Happy Ahrodiya struggling lyrics writer getting viral on Instagram Reels

The Lyrics writer Happy Ahrodiya is making Instagram reel videos getting viral. He is singing his favorite songs of other artists as well as his own written in Instagram reels videos. He is getting immense love from his audience on Instagram reels videos.

About Happy Ahrodiya

Happy Ahrodiya is a lyrics writer who loves to write since his childhood. He writes mostly Punjabi songs but these days he is writing in Haryanvi and Hindi songs as well. His real name is Ajay Kumar and born on 31 July 1995 in Ajeet Nagar village of Fatehabad district. He did his high schooling from Govt. Sen. Sec. Nagpur Fatehabad ( Haryana ). He is very much inspired by Dr. Satinder Sartaj, Diljit Dosanjh and Jaani.

He is still struggling to get known even his tracks are already released. Gabru Kware’s song penned by him and singed by M Soni is released on M Soni’s official artist channel. Winter song penned by him and singed by M Soni is released on T Series. Paradise song penned by him and singed by Vicky Thakur is released on Music Tym Label Record. He didn’t get any credits for his first official release named Pyar Tenu Krda but he is still struggling to get known in the industry.

Happy Ahrodiya is working on his social media handles and official artist channel which is verified by Youtube. His previous Instagram account which is having 10k Plus followers is being hacked by someone. Now Happy Ahrodiya is putting efforts to grow his Instagram Handel again.

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