How to Increase Blog Traffic Free and Fast | Practical Steps & Guide

A perfect Guide on how to increase blog traffic free and fast – A blog or website without traffic/visitors is null and void!!! Whether you are in a business blogging industry or personal blogging field, the traffic always been your first and last wish. Without traffic you can’t increase revenue, can’t generate leads.

In today’s guide I will be discussing some of the creative tricks and practical ways which will help you to increase your blog traffic fast. This is a tried & tested basic methods to increase blog traffic fast!

Here in this guide I have outlined some key strategies which will help you to get more visitors to your blog; if you work on them consistently.

So, here we go!!

How to Increase blog traffic fast –

Your domain name extension for your country –

This trick is only for local country blog owners who want local visitors from their own country! Whether you have an online business website or a business blog; your domain name extension plays an important role in bringing local traffic.

For example, if you are living in U.K. and you want to grab local country visitors fast, then your domain name extension should be instead of

If you are living in USA, then your domain name extension should be . If you are from India then it should be .

This will improve your local country traffic fast. Therefore, rather targeting the globe, at first target your local nation. This simple trick will increase your site’s instant local traffic fast.

If you are already running your blog in .com extension, then you can get a new domain with your country’s extension. The next thing you have to do is > you have to do a 301 permanent redirect from your .com domain to your new country extension domain. This will transfer all your present exist visitors from your old domain to new domain.

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Google webmaster tools target country location –

Might be you have not submitted your site on google search console or google webmaster tools yet. Ask your web developer to perform this task as soon as possible or you can follow the below video tutorial to submit your site to google webmaster tools

After submitting your blog in google webmaster tools now its time to select your target location from which you want to drive visitors to your blog.

Suppose you are running a blog on ” best home based jobs in los angeles, USA ” and your country target location is not selected, then you might be not getting targeted traffic. At first you have to select your country target location in google webmaster tools.

How to do that ?

Login to your google webmaster tool profile and go to dashboard. Now follow the steps as shown in the video-

You can select your local country to drive traffic from your country only! This will increase your targeted visitors fast.

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Submit your site on Bing webmaster tools –

Same like google webmaster tools submission; you have to submit your site on Bing webmaster tools. Just like google, bing is also a leading search engine platform by Microsoft. This will also help you to get decent fast visitors flow to your site.

You can follow the steps as provided in the video or you can talk to your web developer. You can hire us to perform this task – reply us at [email protected]

Your web hosting server also matters –

This might be another reason your blog is not getting that much enough traffic. The hosting server where your blog is hosted plays a major role in bringing visitors.

Might be your visitors are facing problems in your site loading speed. If your site takes more loading time then your visitor might skip your site and go for the next result in search engines. Search engines like google also hates such sites which have low page loading speed.

Not only site speed but there might be some other errors in your hosting server like-

  • downtime server periodically
  • 502 errors
  • internal server errors
  • exceed bandwidth limits

Generally all these problems arise when you are dealing with a non-reliable hosting provider! Therefore always go with a fast reliable and secured web hosting provider!

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Get some social media exposure-

Social media signals are very important. There are some social media platforms (other than linkedin, facebook, twitter) which have decent Page Rank and regular visitor’s engagement that can bring you a huge traffic-flow instantly. Some of them are –

Don’t neglect web directories-

Web directories plays an important role for bringing fast traffic to you blog. If you submit your site to web directories then this will not only create authority backlinks to your blog but also drive search engine organic traffic.

Keep in mind > you have to submit your blog to relevant web directories. If your blog is related to health then you have to submit your blog to health related directories. If your blog is related to business then go for business directories.

How to find ?

Search on google –

  • health web directory list
  • business web directory list

There are few web directories which have nice Page rank and domain authority-

Diversify your content strategies-

Might be you are in a low competition niche/topic! You have to move in a high or medium competition topic or you can diversify your present niche to multiple-niche.

For example if you have a ‘cricket shoes’ blog. You can extend/diversify it to-

  • Cricket accessories
  • Cricket bags
  • Cricket trousers
  • Cricket bats
  • Sports gadgets, gear

When you diversify your niche into multiple niche, you will notice multiple taste of visitor’s engagement in your blog. And as a result your traffic will get double.

Another example –

If you have a business blog then you can extend/diversify it to –

  • marketing tips
  • sales tips
  • stocks, shares, forex
  • online business marketing

This strategy is a clever trick to drive different type of visitors in a single related blog niche/topic!


Do bookmarking –

Bookmarking is a great solution to increase some decent traffic to your blog. Submit your blog into popular bookmarking sites like –

Participate in quora and yahoo answers –

You can boost your blog traffic by involving and answering questions at quora and yahoo answers. The trick is –

Suppose you have written a blog-post on “best vps hosting platforms”. Now you have to go at quora and yahoo answers and have to search all the questions asked by different users on that related topic i.e. “best vps hosting platforms”.

Now you have to answer them by mentioning your blog post URL which you have written. This will not only increase your relevant visitors but search engine will also consider this as a backlink. As a result your that particular post will rank on search engine, and will bring you organic visitors.


Apply the same technique by joining forum sites –

The same technique you have to follow by joining different forums sites relevant to your blog post. Generally forums sites have a ton of users engagement, where they ask questions, participate in quiz or discussions.

You have to reply them with your blog post URL.

How to find ?

Search on google –

  • health forum list
  • business forum list


Join relevant google plus communities –

You might know that like linkedin and facebook, google+ is a great social engagement platform. You can join different google+ communities relevant to your niche and share your blog-post there. This is a great tactic to instantly boost your blog traffic.



Hope today’s guide will help you to increase blog traffic fast. All the above steps are tried and tested! To get better results, try to follow the above steps consistently. You can hire an online freelance team to perform the above steps professionally.


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