Blog Vs Article – What is the Difference? Find out the major differences!

Blog Vs article – All websites depend on great content to capture the attention of visitors and convert them into customers. Without great content, it’s difficult to become successful in the online realm. For example, if a person is running an eCommerce website, how will they provide information to their readers about their products and persuade them to buy the products?

Two mediums for adding content to a website are blog posts and articles. While the two terms are often used interchangeably, there are a few important differences between them. This article describes the major differences between a blog post and an article to help readers determine whether they should publish blog posts on their websites or use articles to provide information to visitors.

blog vs article
blog vs article

Find out the major differences between blog and article

1.     Writing Style

Alex from Healthy Links and VM Interactive says that this is the most noticeable difference. Bloggers are focused on creating strong personal relationships with their readers. They achieve this by using friendly and informal tone in the posts they craft. Blog posts are easier to understand and simpler to write than articles. They are reader-friendly and the message is relayed in simple language so that it is easily understandable by all readers.

In articles, the focus is not on creating a personal relationship with the readers. Article writers don’t craft content to connect with their readers. They are more focused on providing useful information and facts from the research. Articles employ professionalism in writing. Business and formal language is preferred in articles while informal and casual language like that used in blog posts is avoided.

2.     Personal Opinions

In blog posts, the writer mostly shares their personal opinion. They can say what they deem fit. No one would question them for sharing their own opinion in the blog post. That’s why blogs are mostly written in first person.

On the other hand, writers can’t give their personal opinion in an article. They can’t tell readers what they think. Instead of sharing their personal opinions, article writers focus on providing researched facts and information. They don’t write what they believe or think, they only provide information that is real and based on facts.

3.     Research

Blogs are crafted to deliver information without providing in-depth research. Most of the blogs are written without including analytics and factual information. Many blog posts are opinion-based, which means there isn’t researched information provided in the post and the writer shares their own opinion.

However, few blog posts do have some elements of research to intrigue the interest of the readers. For example, blog posts that are focused on health and medicine often include research alongside personal opinion of the writer to prove to the readers that they are sharing the right information with the audience.

Articles are based on sound research. Article writers cannot just complete an article of 1000 words within an hour and move on to write the next one. Research work takes time. The writer must search for factual information and gather proven facts to include in the article. They must review the literature to show to the reader that what they are writing is not coming from their own mind but is based on proven research and information. Article writers thus conduct a lot of research and craft their articles to provide in-depth information to educate readers.

Blog vs Article

In a nutshell, blog posts and article are different from one another in terms of writing style, the amount research involved and the extent to which personal opinion is shared by the writer. In blog posts, writing style is more reader-friendly, writers can share their personal opinions and they don’t usually include factual information in the posts. On the other hand, articles employ a more sophisticated writing style, writers can’t share their personal opinion in an article and the focus is on providing researched and factual information to the readers.

Whether a person uses an article or a blog post to capture the attention of readers, the most important thing to remember is to provide quality content to readers. SEO experts at Healthy Links state that those who wish to get better ranking on the search engine should focus on providing quality content that brings value to the readers. Google’s comments about its recent algorithm update has made it clear that websites that have higher-quality content will be ranked higher than those with poor quality content.

Thus, whether a person is writing blog posts or publishing articles, quality is of paramount importance. Without quality content, it isn’t possible to get a better ranking on search engines.