma shri

12. Who is the Supreme commander of all 3 defense services in India [Indian Navy, Army, Airforce]

a. Prime minister

b. General

c. Colonnel

d. President

Ans. d

13. Who invented fountain pen

Ans. Petrache poenaru

14. Unit of Force

a. Decibel

b. Newton

c. m/s

Ans. b

15. Unit of Stress

a. Pascal

b. Candela

c. Kelvin

Ans. a

India Bix Common gk questions for Sarkari naukri – SET 2

1. The non-metal that conducts heat and current is –

a. Boron

b. Silicon

c. Phosphorous

d. Graphite

Ans. d

2. The fourth state of matter is called –

a. Super cooled

b. Solid

c. Viscous

d. Plasma

Ans. d

3. Why pressure cooker cooks rice faster

a. Pressure cooker does not escape the heat energy

b. Pressure cooker escape the steam

c. High pressure raises the boiling point in the cooker

Ans. c

4. Which food is the best source of protein –

a. Fish

b. Milk

c. butter

d. Cheese

Ans. b

5. DRDO full form –

a. Department of defence and research organization

b. Department of research and development organization

c. Defence research and development organization

Ans. c

6. The earlier name of Sher shah –

a. Sarafraj khan

b. Farid khan

c. Juna khan

Ans. b

7. The famous novel GODFATHER was by –

a. John Milton

b. Eliot

c. Mario Puzo

Ans. c

8. Koutilya wrote the book –

a. Buddha charit

b. Arthasastra

c. Astha dhyai

Ans. b

> Other name of koutilya = vishnu gupta/Chanakya

9. A gas which is present in the stratosphere which protects us from harmful ultra-violet radiations –

a. Methane

b. Helium

c. Ozone

Ans. c

10. The animal used in the WWF logo is –

a. Tiger

b. Giant panda

c. Elephant

d. Whale

Ans. b

WWF full form – World wide fund for nature

Indiabix gk preparation

11. When the high tide is lower and low tide is higher, then the tide is called –

a. Spring tide

b. Neap tide

c. Mixed tide

Ans. a

12. A body moving uniformly in a circular path has –

a. Constant speed

b. Constant velocity

c. Variable speed

Ans. b

13. Most impure form of natural water is –

a. river wate

b. sea water

d. lake water

Ans. b

> Most pure form – rain water, distilled water

14. The first women PM (prime minister) in the world –

a. Indira gandhi

b. Sarojini naidu

c. Sirimavo bandernayak

d. Margaret thatcher

Ans. c

> In india = Indira gandhi

15. Highest peak in India –

a. Himalaya

b. Mt. everest

c. K2 / Mt. godwin austen

Ans. c

> K2 / Mt. godwin austen also known as Chhogori

16. Indra is the god of –

a. Sun

b. Rain

c. Wind

d. Fire

Ans. b

17. Ecology is the study of –

a. Man and environment

b. Organisms and environment

c. Soil

d. Forest

Ans. b

18. Ornithology is the study of –

a. Soil

b. River

c. Birds

d. Fossil fuels

Ans. c

19. The process in which light energy is converted to chemical energy –

a. Electrolysis

b. Photosynthesis

c. Evaporation

Ans. b

20. Which country is not a member of SAARC

a. Pakistan

b. Nepal

c. Myanmar

Ans. c

21. Himalayan Mountaineering institute is located at

a. Nepal

b. Darjeeling

c. Shimla

Ans. b

22. Depletion of ozone layer in atmosphere is caused by

a. Carbon dioxide

b. Methane gas

c. Chloro fluoro carbon (CFC)

Ans. c

IndiaBix gk questions answers common for all state level exams – SET 3

1. Suez canal connects

a. Red and arabian sea

b. Red and mediterranean sea

c. Arabian and mediterranean sea

Ans. b

2. Why Alauddin khilji introduced market reforms

a. to remove mediators

b. to maintain economically a large army

c. to easy the peoples living

Ans. b

3. Which of the following taxes is not taken by any state govt

a. Excise duty

b. Professional duty

c. Central excise

Ans. c

4. VAT [value added tax] taken by

a. Central govt

b. State govt

c. Co-operative

Ans. b

5. Stamp duty is taken by

a. State govt

b. Co-operative

c. Central govt

Ans. a

Indiabix gk

6. Fiscal policy related with

a. Issue of currency

b. Public revenue and expenditure

c. Imports and exports

Ans. b

7. The directive principles in the Indian constitution are borrowed from

a. Canadian constitution

b. Irish constitution

c. American constitution

Ans. b

8. Which of the following tax is not taken by the central govt

a. Wealth tax

b. Professional tax

c. Excise tax

Ans. b

9. The right to property is a

a. Fundamental right

b. Legal right

Ans. b

10. Article 356 of Indian constitution is related to

a. Finance commission

b. President rule

c. Election commission

d. Taxes in India

Ans. b

11. Artificial lake ‘Govind sagar’ is in which state

a. Himachal pradesh

b. Punjab

c. Delhi

d. WB

Ans. a

Note- Govind sagar is a man made reservoir in HP. In the honour of tenth sikh guru Govind singh. Formed by the Bhakra dam and in on the Sutlej river.

12. Zoji la pass is in between

a. Arunachal pradesh and Tibet

b. Kashmir and Laddakh

c. Chumbi valley and sikkim

Ans. b

13. Which state of India is largest coffee producing state

a. Kerala

b. Karnataka

c. Assam

d. Odisha

Ans. b

14. Which state of India is largest Jute producing state

a. WB

b. Gujarat

c. Assam

d. Chennai

Ans. a

15. Jamshedpur is situated near river

a. Kosi

b. Subarnarekha

c. Ganga

d. Mahanadi

Ans. b

16. Living history autobiography by

a. Benazir bhutto

b. Margaret atwood

c. Hillary clinton

Ans. c

17. Which of the following state is considered as high flood prone and high drought prone

a. UP

b. MP

c. WB

Ans. b

18. Which of the following city is near bank of river Kaveri

a. Bangalore

b. Tiruchirapalli

c. Mysore

Ans. b

Indiabix gk questions answers common for Central level competitive exams and govt jobs exam

1. Which of the following is used with iron to make it rust free ?

a. Tin

b. Carbon

c. Aluminium

d. Chromium

Ans. d

> Chromium is mixed with iron to make it rust-free and it is known as stainless steel

> Very important question

2. How many chambers are there in human heart?

a. 2

b. 4

c. 5

d. 3

Ans. b

> The four chambers are > Left ventricle, right ventricle, right atrium, left atrium

3. From the following, Nilgai belongs to ?

a. Goat

b. Deer

c. Sheep

d. Cow

Ans. b

4. By which process Water can be separated from alcohol in a water-alcohol mixture ?

a. Distillation

b. Evaporation

c. Sublimation

d. Decantation

Ans. a

> It is a process in which pure liquid is separated from a mixture of liquids

> very important question

5. Who among the following declared earlier than Newton about the gravitation force of earth ?

a. Varahamihira

b. Aryabhatta

c. Buddhagupta

d. Brahmagupta

Ans. d

Indiabix gk

6. Pyrometer is used to measure

Ans. High temperature like in furnaces, kilns

7. Ammeter is used to measure

Ans. Current in a circuit

> very important question for SSC CGL

8. Anemometer is used to measure

Ans. Speed of wind or current of gas

> It is also a common weather station instrument

9. Earth’s escape velocity is?

a. 15 km/sec

b. 7 km/sec

c. 11.2 km/sec

d. 9 km/sec

Ans. c

> Escape velocity is the lowest velocity needed to escape the gravitational attraction

10. Collection of Which type of acid in our body muscle leads to fatigue ?

a. Uric acid

b. Lactic acid

c. Benzoic acid

d. Pyruvic acid

Ans. b

11. Chromosomes are made up of

a. Protein

b. DNA

c. RNA

d. DNA and Protein

Ans. b

12. Founder of the ‘Prarthana samaj’

a. Swami vivekananda

b. Dayananda saraswati

c. Athmaram panduranga

Ans. c

13. Which of the following rivers crosses equator 2 times

a. Nile river

b. Cango river

c. Amazon river

Ans. b

– Cango is the deepest river in the world

– It is also called Zaire river

14. Red colour of the red soil is due to

a. Humus

b. Iron

c. Nitrogen

Ans. b

15. Which soil is ideal for paddy cultivation

a. Alluvial soil

b. Laterite soil

c. Black soil

Ans. a

– they are suitable for paddy cultivation crops like rice, wheat, millets, pulses, maize, jute, etc

16. The southernmost point of India

a. Point calimere

b. Cape comorin

c. Port blair

d. Indira point

Ans. d

– Indira point is on great nicobar island

17. Which amendment is also called as mini constitution

a. 42nd amendment act

b. 44th amendment act

c. 7th amendment act

Ans. a

– enacted in 1976

– also called the constitution of Indira

18. Who among the following did not participate in 1857 revolt

a. Tantia tope

b. Tipu sultan

c. Rani laxmibai

d. Nana saheb

Ans. b

– also called tiger of mysore

– he was ruler of the mysore kingdom

19. Arrange the dynasties serially

a. Slave – Khiljis – Lodi

b. Slave – Khiljis – Tughlaq

c. Tughlaq – Khiljis Lodi

Ans. b

20. Which language is not specified in the 8th schedule of Indian constitution

a. Sindhi

b. English

c. Nepali

d. Sanskrit

Ans. b

21. “Directive principles of the state policy shall not be enforceable by any court” – mentioned in which article of the Indian constitution

a. Article 31

b. Article 37

c. Article 36

d. Article 39

Ans. b

India bix gk

22. Find the headquarters of the following

a. Food and agricultural organisation > Rome, Italy

b. World trade organisation > Geneva, Switzerland

c. World health organisation > Geneva, Switzerland

d. World meteorological organisation > Geneva, Switzerland

23. Which european country has its own currency but not euro

a. France

b. Sweden

c. Spain

d. Germany

Ans. b

– its currency is swedish krona

24. Battle of plassey was between

Ans. Nawab siraj ud daulah and Robert clive

– Robert clive wins

25. From which country the river Brahmaputra does not pass

a. China

b. Bangladesh

c. India

d. Myanmar

Ans. d

26. Before becoming the President Ronald Regan was a

a. Film/TV star

b. Lawyer

c. Businessman

Ans. a

– Ronald regan was the 40th president of US

27. The parliamentary form of govt in India – this concept is adopted from where

a. Russia

b. American

c. British

Ans. c

IndiaBix gk questions answers common for SSC, Railways, Banking exams

Q. Which permanent tissue is responsible to make a plant hard and stiff ?

a. Sclerenchyma

b. Collenchyma

c. Aerenchyma

d. Parenchyma

Ans. a

> Sclerenchyma is a strengthening tissue in plants

Q. A Sound with single frequency is called ?

a. Hertz

b. Pitch

c. Note

d. Tone

Ans. d

> Pitch = degree of high and low of sound

> Hertz – a measure of frequency

Q. The salt which is acidic in nature ?

a. Magnesium sulphate

b. Ammonium phosphate

c. Sodium carbonate

d. Sodium acetate

Ans. c

Q. For reproduction in flowers, the essential organs are –

a. Stamen and pistil

b. Sepal and stamen

c. Petal and pistil

d. Sepal and petal

Ans. a

Q. Energy stored in a dry cell is –

a. Nuclear energy

b. Potential energy

c. Chemical energy

d. Kinetic energy

Ans. c

Q. The credit for classifying the elements on the basis of atomic mass goes to –

a. Johann wolfgang dobereiner

b. D. Mendeleev

c. John dalton

d. John alexander reina newlands

Ans. b

Q. Who among the following was not in the ‘Nine gems’ in Emperor Akbar’s court ?

a. Fakir aziao din

b. Osman ali khan

c. Raja todar mal

d. Abu’l fazl ibn mubarak

Ans. b

Q. First person to conduct heart transplantation in India

a. Dr. R Valiathan

b. Dr. Venugopal

c. Dr. R Kesavan Nair

Ans. b

Q. Gautam Buddha attained parinirvana at

a. Sarnath

b. Lumbini

c. Bodh gaya

d. Kushinagar

Ans. d

Q. Write down the full form of

a. NASA = national aeronautics space administration [headquarter – Washington DC U.S.]

b. NATO = north atlantic treaty organisation [Brussels, Belgium]

c. CCTV = closed circuit television

d. MOU = memorandum of understanding

e. PDF = portable document format {very important for SSC CGL}

f. UNICEF = united nations international children’s emergency fund [New york, U.S.]

g. SIM = subscriber identity module

h. ATM – automated teller machine [very important question asked in SSC CGL exam]

Q. RBI reserve bank of India established in the year of

a. 1936

b. 1935

c. 1929

d. 1952

Ans. b

Q. Where is Jog waterfalls situated

a. J&K

b. Karnataka

c. WB

Ans. b

Q. Highest waterfall in India

a. Jog waterfalls

b. Kunchikal falls

c. Barkana falls

Ans. b

455 mt, its in Karnataka

India bix – Best site for preparing competitive exams

Q. Dandi march started in the year

a. 1932

b. 1930

c. 1936

Ans. b

> 12 march 1930

Q. Who had composed Ain-e-akbari ?

a. Ibn batuta

b. abul fazal

c. birbal

d. farista

Ans. b

Q. Who had introduced ‘Doctrine of Lapse’ ?

a. lord canning

b. lord dalhousie

c. lord rippon

d. lord lytton

Ans. b

Q. Who among the following permitted to establish first factory in India ?

a. sahajahan

b. aurangzeb

c. akbar

d. jahangir

Ans. d

Q. What is the meaning of the word BUDDHA

a. a preacher

b. a winner

c. an enlightened

d. a traveller

Ans. c

Q. The boundary line between India and Pakistan was determined by whom ?

a. Laurence

b. sir cripps

c. sir radcliff

d. lord mountbaten

Ans. c

Q. The decision of the Partition of Bengal was effected from which year ?

a. 1906

b. 1905

c. 1902

d. 1908

Ans. b

> By Lord Curzon

Q. Who among the following was the chairman of Drafting committee of Farmers of Indian constitution ?

a. rajendra prasad

b. B.R. ambedkar

c. J.L. Nehru

d. J.B. kriplani

Ans. b

Q. During the Quit India Movement who gave the slogan ‘Do or Die’ ?

a. J.L. Nehru

b. mahatma gandhi

c. bal gangadhar tilak

d. subhash chandra bose

Ans. b

Q. The longest river of Karnataka is ?

a. cauvery

b. krishna

c. tungbhadra

d. godavari

Ans. b

Q. Which among the following is a scaler quantity ?

a. Force

b. Displacement

c. Velocity

d. Volume

Ans. d

> Force, displacement, velocity are vector quantity

> Very important question

Q. pH value of Human blood is ?

a. 7.2

b. 6.4

c. 6.6

d. 7.4

Ans. d

> Very Important question for SSC CGL

Q. The study of Flowers is called ?

a. Agrostology

b. Phrenology

c. Anthology

d. Palynology

Ans. c

> Phrenology – study of personality and character

> Agrostology – study of grasses

> Palynology – plant spores, plant organisms

Q. The Tomato has red colour due to ?

a. Lycopene

b. Capsaicin

c. Xanthophyll

Ans. a

> For photosynthesis process, Tomatoes has 2 pigments – Chlorophyll which is green and Lycopene which is red

> Important question for SSC CGL

Q. The chemical name of Milk of Magnesia is ?

a. Calcium hydroxide

b. Magnesium hydroxide

c. Sodium bicarbonate

d. Magnesium carbonate

Ans. b

Q. Which of the following is the constituents of atomic nucleus ?

a. Proton and neutron

b. Electron and proton

c. Proton, neutron and electron

d. Electron and neutron

Ans. a

> Proton and neutron are present in nucleus

> Electrons are present in external part

Q. In plants, from which part we get Turmeric ?

a. Flower

b. Stem

c. Root

d. Fruit

Ans. b

> Scientific name of turmeric – Curcuma longa

Q. Which of the following is used in preservation of foods ?

a. Sodium chloride

b. Potassium chloride

c. Citric acid

d. Sodium benzoate

Ans. d

Q. The tissue which connects bones and muscles ?

a. Ligament

b. Cartilage

c. Tendon

d. Interstitial fluid

Ans. c

Q. In human body which vitamin is most easily manufactured ?

a. Vit A

b. Vit D

c. Vit B

d. Vit E

Ans. b


Q. Non-sticky Kitchenware are generally coated with which of the following ?

a. Teflon

b. Oxygen

c. Graphite

d. PVC (Polymerization of vinyl chloride)

Ans. a

> Teflon full name – PTFE (PolyTetraFluoro Ethylen)

Q. Hemoglobin is a type of ?

a. Protein

b. Vitamin

c. Carbohydrate

d. Fat

Ans. a

> Hemoglobin is found in RBC (red blood cells)

> Our blood has red colour due to Hemoglobin

> Hemoglobin transport/carries oxygen from the lungs to rest of body tissues

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