Elevator shoes – Boost your Height

Height is something that affects our day to day lives. It’s a factor in many things, first impressions, our confidence, even whether or not we can reach that box of cereal in the back of the top shelf. As much as we may wish that people didn’t factor our heights into the equation, it’s simply not true and there are statistics that prove that fact.

In fact according to one study you may be worth over seven hundred dollars more per year for each inch you are above average. For context, the average male is five feet and ten inches tall, and the average female is five feet and five inches tall. If you’re below that average then you earn the label of “short”. But what if there was a solution?

Elevator shoes (which are also known as lift shoes, tall shoes, or sometimes even called height increasing shoes) are shoes with thickened insoles under the heels of the wearer that make people seem taller than they are. Another type of shoe that has this effect are platform shoes, but elevator shoes are more subtle due to the shoe lifts being on the inside.

So therefore, the beauty of the elevator shoe is that from the outside there’s no noticeable difference between it and regular shoes. Making you look taller is far from the only benefit of the elevator shoes though, there are many more, and we’ll be discussing them over the length of this article.

Benefit Number One

We’ll start with the most obvious one, the boost to your height. Many people would like to appear a little bit taller, and for this reason shoes that give you a slight boost to your height are extremely popular. When you find a shoe that gives you that boost without it being obvious then it’s a great bonus.

And for all the females out there that wear high heels, elevator shoes are a more comfortable option for adding to your height. Additionally, elevator shoes come in a variety of styles depending on what you need whether that be business attire or a more casual look.

You can typically choose how thick you’d like these insoles to be. Depending on your choice they could boost your height by anywhere from two to five inches. That would be around five to thirteen centimeters. The insoles used for these shoes are typically made of materials like wood, rubber, or dense foam.

Benefit Number Two

The next benefit goes hand in hand with the height boost, and that is an improvement to your posture. As we all know, posture is extremely important for many things. Good posture is useful for looking taller, the health of your spine, the prevention of weakened neck and back muscles, and a lot of other things.

So anything that can help improve your posture is a good thing in my opinion, and elevator shoes do just that. The way that they accomplish this is by eliminating symptoms that cause your shoulders and back to round, such as back and knee pain.

Another way that elevator shoes help improve your posture is by correcting certain imbalances that some people have. More specifically they can help correct asymmetry that may be present in the lower limbs of some people, which basically means that one leg is longer than the other. Asymmetry present in the legs can not only cause bad posture but also back pain and sometimes even scoliosis.

But elevator shoes have been known to help with this problem, and can help ease the lower back pain and posture side effects people may experience from it. Basically you can get two insoles with different heights to even out the difference in the legs. This will return the spine to it’s intended position therefore lessening or in some cases fixing the gap in posture shift.

Benefit Number Three

One potential benefit that I’ve already alluded to is increased comfort in your day to day life. Of course your levels of comfort would be improved from the things mentioned previously, but another commonly overlooked attribute of the elevator shoe is the fact that the same padding that gives you your extra height also protects the soles of your feet by reducing the impact on them when you walk.

Of course these shoes will feel strange when you first wear them and you might not immediately notice the positive effects, but if you give your feet time to break the shoes in then you’ll soon start to see what I’m talking about. It gives you that wonderful feeling of “walking on a cloud”, and who doesn’t like that?

Benefit Number Four

Wearing elevator shoes can also help you become more confident. In a perfect world your physical appearance wouldn’t make a difference in how you’re treated or how you feel. But in today’s society that just isn’t the case, and sadly just like we talked about earlier height is something that matters in many people’s eyes.

This problem affects everyone, but more commonly men than women. Since being tall is so valued, wearing shoes that help you stand a little taller can be extremely helpful for first impressions as well as your own confidence. And when you have more confidence you’re more likely to handle situations better than when you’re nervous. Even if you aren’t what society would term “short” you might still want a little boost to your height if you want to be considered “tall” instead of “average”.

More confident people are quicker to take charge and are generally seen as leaders. This can be a great attribute for people in certain career tracks, such as business. You’d be more likely than a less confident person to get promotions, pay raises, and even just respect around the workplace. Confidence also improves how well you function in common social situations, like parties, night outs with friends, and dates.

Benefit Number Five

Our last benefit is that elevator shoes are generally higher quality than their competition, namely height insoles. Height insoles have basically the same function as elevator shoes, they make you appear slightly taller without being noticeable from the outside. Height insoles are also cheaper, but for good reason.

Whereas elevator shoes are made from high quality materials and can last a long time, height insoles are very impermanent and you have to replace them frequently which means you’ll spend more money in the long run. And they’re also less comfortable due to one simple reason, they’re aren’t designed for the shoes you wear. Elevator shoes have insoles that were designed for that specific shoe, and are attached firmly.

Height insoles are made to be put any shoe you want, which means that it may not fit correctly and it may slide around during use since it isn’t attached to the shoe itself. As you can probably see by now, guidomaggi.com elevator shoes are definitely worth the investment. No matter why you might feel you need to boost your height they’re one of the best choices out there, and are something you should try out if you’re interested at all in standing just a little bit taller. Just make sure to find the style and fit that’s just right for you. And after a little time of getting used to the feel of them there won’t be a single regret on your mind.