Gym Diet Plan – Best Supplements Brands for Bodybuilders

Gym Diet Plan and supplement brands – In this article I am going to list out a gym diet plan and some useful workout diet supplements brands name for Body builders. Here I am giving the essential nutrition required to boost your daily workout routine. Next I will provide you the gym diet plan list from morning to night including pre and post workout.

Gym Diet Plan – Essential nutrition

Protein – Protein is a must for all gym-goers and they know this. Protein plays a key role in muscles growth, recovery and repair. During workout a body is exposed to muscle stress and strains which causes damage to muscles. To regain and repair the damage, protein is required. Some of the sources of proteins are eggs, dairy products, lean meats, nuts, seeds, legumes, soy, beans, etc.

Fat – Fat actually plays a key role in transport and absorption of nutrients. Fat is not directly related to fat gain in body. Fat also has a positive impact on heart health. It also helps in hormone production. Some of the sources of fat foods are nuts, seeds, avocados, peanut butter, salmon fish, soy products, cashews, etc. These are examples of unsaturated fats which has positive impacts than saturated fats. Saturated fats examples are cheese, butter, ice-cream, etc.

Carbohydrate – Carbohydrates are also required for fueling the workout as it is the primary source of energy for the body. Some common sources for carbohydrates are beans, fruits, nuts, whole grains, and vegetables.

Gym Diet Plan – Pre and Post workout foods

If you want to complete your workout session with full energy then you need to focus on carbohydrates, as they gives us the primary energy. With carbohydrate you also need to take some protein prior to steeping into the workout session (pre workout).

After workout (post workout) you also need high protein to regain the energy. High protein food includes pork, turkey, eggs, chicken, quinoa, nuts, seeds and dairy products. You can also take protein shakes and bars.

Gym Diet Plan Chart – Choose as per your mood throughout a week


  • Oats Banana, Pancakes with Protein Shake
  • Oatmeal with Greek Yogurt, & Seasonal fruits, Mango Juice
  • Poached Eggs, Whole Grain, Toast, Protein Shake
  • Oatmeal with Honey, Apple Juice


  • Grilled chicken, vegetable roti rolls, Green Salad
  • Quinoa upma, chicken and broccoli salad
  • Multigrain roti, fish curry, vegetable salad
  • Multigrain roti along with palak chicken, and Avocado bell, pepper salad

Pre workout-

  • Bananas, Apple
  • Toast with Jam
  • Mixed Nuts and Dried Fruits
  • Toast with Peanut Butter

Post workout, Dinner-

  • Chicken Stir Fry, Spring Onion, Peppers & Broccoli Chocolate Milk
  • Keema bhurji and multigrain roti, Lean Beef Mince, Sweet Potato, Protein Shake
  • Fish curry, boiled green peas salad, Brown Rice, Garden Peas, Milk
  • Broken wheat khichidi along with carrot raita, egg white, and vegetable salad

Best Supplements Brands for Bodybuilders

Muscle Blaze (Best gym supplements)

MuscleBlaze is a leading sports nutrition and supplements brand. This gym supplements brand has all products related to gym and workout like whey protein, mass gainer, workout supplements, weight loss supplements, fish oil, protein diet, biozyme whey protein, protein bar, multi vitamins, plant protein, etc.

Gym Diet Plan

Health XP (Gym diet plan supplements)

Health XP offers genuine sports and workout supplements to health enthusiasts within budget. They also have wide range of gym diet supplements like whey protein, muscles nutrition protein, natural plant protein, health pump formula, natural testosterone booster, mass gainer, isolate whey protein, vegan protein, biotin supplements, vitamins supplements, fish oil, immunity boosters, and other wellness products.

Nutrex (Best gym diet plan supplements brand)

Nutrex was founded in the year 2002 in Central Florida. Nutrex develops innovative, high quality supplements with most effective ingredients and superior taste. The brand becomes popular with its product named Lipo-60 which is a fat burner. Today Nutrex has some of the popular health supplements which are distributed in more than 100 countries. Some of its popular products are muscle building, testosterone boosters, protein boosters, pre and post workout supplements, etc.


HealthKart is also a popular online fitness, workout and health store with variety of products like body building, weight loss, sports nutrition, vitamins, gym supplements and wellness products. Some of its popular health supplements are protein powder, whey protein, mass gainer, fat burner, creatine, protein bars, carb blends, casein protein, biotin, fish oil, omega 3, protein shakes, multi vitamins, etc.


This brand also has some of the finest workout and sports diet supplements like whey protein, raw whey, protein bars, mass gainer, glutamine, fish oil, multi vitamins, casein protein, ginseng, etc. The brand also has wellness products like omega fats, biotin, probiotic, digestive enzyme, anti oxidants, skin care and other immunity booster.

Animal Pak Supplements (Best gym supplement brands)

Those who wants to be professional bodybuilders can prefer this brand. They have a wide range of supplements collection for pre-workout, post-workout, muscle building, protein packs, etc. Their most popular products are Animal energy, Animal fury, Animal rage XL, Animal pump, Stim training stack, Animal whey and Animal meal.

Gaspari Nutrition (Gym diet plan supplements)

The brand was founded in the year 1998 and produces highest quality science-based sports supplements and nutritional products. This brand has become a pillar among sports nutrition industry, MMA athlete and bodybuilders. Gaspari Nutrition has every type of products like mass building, muscle building, body endurance & recovery, health & wellness, immunity booster, pre-workout, protein booster, etc.