All You Need To Know About FUE Hair Transplant

The FUE hair transplant process starts with the use of anesthesia. The anesthesia is administered by injecting it into the donor region. Then, one by one, the desired number of hair follicles are removed from the donor area. The balding zone is then sedated, and a micro-needle with a specially shaped tip is used to make multiple tiny incisions. The grafts are then placed in these incisions at the last stage. 

The hair transplant technique is divided into two stages. There are two phases to the extraction process: extraction and planting. The donor hair is extracted from the donor area during the extraction process. After the extraction phase is done, the planting phase begins. Micro-incisions are created in the balding zone during the planting phase. The recipient area is another name for the balding region. The plantation step is then completed by gently placing extracted hair follicles in the small incisions. 

In this article, Dr Mohit Srivastava who is working with one of the best hair transplant clinics in Surat will answer a few questions about this surgery process & will also discuss the benefits & drawbacks of FUE surgery.

What kind of individual would have this, and why would they have it? 

People seeking therapy for problems ranging from male pattern baldness to alopecia would benefit from Follicular Unit Extraction. FUE can also be used to treat widow’s peaks in women. People who require brow and/or eyelash transplants can also utilize it. Men can apply the technique on their mustaches and beards as well. 

What kind of hair may be transplanted and where can they be transplanted? 

Hair can be transplanted from near to the scalp, as well as the back and sides of the donor’s head. These regions were chosen for their resistance to balding and their capacity to endure balding. Also, even after extraction, the hair from these places will continue to grow. 

Follicular Unit Extraction is a procedure that involves removing the follicular units from the body. From the patient’s perspective, the hair transplant procedure has numerous benefits, including the ability to sport short hair, minimal recovery time, tiny scars in the donor area that are almost invisible, no need to visit a hair specialist again for stitch removal, the ability to use body hair for added density with FUE, and the technique’s ability to cover pre-existing scars from strip surgery. 

What should people anticipate in terms of outcomes? 

Patients might expect good outcomes from a procedure that is less invasive. Patients will be able to develop their own hair fast and organically after undergoing the Follicular Unit Extraction hair transplantation process. You can expect a higher graft survival rate if you are getting your hair transplant done from the best hair transplant clinic in Surat & other metro cities in India.

Follicular Unit Extraction Benefits 

Less invasive: In comparison to previous hair transplant procedures, the FUE method has made the hair transplant process minimally invasive because it does not need the removal of a strip from the head. 

Less scar: Although the FUE technique leaves multiple little scars, there is less scarring. The resulting scars are hardly noticeable and easily hidden by surrounding hairs. Other hair transport procedures, such as strip removal, generate linear scars, which are preferable to these small scars. 

Donor region: Follicular Unit Extraction may harvest donor hair from any region of the body, resulting in a large variety of donor locations. People who have less donor hair on their scalp will benefit from this. Hair from the body can be collected and transplanted to the desired location. 

Less Downtime: FUE has a much shorter recovery time. 

Follicular Unit Extraction Drawbacks. 

Time Involved: The main downside of this treatment is that it is a laborious operation that needs the surgeon to manually harvest each follicle one at a time. 

Expertise level: It also needs more expertise as compared to strip removal for donor hair extraction. However, many surgeons have acquired this technique in recent years. 

Relatively costly: It is more expensive than a standard FUT hair transplant since it involves more time and effort from your surgeon, and it can only be performed by a highly trained surgeon. 


FUE is a cutting-edge minimally invasive technique. The avoidance of a linear scar, a faster recovery time, and the desire for a naturally pain-free post-operative period are all reasons why individuals choose FUE over other techniques. If you are looking for the best hair transplant clinic in Surat then you can contact Dr. Mohit Srivastava at Hairnimages clinic, Surat.