Engaging and educating Brain Games for Adults and Kids

If you are looking to engage and educate mobile games and apps, you have landed in the right place. There are more than thousands of mind games apps on the Playstore, and we cannot certainly tell you about all of them in one post. Also, know that not all of the mind game apps listed on the Playstore are easy to use and good for children.

So instead of wasting your time playing silly and useless brain training games, we would suggest you read this post. In this short article, we have listed the details of the best engaging and educational games for adults.

Best Mind games to try

You must keep yourself engaged with games that can help you learn new and helpful stuff in this digital era. Today we can see millions of people worldwide who are wasting their time and intelligence on stupid games.

In this age of technology, you cannot refrain yourself or your children from mobiles, but you can change the track, which can help in education and brain training. The mind game apps that we have listed below are best to use.

Brain Games For Adults – Brain Training Games

Don’t let the name of this game confuse you. This mind game app is not only best for adults but players of all ages, including kids. Users from all across the globe are famously using this game app. There are more than 50 different educational and brain games on this application. Playing these different logic puzzles and engaging games can easily improve the memory skills and intelligence of a child.

This game is considered to be one of the best intelligent mind games for those who want to learn and sharpen their mind,  this is because the app can help the players in improving:

  • Brain focus
  • Thinking fast
  • Retention
  • Brain skills
  • IQ level
  • Logics
  • Reflexes

ABC Mouse

ABC Mouse is another one of the best online educational and intelligent mind games that can help to learn. You can use this digital learning academy online from its website source, or you can also get the app for your mobile. It is no doubt a great educational app, but you must know that it isn’t free. You have to pay a small fee to install it on your device. The mind games in this application involve different adventures that you have to take on your own. These adventures can help you get lessons regarding different subjects. Moreover, you can also select the games that focus on a specific subject in which you feel you are weak.

Busy Shapes 2

If you have a web connection issue and are looking for mind games that work without a web connection, then you should install this game app on your device without any hassle. This is a fully functional app that can help you learn a lot. If you get this game for your child, they would learn from dragging, dropping shapes into matching holes. The objects used in the game are close to real-life objects, and so they can help the child learn a lot about different objects that they might see in their daily lives. Playing the shape filling game can also help them develop their decision making and problem-solving skills.

Fact Monster

This is one of the most interesting and famous educational games for children. There are tons of mind games and videos on this application. These include topics related to the world, science, math, language, arts, artefacts, history, etc. The fact monster is a fabulous mind game app that also provides reference material, facts, and features to help kids learn. Youngsters are also using this application as a helping guide in their homework. If you want your kid to learn and exceed in their class, we suggest installing it on your device!

Fish School

This is another mind game application that works best for kids of small age. If your child is a preschooler and is facing difficulties learning new concepts like letters, numbers, and shapes, you can get this app. This game app can help your kid learn new things in funny ways that would interest them. You would be surprised to know that this game app has won the ‘parent’s choice gold award’ and the ‘children’s technology review editor award’. It is considered one of the best educational apps for children above two ages. You can find this mobile app on both iOS and Android stores.

These top five games can help your child learn new things with complete focus and engagement. If you want your kids to be well-trained and successful in education, then you can help them with these apps from a very small age!