The Singapore Global Schoolhouse: How to Choose a Secondary School in Singapore

Recently, the Singaporean government has tried to make changes to the educational system in an attempt to make the state a Global Schoolhouse. The government has designed the tertiary education sector in a way that promoted diversity to accept students from all parts of the world. This diversity may have faced numerous challenges, but now international students can access Singapore’s secondary schools. If you happen to be looking for a secondary school here for your kids, these are the factors to consider in order to find the best.

How to Choose a Secondary School in Singapore

Consider Home-Based School

Singapore offers home-based school as part of the government educational structure. The main target is kids with special needs like disabilities or whose mobility is challenged. Researchers have also confirmed that kids can become sleep deprived if they have to attend a school that is too far from home. Home-based schools are, therefore, ideal for such students.

Special Assistant Plan (SAP)

If you are from China, your kids can benefit from this program. It is ideal to enroll them in a secondary school that is part of it. They focus on Chinese languages and English. Surprisingly, even kids from other parts of the world prefer this program so that they can diversify their language knowledge. After all, Mandarin is becoming a center of focus in the world for those who want to engage in business.

Check the Programs Offered

Before relocating to Singapore for secondary education through the help of, it is best to dive deeper into what your selected school will offer you. Singapore’s secondary schools now offer applied subjects, art electives and music electives among many other excellent options. Students can choose what they are passionate about, and it will be nurtured alongside the normal school curriculum. It is better to be specific and ask the school administration to explain all the programs they have in detail.

Special Needs Schools

There are many teachers in Singapore who hold certificates in special educational needs (SEN). So, it is best to confirm if a secondary school has these programs if your teenager requires them. The teachers can quickly understand the behavior and the needs of the child. They cater to deaf children, children with autism and many other special needs. The good news is that these schools are well equipped with the facilities necessary for kids to learn in the best way possible.

School Fees

A significant fear of many parents when enrolling kids in secondary schools with international programs is the hefty school fees they have to pay. However, most of Singapore’s secondary schools are part of government programs, and this means that the school fees are regulated to be at an affordable level. But it is prudent to check and see whether it is as affordable as you would like it to be. You can also compare a number of different secondary schools in Singapore.


By now, you understand how easy it is to enroll your kids in a secondary school in Singapore. All you need is to go through the highlighted tips to find the best school.