How to get a Marriage Certificate Hassle Free – Steps

How to get a Marriage Certificate – A marriage certificate is a legal declaration of a marriage. It acts as a proof of the marriage, its place, date and time. This proof is required at various instances like for application of visa and work permit, for opening a joint account, security reasons, property disputes, etc.

Though the marriage remains valid even without registration but as per the 2006 judgment, Seema vs. Ashwani Kumar, SC held that it is mandatory for all couples to register their marriages. The two main reasons why people avoid registering their marriages are long procedure and lack of awareness.

But now, the process of marriage registration has become hassle free as you can obtain the marriage certificate online. While the Hindus along with the Buddhists, Jains and Sikhs can get their marriage registered under the Hindu Marriage Act, the people going for an inter caste marriage can get it registered under the Special Marriage Act.

The government has simplified the cumbersome registration process by digitalizing it. The basic steps involved in obtaining a marriage certificate online is given here.

how to obtain a marriage certificate

How to get Marriage Certificate Online

How to Apply for Marriage Certificate – Take an appointment as soon as possible (before or after the marriage) in order to get your marriage certificate on time. In case of registering the marriage under the Special Marriage Act, a 30 days’ notice is required.

In order to take the appointment, look for the website of your municipality/district and choose the district. You can either choose your district or your spouse’s district. In order to choose a district, you must have resided there for at least 6 months before marriage. 

Now, you need to click on “Registration of marriage”. Fill in all the details carefully like your name, name of the spouse, religion, etc. Select the suitable date of appointment and then submit the form. On submission, you will get an acknowledgement, take a print out of the complete form and the acknowledgment slip and carry it along on the date of appointment.

Documents Required

The following documents of both the husband and wife are required. These documents need to be duly attested by a gazetted officer. These include-

  • Application form and the Acknowledgment slip
  • Address proof through driving licence/passport/voter ID/Aadhaar card
  • 4 Passport-sized photographs
  • Proof of birth
  • invitation card of the marriage along with a photograph of the marriage
  • Marriage affidavit which can be provided by an advocate
  • Two witnesses and their address proof and pan card details

How to get a Marriage Certificate – Receiving the Certificate

The couple needs to visit the office of the Marriage registrar on the date of the appointment with the requisite documents. On verifying the documents and after the payment of applicable fees, you will get your marriage certificate on the same day.

It is not yet possible to receive your certificate online without making a visit to the registrar. So, after taking the appointment online, one must visit the office of the registrar to receive the certificate. But even after this, the process has become quite simple. Now, appointment date can be taken online which at least saves one visit. You can also consult a lawyer/advocate for this.

How to obtain Marriage Certificate – The Cost and Time taken

The cost of registration is quite nominal as it is Rs.100 for registration under the Hindu Marriage Act and it is Rs.150 for registration under the Special Marriage Act. The price may differ as per law.

In case of registration under the Hindu Marriage Act, the appointment date will be fixed within fifteen days from filling the form but in the case of Special Marriage Act, it can take up to 60 days from the date of filling the form.

how to get a marriage certificate

Tatkal Registration

If there is an urgency in getting the marriage registered (for visa purposes, or any other purposes), then the couple can apply for tatkal registration of marriage.  Under this process, the marriage certificate is authorised in a single day. The fees charged for such registration is Rs.10,000.

How to get a Marriage Certificate – Offline Registration

Offline registration of marriage is also possible. The couple can directly visit the office of the marriage registrar with the filled form and all the valid attested documents. You will get the next appointment date. On the appointment day, you have to revisit the registrar’s office to complete the registration process.

The online mode is more convenient and less time consuming. It is important to get the marriage registered within 30 days of the ceremony in order to avoid unnecessary hassle. A marriage certificate holds an evidentiary value and can act as a security in all types of tricky situations. It is important to remember that a marriage certificate doesn’t question your bond, but it only adds strength to it. So, it is important to register your marriage as soon as possible.