The use of Technology in Education – The BYJU’s learning

The use of technology in the field of education has changed the process of learning and it has created a lot more opportunities than before. Both students and teachers are getting benefited from various educational technologies, teachers are learning the new ways of presenting or delivering the lessons to the students and students are getting more interested in learning with technology. The use of technology has eliminated the boundaries, now both teachers and students can collaborate in real time using educational technologies.

Distance Learning :The use of internet has enabled teachers to reach students across borders and students from other any country can study or can subscribe for advanced educational courses. Many colleges and universities are now providing free online educational course and videos. At the same time online education is affordable and flexible, students can study or attend virtual classrooms any time they feel they want to study.

Entertainment: Use of multimedia like animations, images , audio and videos helped transforming the method of students used to learn. Educational applications not only help to study, it also help in the entertainment of the student. The study materials are transformed to games; students can learn a lesson while playing a game. Topics like Calculus, Organic Chemistry and laws of motion now can be easily understood.

App Based Learning: The modern day public is switching everything to their mobiles – banking, shopping, movies and education. Now students are studying through mobile applications. These mobile applications are made in such a way that each and every thing of your class syllabus will be in your fingertips.


There are many benefits of using a mobile phone or a mobile application to study:

One can study at any time time he/she wants to study. These mobile applications does not need internet to study, you will only need internet for the first time to download the contents and to setup your account.

Studying with the help of mobile applications will give you instant results of your test, which will help you to keep track of your progress. So that while making a study schedule you can assign more time to the subjects in which you scored less marks as compared to other subjects.

eBooks& Journals: No need to carry heavy books or multiple books if you are planning to go for  a vacation. Nowadays most of the publishers are publishing eBooks, which are lot more cheaper than the books available in the market. No need to spend time on searching for books in the bookstores, all you have to do is some little internet browsing.

Instant Access: Suppose, you are reading a chapter of  physics namely “renewable energy”, and you are stuck in between, at that moment you can just browse the internet and you will see lots of results, click the one which shows your relevant search and start reading.


Technology has changed the way we used to think, now each and every thing is getting closer to you and becoming more accessible, use the technology to create to defence and to invent something new. Visit BYJU’S student discussion forums to learn and contribute.

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