Do More Reps for Real Life Strength – Fitness Tips

Fitness tips – Loving fitness is one thing, but achieving real-life strength is another. If you have set this as a goal that you need to fulfill, then you have to know the best ways to achieve it. Strength training has many approaches, but one of the best is putting more attention on the reps per every set of the workout that you do. But the question that will arise with this is whether to do more reps with a lighter weight or fewer reps with a heavier one. There are obvious reasons why the issue of more reps will come up no matter how much one may want to avoid it.

Dealing with Fitness Plateau

Believe it or not, this stage will come when you start taking fitness seriously. The body reaches a point where it has adapted to what you have been giving it consistently. But what happens next? Exercises stop giving any additional benefits concerning strength, power, and muscle growth. At this point, you cannot help but to increase the reps you have been doing in every set. According to experts, the more reps you add, the more likely you are to gain more strength. But again, it reaches a point where the body cannot take any more. Strike a balance in your additions.

Gaining Muscle Endurance

Muscle endurance becomes better when fitness trainers opt to go for more reps with a relatively light load. You should avoid heavier weights when targeting more reps to save the body from crashing. Results are even better when you go for some enhancement steroids like Genotropin from,  which vastly increases the endurance of the muscles. Lighter weights also allow the lifter to focus on the best techniques since there is no strain. We all know that using poor technique has adverse effects that we do not want to experience.

Is it Right to Do Both?

In this case, we mean lifting heavier weights for fewer reps and more reps with a lighter weight. So, is there a time when using both is recommended?Most experienced trainers recommend using both to avoid monotony as the primary reason. Again, there are times when you need to feel sore after lifting heavy weights to know that it has added some effect. However, here is a word of caution for those who need to increase in strength heavyweights could damage the muscles to an extent that your next few day’s training schedules are affected. Do it moderately while putting more focus on the schedule that has more reps.

Closing Remarks

It is proven that adding reps to your training sets will have more effects. You should not reduce the weight that the body has been used to, but do not add more. As the reps increase and the weight maintains, the body starts to go an extra mile and the muscle fibers can feel it. They will react by piling more power all over the body. So we can comfortably say that this is the best way to add strength as a determined fitness tips trainer or athlete.